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Deepinradio New Treats Week-14-2021

Written by on 06/04/2021


Soul Shift – Vibin’ EP (Candy Flip Records)

Dariel Pintos, known as Soul Shift, is a Deep House Producer based in Mexico City.
Co-Owner of the label Talisman, where he performs as A&R and PR.

With constant Beatport Features and Top 100 Tracks, the young producer has established himself as one of the new rising talents from Mexico in the Deep House/Minimal scene with releases on Koma Recordings, Fencing Records, Talisman and now Candy Flip.

Vibin’ is a 2-track EP with a lot of energy and rolling basslines combined with Deep House chords and surrounding atmospheres that go well at any moment.



Deep Delusion & Irene Zerva – Near, Yet So Far EP (Crossworld Vintage)

Release date: 15 April 2021

Dj-producer Deep Delusion and singer-songwriter Irene Zerva make a come back with an exclusive sensual EP.

Through these very tough times for humanity since the covid19 pandemic outbreak, dj – producer Deep Delusion and singer-songwriter Irene Zerva make a come back with a deep and sensual EP.

Warm, atmospheric pads are blended together with sensual vocals, creating a mystical deep house sound. Though the melodic elements play a basic role in the musical creation, the rhythmic elements are just as important and pronounced, restoring balance and providing a range from low to mid-tempo tracks.
Our EP is inspired by relationships, the feelings that result from relationships and the longing for connection. Subsequently, this invites the listener to dive in his/her inner world fiercely. While facing positive and negative feelings with honesty, clarity and courtesy, self-realization and self-actualization are promoted, resulting in healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

“Near, yet so far” is referring to our strong emotions and emotional battles within, but also to realistic situations. In this day and age, technology might seem the answer to our connection with the rest of the world, but is it really? And even when we are finally near each other, do we really connect and see one another?



New Stereo – Acid Desires EP (Andhera Records)

Release Date:
Streaming 26th March 2021
Beatport 2nd April 2021

1: Acid Desires
2: Balboa
3: Balboa (Will Taylor (UK) Remix)

Coming in to Spring, the ever increasingly popular US based label, Andhera Records, drops the new EP from San Diego artist New Stereo, whilst bringing in prominent London artist Will Taylor in on the remix.

Up & coming US artist, New Stereo drops his debut release, Acid Desires EP on the Andhera which consists of 2 deep tech originals, Balboa and Acid Desires.

The title track on the EP is Acid Desires, punchy drums combining with rolling percussion set the groove, with the acid lead and whispered vocals of “I Need You” layered over the top delivering a sensual acid led house.

The second track on the release is Balboa, a rolling bassline groover which flows in tandem with its chord stabs, delicate trippy arps, and excellent arrangement.

The last track on the EP track is Will Taylor’s remix of Balboa. The Londoner has featured on go to labels such as Sola, Deeperfect, South of Saturn, Superfett, Roush, elrow Music amongst many, with his tracks gaining support from artists across the house spectrum like Ferreck Dawn, Martin Ikin, Joss Moog, Demuir, Solardo, OFFAIAH and Max Chapman. For his remix he picks up the tempo and energy from the original, giving this a bouncing bassline, shuffling hi’s, and working the vocal in to the breaks, creating drops that you just know are going to rock the floor.

This is another quality release from Andhera Records, which is guaranteed to build its profile of releasing top quality dance floor weapons.



Ciclo & Jose M. – No Pics Here EP (People Say Music)

Ciclo and Jose M. Following releases on Lapsus, Roush and Too Many Rules present their new EP, “No Pics Here”, with their special, underground sound. On this EP, you can feel the groove of these two tracks, with their very danceable yet trippy elements – full of dynamic percussion effects and deep backgrounds, building the excitement perfect for the dance floor.



Max Marinacci – Colors Pt.2 (Jazz In Da House Music)

Max Marinacci brings once again a warm and deep feel to his Jazz in da House label with the intense EP, ‘Colors – Part 2’. ‘Smoking’ is a blending of atmospheric tones build with deep beats and echoed synths that accompanied by the vocals give the track an airy feel. ‘Rain to Stockholm’ follows the lead and dreamy synths evolve with a deep house groove. ‘Pictures’ completes the set, with a deep afro hook, led by a driving drumbeat and repetitive synth patterns, building into a spiritual and deep soundscape.



THEOS. – Failure Is The Key EP (Techords Ltd)

Parisian artist THEOS. after previously releasing on Rawsome Deep and Whoyostro amongst others makes his debut on Techords Ltd with ‘Failure is the Key’ EP. The Frenchman delivers two deep house inspired cuts with smooth synths and chords, chunky basslines and beautiful vocals. A release that will definitely warm things up.

Spotify: April 30th
Beatport: May 14th
Traxsource: May 28th



Indy Lopez & Lopi Native feat Mega – Melinda (Musiczone Records)

Seeing Lopi Native and Indy Lopez working together is synonymous of success. Melinda represents sensuality, elegance and harmony involved by a magic piano and the Mega’s unique voice. A wonderful place where you can forget all problems and focus on what really matters.

Play and enjoy.



Odagled – Sunday EP (Alpha Black Records)

Alpha Black’s spring release is in charge of Odagled; electronic music talent, DJ and Producer from Malaga with almost 10 years of experience, delivering 2 Originals masterpieces. Remix duties in charge of Francesco Chiocci and Poolar.

Sunday (Original Mix) is paced by a fresh break beat curated with sweet eerie vocals and
harmonies driving your hips to the track’s middle point, followed by tasteful arpeggios and tripped out keys. A second bridge delivers additional musical elements from electronica, giving you a moment to breathe in, and come back to your senses to keep your hips moving along your feet.

Head Alone (Original Mix) is crafted with an electronica down-tempo beat combined with
Odagled’s organic deep soundscapes, subtle percussion and unearthly rhythms.

Sunday (Francesco Chiocci Remix) is a game changer as it delivers a steady beat intertwined with vocal inserts, dark synths and dynamic percussion. Subtle eerie keys navigate throughout the track’s canvas to numb your ears.

Head Alone (Poolar Remix) introduces a deeper journey into the track’s core and soul that will keep your senses in a dreamy state. Spoiler Alert: the track’s bridge will melt you down!







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