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Mark Romboy

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Working in electronic club music for over two decades, Romboy has co-founded and built internationally respected dance-music labels and projects, never tiring of coming up with fresh and innovative ideas to push the limits of electronic sounds.

At age five, Romboy was listening to The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and Pink Floyd via his parents record collection, at eight he bought his first record ‘The Robots’ by fellow Düsseldorf inhabitants Kraftwerk (“I’ll never forget singing it to our local record dealer, trying to find what it was”). And, at age ten, Romboy was djing. “I first began to spin records more or less when I was ten. I didn’t know that you called it djing, but I was always keen to play music at the parties of my friends or in my school class.”

Romboy first discovered dance music in the mid 80s via the ‘strange’ Chicago sound that became apparent around him. “I didn’t exactly know the background and roots of this music, but was really flashed when I did hear Steve Silk Hurley’s ‘Jack Your Body’ for the first time. I thought this was music from a different universe.” In 1992 - whilst studying human medicine - fascinated by the early Techno and House records on R&S, Nu Groove and Underground Resistance, Romboy decided to begin producing himself. Along with his friend Klaus Derichs, he bought the Akai sampler S 1000, the Roland TB 303 bass line machine and a mixing desk: “We spent our very last money and produced some freaky underground records for labels like See Saw, Adam & Eve and Rising High and when the musical success began I stopped studying.” In 1994, Romboy and Klaus Derichs founded their own label ‘Le Petit Prince’. The label quickly became one of Germany’s most popular underground outputs, with Groove magazine charting it as the most popular label in 1995.

It went on to release tracks from Microwave Prince, Emmanuel Top, Thomas P. Heckmann and Phuture until its demise in 2002. Around the same time as he formed Le Petit Prince, Romboy also began djing, frequently playing at Techno parties in around his hometown of Düsseldorf and making his festival debut at the Tribal Gathering in Munich in 1994 (“One of the first great parties I played”). Now, Romboy regularly travels around the globe at clubs including Rex in Paris, Fabric in London, Watergate and Berghain in Berlin, Fuse in Brussels or Cocorico in Italy to mention a few. “Basically I love to dj all over the globe because I like the way that everybody understands and lives the same language, the universal language of Techno or House music.” Romboy began his second label Systematic Recordings in 2004, with the first release ‘Every Day In My Life’ produced alongside Booka Shade.

Romboy then went on to collaborate with people like Robert Babicz, Stephan Bodzin, Steve Lawler and Dusty Kid for the label, whilst also releasing EPs from Robert Owens, Blake Baxter, Chelonis R. Jones, Gui Boratto, Spirit Catcher and Phonique. Romboy also released his debut artist Album ‘Gemini’ on the label in 2006 to great critical acclaim. Through both his solo releases and his collaborations, Romboy has also released on labels including Ovum, Simple, Brique Rouge, 100% Pure, Tronic and more. A regular collaboration is that of Romboy and Stephan Bodzin as the two close friends have released records together on Systematic, 20:20 Vision and Bodzin’s own imprint Herzblut, with ‘Atlas’ and ‘Callisto’, being two of their biggest releases to date. “Many of my other collaborations have been done with singers as I love to include the soul caused by the voice into electronic music; it’s definitely my style and passion which I personally call soulful Techno House.”

In June 2008 Romboy released his second artist Album on Systematic called ‘Contrast’, followed by the long awaited Triple-CD and Five-Records-Box-Set Album „Luna“ in 2011, including all songs Romboy produced with Bodzin plus more than 20 remixes of high profile artists from the likes of Moritz von Oswald, Robag Wruhme, Martin Buttrich, Pan-Pot, Roman Fluegel and many more. Two new Albums are scheduled for 2013. First of all Marc´s highly anticipated Album with Japanese Techno Superstar Ken Ishii called „Taiyo“ and afterwards a third solo Album he is currently working on...



Deep Space House

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What happens when two old school trance DJ's take a shot at the deeper end of house music? Take atmospheric sounds, add a pinch of deep tech flavor, mix in some butt shaking hooks, round up with lounging grooves, and smother deeply in harmonic mixes and the result is a signature Deep Space House set. Enjoy the best of deeper tracks from today, tomorrow and the classics.

Deep Space House is a collaboration project of Matt van Ax (Miami, USA) and Mark Space (Hanover, Germany). The team has been DJing for more than 15 years and first met in the 90s, during which they played gigs under different project names for years across the United States and in part in Canada and Germany. In 2000, they decided to take a break from the music industry and focus on other things in life. 12 years later, Mark and Matt joined forces again and launched the Deep Space House radio show and DJ team. It's atmospheric Deep House combined with hypnotic Deep Tech House, rhythmic Deep Techno and all deep genres in between.

Deep Space House's focus is not just on playing music but especially on creating incredible transitions with just the right flow during the entire DJ mix. The result of this much dedication to perfection is a fast growing fan base, over hundred Top 100 sales chart positions on Beatport Mixes, including more than 50 Top 10 entries and also #1, utilizing nothing but underground electronic music.



Just Her

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It's all about the music and always has been. It's always been there - from crafting homemade DJ mix tapes as a child and learning to play any instrument within reach, to studying Creative Music Production and Lecturing in Music Technology, Claire Spooner aka Just Her, has grown and evolved to become a major force in Electronic Music.

A heavily in-demand DJ, producer and musician, her stellar songwriting and engineering work with Him_Self_Her has propelled her into the upper reaches of the underground music scene, landing releases with world class labels such as Toolroom and Crosstown Rebels, a wealth of Beatport chart positions, an Essential New Tune on Radio 1 and gigs all over the world.

Just Her marks the start of another chapter in her journey. Already making serious waves under her solo moniker, Just Her's debut solo EP on Suara caused a stir, with support from the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Agoria and Hot Since 82. On top of this she has secured releases on StilVor Talent, Motek, Save Us, Serkal, Chapter 24 and Click Records within just a few months. With her own label Constant Circles launching recently, a successful radio show and a growing reputation for technical prowess on the decks, Just Her is fast developing a loyal following from around the globe. Expect deep melodic emotion-filled grooves from House and Electronica through to Techno.


Andrew Chibale

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Self declared “music freak”; Andrew has been around electronic sounds for a while now, he likes everything that can inspire him to create something new. Staying true to himself, he has produced music with the likes of Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Jay Tripwire and Joeski among others. His music has been featured in various labels and compilations, and as a DJ; he has played alongside international and local talent at many different venues in Miami.

The Monthly Meeting is a small glimpse into the world of Andrew Chibale, a selection of handpicked tunes from all kinds of different sources; anything from promotional music and upcoming originals to underground gems and oldies.

From Miami with love!


Jesus Pablo

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DJ, producer, remixer, record label boss… Jesus Pablo wears many hats. What's more, as well as juggling his many musical commitments, he's also trying to forge a career as a fashion designer, marking out the 33-year-old Liverpudlian with the Spanish-sounding alias – in real life he's known as Paul Morgan – as a truly creative individual.

Which no doubt goes some way to explaining how he's managed to build up such an impressive discography, despite having been in the production game for a relatively short time. Not that he's any stranger to the house scene in general: he started DJing around his home town at the tender age of 16, playing “house and piano classics on a Sunday night in his local”.

In fact, Paul/Jesus is refreshingly honest about his early influences. “Everyone always says they grew up with their Dad's soul, funk and jazz records,” he says. “But my Dad was a big Beatles, Doris Day and Billy Fury fan, so my taste for house music certainly didn't come from there!” Instead, he says, it was Baby D's 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' that first caught his ear, back when he was still in junior school (bless). Soon he was immersing himself in his mates' older brothers' Quadrant Park mixtapes and buying Cream and Ministry CDs – he still cites local Liverpudlian legend Paul Bleasdale as a major influence – and from there, he inexorably found his way to the deeper, more soulful house sounds of Kerri Chandler, Masters At Work.

Today, Jesus Pablo is a distinctive and very contemporary sound that fuses deep house and techno flavas, with his many productions, remixes and collaborations appearing on some of the most respected labels in the house/deep house game, including Large Music, i! Records, Lost My Dog, Viva Recordings, Bulletdodge Records, Savoir Faire Musique, Headset Recordings, What Happens and more.
As a DJ, he's already made his mark on the international circuit over the last 10 years. He's played in South Africa twice already in the space of 6 months and undertaken a month-long tour of the USA and Mexico in 2011, he's also racked up gigs in Germany, Georgia, Poland, Norway and Denmark, as well as manning the decks at a host of underground clubs across the UK – always sticking to his key philosophy: “Music should make you dance, smile and think all at the same time, so that's what I intend to do.”

Back in 2011 he launched Something Different Records, a record label that's already picking up mucho plaudits from those in the knowm, as well as some huge support from the likes of Marco Carola, Nic Fanciulli, Pete Tong, Sasha, Crazy P, Tensnake and Nick Warren over the last 12 months. This year he expanded his label group by launching Something Different Again (a moodier and darker side to house and techno), Something Else (pushing that 90's garage, house and techno era) and Different Attitudes (pushing quality music thats not for following trends, but setting them), all main labels in their own right and already speading their love house and techno to the sets of many worldwide.

Fast building a reputation as one of the industry's hardest working, Jesus Pablo is clear about his aims – he's in this for the long haul. Hell, he's been at it 17 years already, why stop now? He'll keep on spreading the love of quality underground dance music wherever he goes… and this is one up-and-coming talent who truly IS going places, have no doubt!




Tony Rivera

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Tony Rivera never felt that being a DJ was his job, he always felt that being a DJ was his passion. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this DJ has 30 years of age and over a decade of experience in the professional field.

Being part of House Department, he hosted the weekly radio show "House Department Sessions" in DLA Radio from 2005 to 2008. In his radio show he played the best of deep house, tech house and progressive house. In 2010 Tony Rivera becomes a DJ resident of Senses, with DJ gigs all over the city in some of the most exclusive nightclubs like: Miloca Bar y Terrazas, Jacko's, Maxxximo, Pekados, Nubar, Vier4 and Kika, among others.



Oleg aka A.K.N.


Oleg aka A.K.N. was born in 1977 in Krasnodar city, situated in the south of Russia. The meet with electronic music took place in 1985. The new album of Yello "Stella" turned everything upside down.

Since that time his undeground musical taste began to form. After high school he received medical education and continued to be an active listener and clubber. Although his professional obligations keep him busy, music does not stop to keep him occupied. There is always time to create good music. In 2009 Oleg A.K.N. created his first mix on his laptop. He tasted different musical styles, but hhe landed upon the deep sound. That time he began throwing his open air house parties under the name of "Tuzla Party". Oleg A.K.N. is in the beginning of his creative path.



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Bram aka Khillaudio is a dj & vinyl collector since '92 from Antwerp, Belgium. He used to play as a duo with his younger brother Michiel under the name Bo & Khilla. Back then they played an variety of house and techno. In '98 they were asked to play a live set in the studio of Studio Brussels for the Teknoville show. Later that year they got booked to play the 10 Days Off festival in Ghent alongside names like Surgeon, Steve Stoll & Takkyu Ishino. Many guest spots followed in Belgian clubs as well as a ‘sunday morning till close in the afternoon’ resident spot in an afterclub.

Fast forward a couple of years, and kids later and Khilla is now flying solo, both as a producer and dj under his new name Khillaudio. Mostly playing and producing the deeper house flavors. So far he's had releases on: Jazzy Butterfly Records, MLP, Instant Deep Records, Antelope Records, Melodymathics and his own label Gents & Dandy's Records. The label was setup to push the music he likes by friends, upcoming talent and established artists.

In his radioshow you'll definitely hear some forthcoming stuff of the label.


Q-BURNS [Invisible Airwaves RS]

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Q-BURNS ABSTRACT MESSAGE - Coaxing the maximum soul out of the machine.
In the realm of dance music, there are few producers that thrive on blurring the boundary between eclectic experimenter and populist ass-shaker as much as Q-Burns Abstract Message.

Equally comfortable covering Krautrock legends Faust or dropping his favorite chunky house grooves into the mix, Q-BAM—known to his parents as Michael Donaldson—is indeed the rare auteur. Whether globetrotting as a DJ, co-running the Eighth Dimension Records label, remixing artists like Rabbit in the Moon, Fila Brazillia and Youssou N'Dour, or recording his own original productions, Donaldson is all about the coaxing the maximum soul out of the machine.

Based in Orlando since the early-'90s, the former record shop owner and college radio DJ has spent the past two decades developing a sound that is obsessively devoted to the funk. His animated, vodka-soaked DJ sets have won audiences for the well-traveled Donaldson from San Francisco to (literally) Siberia, and landed him primo opening slots for GusGus, Chemical Brothers and Meat Beat Manifesto.

However, it's his playful rhythms, surprising melodic themes and not-so-surprising Eno-esque textures that demand attention. An accomplished indie musician prior to releasing his first single as Q-BAM—the breakbeat noir of "141 Revenge Street" in 1995—Donaldson is first and foremost a songwriter, albeit one that is just as enamored with the sheer power of the groove.

With a trusty Roland Juno 106 synth at his side, Q-BAM released three full-length albums via the respected electronic label Astralwerks, including Invisible Airline which featured several collaborations with vocalist Lisa Shaw. He has recorded numerous singles for house-centric imprints such as Brique Rouge, Slip N' Slide, NRK and of course, Eighth Dimension. Q-BAM was also one of the talented producers on alt-country icon Jim White's 2001 Luaka Bop release No Such Place. The album cast White's stark vocals in a wasteland of dusty beats and ghostly slide guitars, with Donaldson's tracks providing some of its most intoxicating moments.

Though his "endless summer" schedule—more than 100 DJ dates annually—and ongoing production projects would seemingly exhaust a mere mortal, Q-BAM rather enjoys this 120-BPM soundtrack. Accordingly, Donaldson and fellow Orlando producer/DJ Atnarko launched the deep house label EIGHT-TRACKS, dedicated to releasing "strange sounds that you can dance to," says Q-BAM himself. Additionally, house imprint Agave Records tapped Donaldson to throw down a mix CD titled Agave Nectar Vol. 1, available in fine records shops worldwide..

Currently, Q-BAM is hard at work with his monthly Invisible Airwaves radio show (syndicated to over a dozen stations worldwide) as well as studio and label duties, and his constant DJ touring schedule. Recent Q-Burns Abstract Message singles include the Italian-horror film inspired "Chainsaw" for EIGHT-TRACKS, a collection of remixes by Cole Medina and Presslaboys of the classic Invisible Airline track "Innocent" (featuring the vocals of Lisa Shaw), and a revamped "Balearic Chainsaw" with mixes by Q-BAM pal Scott Hardkiss. As if there wasn't already enough deliciously warm and gooey queso already piled high on his plate, Q-BAM is also hard at work recording a slew of tracks for an upcoming mystery project, to be launched sometime within the year.

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