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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_11_2018)

Written by on 13/03/2018

DJ Vivona - Nyela

DJ Vivona – Nyela (Sunclock Records)

Beatport Release: 6th April 2018
Worldwide Release: 20th April

The new release by Dj Vivona is a very dangerous hand grenade. ‘Nyela’ kicks off like a big engine roar and then rolls with a straight killer groove, and a low explosive bass for the dancefloor. The song of Afro nature introduces a hypnotic riff of percussion that develops till the end of the track. The electronic synth is constantly growing, exponentially increasing the power of the production. The central break is simply devastating.
Dj Vivona returns with an impressive track, ideal for the biggest dancefloor ever conceived!



Helmut Ebritsch - Seven Circles EP

Helmut Ebritsch – Seven Circles EP (Lucidflow Records)

Lucidflow co-owner Helmut Ebritsch takes to the controls for Lucidflow #154 with a first solo appearance since June 2017 on ‘Seven Circles’. Behind the scenes, he is part of Klartraum alongside fellow label owner Nadja Lind, and is the secret weapon who masters each and every Lucidflow release, like a master chef operating at the pass.
There is a playfulness in the title track in the way the kicks tug away from the beat, only to be whipped into line by rigid metronomic clap. The melodic elements also play off each other, the airy lead hook gently tip toes along while the tumbling bassline rugby tackles it along the earth.
Helmut then dons his Gold Monk alias for an ambient alternative. Lowering the intensity, it takes the opportunity to branch out, spreading like ripples on water being caused by drips from a cave ceiling. From unassuming beginnings, it takes opportunities to flourish in explosions of strings. Fans of Sasha’s Scene Delete could do no wrong in stopping by here.
Accompanying this pair of tracks is ‘Seven Mountains’. It straightens up the groove into a more driving experience, yet there is an easy going summery vibe about it. As we forge out of the darkness of winter, this may be one to drag out to heat things up.

‘Seven Circles’ will be available 9.4.2018 at the usual digital stockists.



Erefaan Pearce - PPL

Erefaan Pearce – PPL (Things We Make Records)

TWM002 sees label owner/A&R Erefaan Pearce stepping out with something a bit different from their first release.
Edging into more traditional Deep Tech territory – the track has a repetitive vocal hook that rides throughout giving a dubbed out feel whilst simplistic stabs and the use of space add to the tension hinting at elements of funk & soul.
Definitely a future underground anthem from a producer that’s no stranger to the scene with a solid discography spanning over 15 years.
Together with Chad Lawrence they run Things We Make with help from Lazarus Mathebula.



Hibrid - Izgubljeni

Hibrid – Izgubljeni (Remix Edition) (Submarine Vibes Records)

After the release of Hibrid’s debut album Izgubljeni (Lost), Submarine Vibes proudly presents the remix edition of the album. Besides being met with great local support, the album also had considerable commercial success, entering TOP 10 Electronica/Downtempo Releases on Beatport. For this occasion, we have called upon producers from a variety of different genres from Balkan within electronic music to make their own interpretations of the songs.

Following the successful experiment with Flower The Black, the track that was recently released as a remix EP done by several internationally-acclaimed producers as Martin Roth, Franz Alice Stern, Marcus Sur and Atonic, we have decided to bring you 7 more remixes produced by Basheskia & Edward EQ, A Skitzo, Indigo (BiH), Jelly For The Babies, Vladimir Acic, Euphorics (Serbia), and Ivna Ji (CRO).

The songs Sanjam (Dreaming) and Izgubljeni (Lost) were produced in a plethora of styles, ranging from electronica and deep house to drum n bass and techno. The track Oblaci u Moru (Clouds in the sea) was reinterpreted in an especially imaginative way by Sarajevo’s electronic duo, Basheskia & Edward EQ, who added their own original vocals to the song.

We are certain beyond doubt that this release will be a true treat for the fans of electronic music, regardless of what particular sub-genre interests them the most.




Djosh - Doctor Jazz EP

Djosh – Doctor Jazz EP (Asymetrique Records)

Hailing Italian Micro-house style, Djosh is an artist who likes to do things his own way. Doctor Jazz is a true piece of credible minimal house with a hint of deep and jazz thrown in for good measure. Another benchmark release from the guys down under!



Klaus Benedek - To The Moon EP

Klaus Benedek – To The Moon EP (Colour In Music Records)

Klaus Benedek’s first EP on Colour In Music is here! ’To The Moon’ EP contains three original tracks and a remix from Ethan Poe, a Spaniard electronic musician who started creating his own electronic music in the mid/ late 90’s.

‘To The Moon’ starts off rather slowly but picks up and maintains the tempo. Klaus first track is infused with electronic hums and jazz tunes that would have heads bobbing in no time. Audible vocal snippets are also featured far and in between throughout the piece and this just provides a perfect mix to the funky stabs of this song that gives a soothing feel and can help bring calm to tense dance floors.

Ethan Poe decided to pick up the tempo in his remix of ‘To The Moon’. The low thudding kick and the fat synth basslines he added can have listeners swaying in no time. As such, this mix is dance floor-worthy. The jazzy drums added further helps to bring to the fore the depth Ethan added to the song.

On ’Trembling’, this fast-paced song that is devoid of vocals is one that has lots of drumming and tough pumping rhythm. Aside from the funky stabs added to it, the overlapping of soft and dense tones in between it just helps create a groovy coherence in this piece that is made complete with a bass feeling.

’Don’t Play With Me’ is the last track of the EP. This minimalistic piece is upbeat and has a nice infusion of drums and filtered vocal bits that help make it dance-worthy. With a rapid tempo and seemingly playful style, this piece is also infused with classic chords that would have heads bobbing from start to finish.



VA - Neverland

VA – Neverland Vol. IV WMC Sampler 2018 (Seta Label)

Focusing on the Winter Music Conference 2018 Seta label presents the fourth compilation of Neverland. As it is characteristic for this VA, it includes ten melodic and emotive tunes from well-known Seta artists like Sensoreal & Hangover Agents, Biomin H & Benco, LazySofa, Frings. Deepologic, Toni Young and Mateo Balarezo. Additionally we are introducing new names on the label such as Onien, YNC x S3RIOUS, Yanco, MIFX and Celestino.



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Matt Prehn


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