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Deepinradio New Treats Week-13-2021

Written by on 30/03/2021


Rune Sibiya – Miles Away EP (Rogue Decibels)

Rune Sibiya returns with a fresh 3 tracker in his inimitable style of low-slung, moody house grooves. 2 Brand new tracks and a dub reworking of his last Rogue release.



Daniel Testas – Outer World EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
April 9th 2021 (Beatport Exclusive)
April 23rd 2021 (Worldwide)

Highly respected, eclectic producer Daniel Testas joins us for release number 231 on Ready Mix Records, comprising two gorgeous original compositions plus remixes from Alex Doering, Rûh, Nōpi and Anber.

Amsterdam’s Daniel Testas wears a variety of musical hats, producing music for film and dance projects as well as composing drum’n’bass, lounge and chill records, but luckily for us he regularly returns to his first love: House Music.

Title track ‘Outer World’ reflects Daniel’s mastery of melodic, progressive dance music with haunting chords and rolling beats framed by pristine, crystalline production and a shimmering, slowly-unfolding arrangement that creates a truly breathtaking journey.

Alex Doering debuts on the label and embraces the darker elements of ‘Outer World’, delivering a plodding leviathon of a remix, while Rûh transforms the track into a plaintive, slightly retro synth-scape which subtly echoes the expansive soundtracks of Vangelis.

Second original track ‘Spirals’ once again tells a compelling musical story as it slowly unfurls itself, with subtly filtered arpeggios providing a perfect interplay between tension and release.

Nōpi raises the tempo of ‘Spirals’, imbuing the track with a lively, uplifting feel reminiscent of golden-era Progressive House, while Greek producer Anber plays with swirling psychedelic Eastern themes in his re-imagining of the track.



Dubmask (RO) & bValtik – Oud (Crossworld Records)

Dubmask (RO) and bValtik join forces to create a wonderful track called ‘OUD’. The combination of oriental sounds and low voices results in a well-knit track, which makes up a second presence of Dubmask at Crossworld. Present on duty and contributing massively with their own style to this release are enthusiasts producers, Alexander Boca and Elchinsoul. The end result is gratifying for any Deep-Tech-House lover.


Casomado – Journal Entry (Friskybeat Records)

Miguel Leiva is Casomado, a prolific Chilean-Canadian producer and DJ based in Montreal. His latest single, “Journal Entry,” is a tribute to his father and a crate of cassettes. These tapes were filled with Toronto radio broadcasts of the ‘70s and early ‘80s, featuring unique funk and disco sounds morphing into more electronic styles as the years passed. Providing a soundtrack to his family’s cookouts, parties, and daily routines, these tapes were a huge influence on Casomado. On “Journal Entry,” Casomado speaks on this memory and its influence under a melodic deep house cut. The tune is sparse and dubby, with a rolling bass line, splashes of chords, and a crisp shaker-led rhythm. There’s also a Dub Mix, featuring an expanded drum track, lush pads, and an emotive arpeggiation. Both versions of “Journal Entry” are expressive and deep, perfect for intimate after-hours sessions.

Label and Artist Links:



Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba & Coco Street – Amazing Grace (Nu Soul Records)

House Music legend Eddie Amador joins forces with Spanish producer Dany Cohiba and LA’s talented songbird Coco Street on a vibrant and soulful take on the timeless hymn, ‘Amazing Grace’. Across the package there’s a bounty of deep, afro and soulful mixes, where infectious percussive rhythms and warm melodies flow under Coco’s uplifting vocals, offering a delightful contemporary spin on one of the most famous songs in history.

Acclaimed US house music veteran, Eddie Amador, has been contributing to the dance scene since 1998 when his classic anthem House Music exploded on the scene. He’s since upheld a fruitful career releasing dance floor hits on labels such as Yoshitoshi, Unquantize, Defected, Quantize Recordings, Pacha, Suara, Yellow, Subliminal, Spinnin, Stealth, Nervous, and Toolroom, among many. In Summer 2020 Eddie launched his new digital imprint, Nu Soul Records.

Dany Cohiba is a critically acclaimed, international DJ and Producer based in Spain. Dany has produced more than 150 tracks releasing on labels such as Stealth Records, Sony Music, Toolroom and MoBlack, among others. Dany has worked with some of the top artists, including Cher, Crystal Waters, Deep Purple, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Snoop Dogg, Ron Carroll, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and many others.

Los Angeles based recording artist, songwriter, and percussionist Coco Street has been captivating fans with her original soulful style and artistic songwriting for 20 years. Coco’s music portfolio boasts releases with house music heavyweights such as Eddie Amador, DJ Spen, Stacy Kidd, Roller 8, Andrea Curato, Reelsoul, Kenny Summit, MicFreak and Terrence Parker to name a few.

Track Listing
1 Amazing Grace (Eddie’s Nu Soul Club Mix)
2 Amazing Grace (Dany’s Church Soul Mix)
3 Amazing Grace (Dany’s Afro House Mix)
4 Amazing Grace (Dany’s Organist Mix)
5 Amazing Grace (Acapella 124 BPM)
6 Amazing Grace (Eddie’s Nu Soul Club Mix Radio Edit)
7 Amazing Grace (Dany’s Church Soul Mix Radio Edit)

‘Amazing Grace’ will be released on Traxsource promo April 2nd
Full release April 16th 2021 on Nu Soul Records.



Cursedsound – Nervous (Tanzgemeinschaft Records)

Making his debut on Tanzgemeinschaft is young talent CursedSound with a dreamy, colourful and glassy-eyed sunset deep house treat. It’s a warm groove with awesome vocals. Let’s call it a great excursion into slow dancing and lush movements.
Stephen K Cal is back again, this time with a remix treatment for ‘Nervous’. Adding his signature sound to the juicy original.

Awesome smooth & sexy beach or pool-side grooves. Enjoy.

Beatport pre-order: 09/04/2021
Official release: 25/03/2021



Wild & Kins – Across the Universe EP (Sweed Music)

Sweed Music are rushing in with the 2nd EP „Across the Universe“.
A collage of 5 colorful tracks by Wild & Kins including 2 tracks featuring Tino (GER).
After releasing on labels like Stylerockets, Formatik Records or My Favorite Freaks Music, Wild & Kins decided end of 2020 to start their own label Sweed Music to create a steady output of their own productions. The first EP „Get Up“ gave a taste of the musical direction and the genre variety of the upcoming releases.

Realease date: 16th April 2021

Format: Digital

Release date: April 16th 2021



M.A. – Chihiro EP (Sit Down Recordings)

Release date: 2021-05-03
Exclusive date: 2021-04-19

Hailing from Zürich, Switzerland, we bring you new Swiss talent M.A. Taking his connection with Sit Down in remix for Somersault, now he is back and joining us with 2 track EP including 2 groovy remixes by F.eht (Samani, Blind Vision) and Adonis Rivera (Crosstown Rebels, Deeperfect).



Phonotrip – FRECUENCIAS LP (Salsalienigena Music)

Después de la avezada incursión musical en “EL ARCHIVO” (Álbum) sobre ritmos, tonos y texturas completamente nuevas y diferentes de lo que he propuesto en anteriores formulas, y quizá con ambiciones menos comerciales, nace “FRECUENCIAS”, un álbum que aspira a ser aún más experimental.

Este nuevo álbum tomo como punto de partida e inspiración la búsqueda y experimentación con ondas sonoras que causen un impacto real y positivo sobre nuestro cuerpo, mente y espíritu, (bienviajar) encontrando así innumerables elementos que ya habían sido utilizados desde tiempos ancestrales, pero olvidados través del pasar de los años.

Todo es vibración y cada movimiento tiene su propia frecuencia; la luz, la materia y el sonido se componen de diversas velocidades de vibración y son el resultado de la octava a la que resuena; dichas partículas son denominadas “Hertz” así mismo través de ciertas partículas (Hz) podemos llegar a una resonancia de sonido que sincronice y resuene con nuestros órganos, células y átomos, generando diferentes aplicaciones de armonización y sanación.. estas frecuencias nos alinean con los tonos que forman parte del universo.

Los (Hz) presentados en FRECUENCUENCIAS (Album) son:
174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, 963, Alfa, Beta, Delta, Theta, Gamma y Dios..

Haciendo uso del mismo experimento utilizado por Pitágoras y los antiguos forjadores del sonido o del mismo canto usado por los antiguos monjes gregorianos, o del sonido original emanado por los cuencos tibetanos o de la frecuencia vibratoria responsable de la caída de los muros de Jericó, o inspirado sobre los fractales geométricos marcados en agua, nieve , sal, etc que se hacen al ser expuestas a dichos Hz o simplemente de las frecuencias de solfeggio usadas por la medicina alternativa oriental.. Solo que en el siglo XXI, en Colombia del año 2020 con plena pandxmea a bordo, y sintonizando y afinando cada una de estas frecuencias utilizando los medios modernos de la época: cajas de ritmos, samples y sintetizadores y mucho software digital.. Podremos escuchar atmósferas de naturaleza cambiante sobre cada uno de los 15 tracks musicales involucrados en FRECUENCIAS, y que buscan emular la percepción vivida que surgió a partir de experimentos nocturnos sobre una extendida cuarentena y un proceso de meditaciones, ayunos, caminatas y demás.

El resultado es una mezcla ondulante de remolinos sonoros etéricos, crepitaciones eléctricas y senoidales , ritmos con líneas de bajo y percusiones salvajes e hiperactivos, vibraciones que van desde graves para terminar en agudas, vocales inquietantes y de motivación espiritual, animados por caóticas o dulces y tranquilizantes melodías sobre muchas capas de sonido destinadas a mezclarse de tal manera hipnótica que en una escucha puede escuchar una cosa y en otra escucha puede escuchar algo más, por lo que la música puede parecer cambiar incluso si permanece igual.. me copia?

Por último y no menos importante, donde quiera que vamos, con quien quiera que interactuemos, todo lo que toquemos, escuchemos o veamos, vamos a dejar huellas invisibles, este residuo de memoria que perdura por siempre es el subconsciente y puede llegar a tener mucho o poco valor.. por eso quiero que este album explore ese estado de estar ahí y no estar para siempre pero de manera muy positiva.



















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