Deepinradio New Treats (Week_01_2019)

Written by on 01/01/2019

Moe Turk – Deep Emotion EP (Be Adult Music)

For our newest reference we are supporting again another release from one of our favourite Artists. Moe Turk introduces us to this mini album called Deep Emotion, elegant and well suited to our usual deep sound, hope you like it and enjoy our reference 096.



Rayomand – Untold Stories EP (Submarine Vibes Records)

Submarine Vibes proudly presents its new release – a debut EP by an immensely talented Indian producer Rayomand.
Untold Stories consists of six compelling tracks that combine mystic sounds of the East with warm and deep melodies and beats.

Born in 1989, Rayomand spent his childhood learning western classical piano, violin, and music theory for his formal music education. During his adolescent years, he taught himself to play the guitar, further widening his palette of genres and sounds.

Rayomand believes that music is the best way to express emotions. His own unique sound can best be described as lush melodies peppered with eclectic yet groovy beats. Rayomand strives to keep his sound and vibe organic and create a visceral atmosphere in his production and DJ sets.

At a time when the majority of club music sounds alike, Rayomand’s unique approach to producing sets off his tracks as a shining example of what electronica is capable of sounding. Rayomand effortlessly manages to make music that is at home both in the clubs and private residencies of his listeners.

Submarine Vibes:




Jozef K – Dawn Of A New Era EP (Afro Acid Records)

Prolific Manchester producer, Jozef K’s forthcoming release, Dawn Of A New Era, showcases Afro Acid’s introspective side, with a series of post-apocalyptic, shimmering acid landscapes – which are sequenced, notably, as a complete work. After a slew of signings to some of the biggest labels in house and techno we are proud to present this ethereal record from Jozef.

The EP begins with “I Felt A Presence”, a both heartfelt & dystopian 303 cut containing an atmospheric vocal that alternates between undefined parameters.

“Between Two Worlds”, Jozef’s acidic ode to Twin Peaks/David Lynch, portrays an intricate interplay between dark and light, (which is an underlying theme of the show for non-TP fans). There are also further meanings Mr. K wanted the listener to discover for themselves, a very Lynchian concept indeed.

Track 3 is the dreamy and pensive “Agkistrodon Contortix“. Another shimmering sci-fi 303 cut.

The EP’s title track would seem to be the EP’s euphoric peak. A continuation of the isolated, sci-fi-esque 303 based introspection here.

“Heather Rising”, is warmly melodic, and gently nostalgic, reminiscent of 90’s UK raves and a reminder of the timelessness of electronic music – a ‘sunrise acid dream’, which was uncoincidentally the concept of the producer’s latest Loopmasters pack.




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