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As a member of San Francisco’s posh posse of deep house producers and DJs, MFR has conjured up his own brand of funky soundmospheres into a mix that includes heavyweights like Miguel Migs, Jay-J, DJ Rasoul and Julius Papp.

Growing up in Rome, Italy, he embraced his native city’s love for world music. At a young age, he started spinning in clubs around town, infusing soul and funk into his developing veneration for electronic music. But it wasn’t until he relocated to the Bay Area that he gained the recognition he deserved, and very soon he began turning heads around San Francisco’s underground house scene.

After helping to found Transport Recordings in 1997, MFR premiered his production skills on Rome Departure which received massive support from critics, DJs, and music fans, even earning notice as iDJ Magazine’s “Album Of The Year.” Since that time has created an arsenal of flush, world-influenced beats that are as pulsating and feverish as they are euphoniously pacifying. His greatest success, Afterdark: San Francisco, won him recognition in Billboard’s electronic charts as well as spotlights and interviews in prestigious dance magazines such as BMP. In recent years, he has paired with Bay Area producer Vincent Kwok and the two have explored the darker side of late night house under the name New Mondo.




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It all began in 1991 when producer/DJ's Ron Allen and Hayden Andre fused their talents and formed Strobe Records, one of the most influential house music labels of its time. The popularity of Strobe grew very quickly and its unique sound spread through North America, Europe South America and Asia. With classic releases such as Subculture The Voyage, Helen Sharpe Got 2 Have Your Love, Hayden Andre,Tribal Life The R.A.S.E. Get On Up and Afterglow- Come Back 2 Me, Strobe was one of the hottest selling house music labels around. Strobe's vision even gave birth to producer and label owner Nick Holder DNH Records with the Release of Nick Holder Digital Age.

Strobe has a new stable of artists and the new sound of Strobe will continue for years to come with the development of new music and styles that span multiple genres of electronic music.




Fabrizio Del Re

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Fabrizio Del Re was born in Turin in July 1973. At 15 years he bought his first record and that's how he discovered that music was his big passion in life. He soon starts deejaying in private parties and small venues in his home city.

Since 1996 he has been seen playing at several venues like Final Empire (Naxos), Patio, Life, Fabrik, Rock City, Xdox, Palace. Banus, La Gare, Chalet and many others. In 1997 he becomes resident at Mad Music Club in Trofarello.

In 2002, his passion becomes a job which finaly leads him to become an official sponsor of Radio Party Groove. His musical journey has brought him to discover Deep House Music promoting a deep, evolving sound. Fabrizio now supports his residencies at Vogue, Hippopotamus, and OneApple in Turin. He recently joined Deepinradio, one of the most eclectic Deep House Webradios presenting his "Deep Sonora Sessions Show".



Dj Fabio aka FBI

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It all started in Brazil in 1989 in little parties with friends, where a love for music has always reigned during its infancy. This first step led him to take a course of Dj promoted by Disco Disk Mel, where he began to understand the technical part of this art.

Always eager to better understand the world of music, did not stop there, he decided to take another course on Programming, where he learned to program an electronic battery (current sequenciers). Comes another opportunity in 1991 to attend 180 hours of training for operator and DJ Audio (Sound Editing) on Dj Audio Sound in Rio de Janeiro, which gave some knowledge to pursue professional activities of Audio Designer. He then made a brief stage (Audio Designer) in the studios of Impressa FM Radio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It was through this experience he had in contact with the material for the production of audio, which led to better knowledge previously acquired. For personal reasons, in 1992, traveled to Portugal. Here came the opportunity to perform functions of Audio Designer on several radio studios: Radio Voz do Neiva (Vila Verde), Radio Mundial FM (Póvoa de Lanhoso), Radio Cávado (Barcelos), Radio Informedia (Santa Maria da Feira), Radio Clube da Feira (Feira), Radio MaisFM (Amares) and Radio Nove3Cinco (Póvoa de Lanhoso). Simultaneously with the function of Audio Designer, the artist never ceased to be a DJ, with some residences in clubs and discos until the year 1997: Disco Zirierf (Braga), Club Satélite (Famalicão) and Club 84 (Braga).

In 1997, began his career as an Independent Artist (Free Lancer) especially for Kaos Records Portugal, where he assumed the nickname of the FBI and the musical aspect of Techno and Hard House. In 1998, the artist traveled to London (England) where he continued to demonstrate its performance in some Private Party and Club's (WKD), but also acquired other musical influences. Returns the next year to Portugal where he starts to be responsible for all production developed in the studios of Radio Castelo of Lanhoso (93.5 FM, Directorate Carioca & Ana Bresil from Campinas, São Paulo). In 2000 he was invited to join the jury at the 1st Festival of Dj's in Barcelos, organized by the city of Barcelos. The following year, was a trainer in Project Dj Space (Dj's School) was created in conjunction with the Salão Mozart in Braga. The aim of this project was to teach all the techniques associated with this art to young people who wanted to follow this route as a profession.

In 2002 he specialized in another area as WebDesigner, this allowed to promote his work through new information technologies and communication (Internet) opened other doors for his future. In 2004, Portugal began to appear the musical aspects of his childhood: Hip Hop, Rap, Break Dance, R'N'B and Freestyle. This new phase has allowed this artist to demonstrate other techniques for mixing (Turntablism, Scratch and Back to Back) and presenting to the public as Dj Masterkutt. Starts to emerge in many parties of hip-hop throughout the country. In the same year is part of the hip-hop, RAP - Regimento de Artilharia Pesada, formed by the MC and producer of French origin, Blastah Beatz, and the Mc's Angolan Prodical B and Retrace. Along with this group participates in the 2005 Festival HIP-HOP at Lar Juvenil of Carvalhos organized by the Foundation FILOS. In 2006 he was invited to join in the project of a webradio of Braga (, where he was a Web Designer and Audio Designer. By the year 2010, produced two programs on BragaRadioDj representing his musical aspects of selection: the Program Essential for House Music (Dj Fabio aka FBI) and the Program FreeStyle for Hip Hop (Dj Masterkutt). Currently this artist spreads his technique and musical knowledge to the entire digital world through his shows.

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