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Deepinradio New Treats Week-15-2021

Written by on 13/04/2021


Ephlum & Areslan – Mirage (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
April 23rd 2021 (Beatport Exclusive)
May 7th 2021 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records heads to Algeria for release number 232 on the imprint, a shimmering original track titled ‘Mirage’ by Ephlum & Areslan, remixed by BiGz, Dogus Cihan, 7even (GR) and Haris Kate.

Algiers-based DJ, producer and electronic musician Ephlum joins forces with respected string player (and member of the Algerian National Orchestra) Arelsan for the captivating ‘Mirage’, which perfectly lives up to its name, like a sonic heat-haze dancing upon an infinite horizon. Warm, expansive pads and subtle ethnic percussion touches make way for Areslan’s soaring live solos played on a traditional Arabic (Oud), a classical Ottoman (Bağlama also known as a Saz) and an electric guitar.

Ready Mix founder BiGz plays on the hypnotic quality of ‘Mirage’, settling into a languid yet compelling groove, before Areslan and his strings take center stage.

Next up, Turkish producer Dogus Cihan provides a darker and more foreboding version of ‘Mirage’, with growling sawtooth synths and heavy drums.

Greek artist 7even (GR) fires up a delightfully crunchy arrangement, taking ‘Mirage’ into late-night territory- this is one for the house steppers.

Finally, fellow Greek producer Haris Kate slows the tempo and gives Areslan’s strings a distinctly live-jammed quality, creating a beautifully organic, slow-motion vibe.

Whichever way you like ’em, enjoy those live strings.



Peve – Smooth EP (Words Not Enough)

Opening the doors of sensory connections, we invite you to dive deep into the hypnotic frequencies of this new release.
Hypnosis EP is signed by Brazilian producer Peve, showing his experience and sensitivity with the playful and engaging tones of Organic House.

The EP begins with the title track presenting a landscape textured by fragments of nature, with sparkling ambiences that gradually summons us to immerse ourselves in a state of inner hypnosis, meeting the essence of the elements and sensations.
Next, “Smooth” is as smooth as its name. The track grows softly, with percussive beats and melodic layers that meet in specific moments, continuing the hypnotic and meditative state that guides the primordial essence of the EP. The track also features a special remix by Alex Twin, an UAE producer who has already signed with All Day I Dream and now delivers a slightly more intense atmosphere in this version.

Finally, through the sound that comes from the darkness, we have “Wonderful Darkness”, which brings shades of lightness, layers of motion synths and peaceful percussion pack the swing of the track closing the things out. This EP was made to feel and connect with yourself.



Riko Forinson – Braid EP (Lucidflow Records)

Lucidflow welcome talented artist Riko Forinson who has already presented a beautiful deep release on Lucidflow’s sub label ‘Sofa Sessions’ last year. Now he is back with his amazing deep driving two tracker on Lucidflow: “Braid”

Check and do not miss.



Monarke feat Jessica Zese – Otherside (Remixes) (When We Dip XYZ)

Release Date: Friday 16 April 2021
Format: Digital

01. Otherside (Radio Edit)
02. Otherside (Yannek Maunz Remix)
03. Otherside (Made in Paris Remix)
04. Otherside (Nōpi Remix)
05. Otherside (Nadya (RU) Remix)

When We Dip’s label XYZ has a focus on deep melodic house with organic textures and ambient moods that enchant the dance floor.

As winter takes its last breath, When We Dip revisit the The Edge of Reality EP by Quebec based Monarke. Following up on the original release with a set of remixes that are brimming with innovative energy.

Featuring the vocals of Jessica Zese, “Otherside” is the cut that led the original release forming the backbone of the EP, and there are four stunning new remixes of the track on display here.

Artists who have reworked Otherside include Yannek Maunz, Made in Paris, Nadya and Nōpi. The release also includes a radio edit of the original for those who missed it first time round.

Yannek Maunz is a regular on Kattermuke and Poesie Musik, Made in Paris has garnered widespread recognition after releasing on the likes of Trampoliner and Anjunadeep. Russia’s Nadya has featured on Natura Viva plus Stil Vor Talent, and Nōpi has featured on imprints ranging from Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings to Anjunadeep.

The tracks on this release have eloquent vocals, soaring pads and delicate textures underpinned by club friendly percussion.



Frederick Alonso feat Denitia – Tides (DeepWit Recordings)

As DeepWit Recordings celebrates a decade of releasing quality deep house, organic house, and electronica in 2021, the label brings “Tides feat. Denitia,” a stellar new single from Belgian producer Frederick Alonso. Included are two remixes, one from the up-and-coming South African producer Donluiz Musicue (House Afrika, Soulique Felas Music) and DeepWit’s own label head Alvaro Hylander.

“Tides” stands out not just for its overarching classic feel but also for the stunning vocals from Denitia. Also lauded in the virtual pages of Pitchfork, Stereogum, and The Guardian, no less than The Fader hailed Denitia’s voice as “the epitome of soulful”. Her vocals are at the forefront of “Tides,” a track steeped in a sun-drenched vibe thanks in part to pads that invoke the movement of the oceans. This is the sound of deep house ushering in the sun.

Alvaro Hylander does justice to “Tides” and its outstanding vocals with a remix that offers up everything one could want in a soulful, deep house track. Hylander delivers pure quality through the driving force of the organic bass line and the revamped vocal treatment. Next, Donluiz Musicue comes at “Tides” from a laid back direction that’s suitable for dubbed-out Sunday afternoon sessions. There are times when less is more and this is a track that fits that perfectly.

Rounding out the release is the Deep Waters Mix, invoking the mood of its title — darker and even deeper than the original version. With its hypnotic melody and turbulent soundscape, this is a track for those late, late nights.

To sum it up, this is what deep house music on DeepWit sounds like after over a 1000 tracks released and no intent on stopping anytime soon.

Mastering by Nikos Fragomanolakis @

Label and Artist Links:



Seed Selector – Bora Dançar EP (Cocada Music)

The new release signed by Cocada Music brings two tracks by the young man from São Paulo “Seed Selector”, who is increasingly catching eyes and ears to his music.
The first, “Falador”, in collaboration with Leo Janeiro, is a house reinterpretation of a classic Brazilian samba. Loosely cadenced and soft, the track features samples of a song from the 70s, including vocals, cuíca and the notable whistle – in addition to keyboard notes that stand out in the foreground and lead the melody.
More agitated, “Bora Dançar” is a kind of reprise of the previous one. With the same beat, it samples other parts of the music, such as viola chords and the brass, fusing them in a delicious piano-house gem that should work both in lounges and warmups and at peak moments of house dance floors. In the final minutes, a surprise: the iconic synth of “Your Love”, one of the greatest hits of the godfather of house music, Frankie Knuckles, enters the scene.
The final result of the package is a tribute to both samba and Brazilian music, as well as the origins of the house music, on a full plate of reverence for both styles.














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