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Deepinradio New Treats Week-04-2021

Written by on 26/01/2021

VA - The Ethnomusicology Experience, Pt. 3 (Ready Mix Records)

VA – The Ethnomusicology Experience, Pt. 3 (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
January 29th 2021 (Beatport Exclusive)
February 12th 2021 (Worldwide)

Ethnomusicology is the study of music from the cultural and social aspects of the people who make it. It encompasses distinct theoretical and methodical approaches that emphasize cultural, social, material, cognitive, biological, and other dimensions or contexts of musical behavior, instead of only its isolated sound component.

The term Ethnomusicology is said to have been first coined by Jaap Kunst from the Greek words ἔθνος (ethnos, ‘nation’) and μουσική (mousike, ‘music’), is often defined as the anthropology or ethnography of music, or as musical anthropology.

During its early development from comparative musicology in the 1950’s, Ethnomusicology was primarily oriented toward non-Western music, but for several decades has included the study of all and any musics of the world (including Western art music and popular music) from anthropological, sociological and intercultural perspectives.

Stated broadly, Ethnomusicology may be described as a holistic investigation of music in its cultural contexts. Combining aspects of folklore, psychology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, comparative musicology, music theory, and history, Ethnomusicology has adopted perspectives from a multitude of disciplines.

Traveling all around the world to discover new sounds has led us to curate our third of many ‘Ethnomusicology Experience’ various artist compilations.

For Part-3, we have assembled a squad of talented producers who have delivered exceptionally breathtaking music. In no particular order, the compilation welcomes Dustin Rosata (USA), Hedowiec (Poland), Mike Leon Sound (Greece), ELO (Germany), Ephlum (Algeria), Akuba (Turkey), Ahiram (Sweden), BiGz (Lebanon/Canada), Khaaron (Hungary), Jean Vayat (Ukraine), Sumsuch (UK), Mooglie & Sasson (FR) (France), DJ Queto (Turkey), Pano Manara (Greece), Ivory Child (South Africa) and Tigran (Armenia – Hungary).

Whether you’re in the mood for some Jungle themes, Afro beat, Latino downtempo, organic house, electronica or playa house, Ready Mix Records’ got you covered with the ‘Ethnomusicoloy Experience’ Part-3.



Beneath Usual & Max Cohle - Hunch EP (Microdrive Records)

Beneath Usual & Max Cohle – Hunch EP (Microdrive Records)

This is the third collaboration between two good friends, Beneath Usual and Max Cohle.
The package delivers two fresh original tracks totally dedicated to the minimalistic and melodic house music style, surrounded by hypnotic melodic pads with great dub influences.

Not to miss.



Rûh - You Promised EP (Ready Mix Records)

Rûh – You Promised EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
February 5th 2021 (Beatport Exclusive)
February 19th 2021 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records welcomes back Swedish born, Berlin resident Rûh (Ruh, meaning ‘soul’ in Arabic), delivering two original tracks, ‘You Promised’ and ‘Desert Tour’, for label release 228.

With a mission to ‘encourage humans to explore their inner world and challenge their creativity, Rûh’s sound incorporates ethereal electronic atmospheres alongside elements of house and hip hop to create truly moving music, both rhythmically and emotionally.

‘You Promised’ offers up a melancholic but equally evocative feeling, with scratchy, dusty vinyl textures and ruminative chords gradually inviting in an exceptionally intricate rhythm section- just wait for that kick drum to drop.

‘Desert Tour’ summons up a more a dreamy and expansive sonic soundscape with subtle pianos exploring the wide open electronic vistas, grounded by a solid deep house groove.



King Luthi feat Michelle Fani - Ngiyabonga (The Travelling Bear Records)

King Luthi feat Michelle Fani – Ngiyabonga (The Travelling Bear Records)

Kicking off our 2021 catalogue, TTBR is proud to present King Luthi. His debut, Ngiyabonga, is accompanied by the talented vocals of Michelle Fani.

‘Ngiyabonga, which means thank you, is a prayer and appreciation for God’s everlasting power in keeping me going whenever I felt like I was losing myself. Thanking Him for what He has done and also for what He’s about to do in my future.’ – Michelle Fani



VKD feat Yiannis Kapetanakis - Maze EP (Mahayana Records)

VKD feat Yiannis Kapetanakis – Maze EP (Mahayana Records)

Organic electronica meets Cretan music. VKD teaming up with the magnificent Lyra instrumentalist Yiannis Kapetankis for the ‘Maze’ EP. Including Remixes by George Bitsikas and the legendary Kenny Carpenter.



Casomado - Walk Away (Friskybeat Records)

Casomado – Walk Away (Friskybeat Records)

Miguel Leiva is Casomado, an up and coming producer and DJ based out of Montreal. Casomado has settled on a multi-faceted house music sound to move feet and souls alike. His new single, “Walk Away,” was inspired by Casomado’s travels in South America earlier in the year. Starting with gentle, emotional chords, the tune comes together with a subdued house rhythm and ‘80s-style bass line. The melody, inspired by a classic disco track, compliments the inspiration and musical vibe with precision. The Lyrics are an intimate reminder of the possibility of love … and if we’re not careful, how easily love can turn to loss. Sweet and sensual vocals bring it all together like icing on a cake. It’s a lovely slice of deep house, ready-made for mixes, DJ sets, and back-to-mine sessions.

Label and Artist Links:



VA – Black Circle Vol. 2 (Leisure Music Productions)

We are very honored and pleased to welcome 8 amazing artists on our epic Black Circle Vol. 2 release that kicks off for us the new year.

Black Circle Vol 2 is a compilation of Afro House, Melodic Techno and Organic House tracks made with love from artists for our label that believe in the concept of Black Circle.

Black Circle is a universal, spiritual, timelessness movement of carefully curated electronic music. In its center is the ever vibrating circle expressing the flower of life or infinity. As the circle, music develops and carries cosmic energy and possesses healing powers.

We selected this music with our heart and soul! Our aim is to give this energy back to you and welcome you in our circle.

So get ready for these 8 epic and astonishing tracks, a complete journey into our circle.

Artwork by: Gerald Henderson (



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