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Written by on 13/02/2018

VA - Seven Stories Comedia

VA – Seven Stories Comedia (Chapter 24 Records)

Why do we tell stories?

We breathe, we eat, we sleep. We seek connection. These are our basic human needs.

But there is one more need we all share, and it centres on stories. All across the world, stories are being recounted everywhere, in every imaginable way, at any given time. For telling stories is at the very essence of what it is to be human.

The universe of stories can be broken down into seven basic plots which underlie all stories ever told. Recognising these patterns is the gateway to unravelling the universal symbolic language from which all storytelling is spun.

With ‘Comedia’, Chapter 24 returns with seven stories in sound collected from artists across the world to bring these themes to life.

This latest edition heralds the arrival of a range of new artists to Chapter 24. Polymath Londoner Ben Gomori rubs shoulders with Athenian Connaisseur and Objektivity artist Thodoris Triantafillou. They are joined by up-and-coming Italian DJ and producer Ivory, and a tribal collaboration between Kapibara and SHEFFÈ, reprising Kurt Baggaley’s ‘Spiral’.

Manchester-based Kerouac completes the set of new arrivals, swelling the ranks with the powerful ‘SO.WE.TO’. Meanwhile, label mainstays VVerses and Luis Leon bring their own contributions to a high quality compilation with their typically organic and groove-oriented sounds.

They say that there are only seven basic plots but a thousand different stories.

And so, as the storyteller utters that age old, magical phrase “Once upon a time…”, let yourself be carried away…

Artwork by Simon Vaeth.

Chapter 24
{Stories in sound}



Leonardo Chevy - Nothing Broken EP

Leonardo Chevy – Nothing Broken EP (Sunclock Records)

Traxsource Release: 15th March 2018
Worldwide Release: 29th March 2018

One of our closest artists Leonardo Chevy gives us once again a high quality musical pearl. ‘Nothing Broken’ is a Afrodeep EP composed of two tracks that will ignite your dancefloor. The first, which gives the title to the entire production, has a dirty but well-structured groove. The simple and pressing melody made by a cold, but characteristic synth, you sew perfectly to the hopping bass keeping you completely overwhelmed and always dancing.’A Set Of Voices’ has a mold of Afro nature that starts with a straight chest and teeming background percussion. The warm pad creates a soft atmosphere powered by the electronic background synth. Light breaks introduce a pressing synth that looks like a bell. An interesting and introspective break towards the end closes the whole piece with skill and energy. Another gem in the Sunclock catalogue.



Third Attempt - Shoreline EP

Third Attempt – Shoreline EP (Beatservice Records)

Open Spaces

Release Date: 23rd Feb 2018

Third Attempt is Torje Fagertun Spilde, a 20 year old artist and DJ originally from Asker, just outside of Oslo. Now established in Tromsø , Norway, he is one of the young forces in the rising new generation of electronic producers from the birthplace of the Northern Disco Groove.

Third Attempt has a distinct and uplifting flavor, firmly planted in the smoother areas of deep house. His influences range from jazz to ambient, trip hop to classic house. Third Attempt creates a fusion between pulsating electronic rhythms and his own field recordings to create atmospheric dreamscapes. Last year, he released his debut album Dreams In Common and the single “Hidden”, both on his own label. Now releasing through Beatservice Records, Third Attempt is ready to branch out to the global massive.

The track “Shoreline” leads this latest single with chiming electric piano chords and spacey background sounds preceding crisp drums and a disco bass line. Beautiful pads and echoing synth arpeggiations join splashes of guitar and melodic variations to fill out this strong late night track. The b-side brings “Open Spaces,” a collaboration with fellow Tromsø producer Øystein Bolstad. Jazzy key riffs set a smokey lounge vibe as mid-tempo house rhythms, an elastic bass, and building layers of synths signal the approaching sunrise.

The beautiful cover art is a hand-made cut-out collage by Seattle artist Jesse Treece. (

Label and Artist Links:



Kiano & Below Bangkok - Expanse EP

Kiano & Below Bangkok – Expanse EP (ReadyMix Records)

Release Date:
February 26th 2018 (Beatport Exclusive)
March 12th 2018 (Worldwide)

Croatian compadres Kiano & Below Bangkok return to Ready Mix Records with an EP comprising two shuffling deep house giants, aptly titled ‘Expanse’ & ‘Lost Submarine’.

Co-running the respected ‘Luna The Cat’ imprint and releasing on Deep Site, Back & Forth, Forward Education as well as Ready Mix, the duo have earned a great deal of respect throughout the electronic music community thanks to their mature, refined sound.

‘Expanse’ opens with snappy, swung drums; quickly joined by heavy sub bass and sweeping meditative chords building an appropriate sense of space to reflect the track’s title.

Second original cut ‘Lost Submarine’ seethes and simmers over a tech-influenced, bouncing rhythm; an atmospheric set builder made for discerning dance-floors.

One half of Plastic City and Etoka Records duo Bucher and Kessidis, Tom Bucher delivers a straight-up deep house remix of ‘Expanse’, with cinematic strings and uplifting chords riding a rock solid groove.

Last but certainly not least, Mihail Bessmertny aka Deep Active Sound turns in a hypnotic and captivating version of ‘Lost Submarine’, combining bubbling, sub-aqua effects with intricate, metallic stabs to build a lively and addictive rework.



Matt D & Lukemberg - Black Sands

Matt D & Lukemberg – Black Sands

Italian flavour dealer Matt D is back, this time pairing up with fellow Italian artist Lukemberg for an authentic slice of old school House.
Punchy drums and keys underpin most of his productions which have been released on labels like Soul D-Vine, Kolor & Moodfunk and this 2 tracker is no different.
The B-side is a solo excursion with clubby drums and a bumping bassline.

Exclusive Release date: 23/02/2018 (Traxsource)





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