Deepinradio New Treats (Week_19_2020)

Written by on 12/05/2020

DJ Ino – Stellar Space Drops (Be Adult Music)

DJ Ino is back to the label with this amazing EP. Stellar Space Drops is the title of the two tracks EP by the artist which, by the headline itself, sounds like a declaration of intentions, an acknowledgement of his qualities as a producer, shaping up different aspects of his creative attitude in a remarkable musical effort.
“Stellar Space Drop” takes off with the title track which is a perfect display of Ino´s capabilities when it comes to the art of developing intersecting harmonies and melodies, setting up the perfect ground that keeps on repeating the concept in a hypnotic beautiful track.
“The Children We Were” starts with a more deep classic composition, where the spanish producer explains his point of view with a more slow oriented version of the track but keeping the essential parts intact.
Impossible not to be excited by this EP by DJ Ino who finally slams his fist on the table in what is his best musical statement so far.



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