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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_12_2019)

Written by on 19/03/2019

Magnus Asberg – Revolution EP (Viva Recordings)

In a land far away is the mythical and legendary Club Magnus. A place where you leave your troubles at the door, leave your worries behind, and get lost in the music. Heading the movement is Magnus Asberg, who brings his Revolution to Seattle’s Viva Recordings. Magnus has graced the label in the past under his alter ego, C-Soul. We’re sure to be seeing more from him in the future.
Deep and Mysterious vibes abound, and heavy bass pulsates on the title track, with slick laid back keys driving the charge that fuel this deep groover. On the flipside, In the Heat of the Night, takes things up a notch with a bubbly and bouncy bassline percolating alongside crisp rhythms and synth grooves. Come on in, and help start the revolution.



VA – Mental Picks Vol.25 (EXPmental Records)

Mental Picks Vol.25 yes 25 already who will say that we will go that long. For this special 25th Mental release as always minimalistic shit. Many ask for power but, who wants power when you can have quality and this is what we have 3 nice cuts to add to any set with that deep and dub vibes that are part of our label including of course a bit of mental sound. Our house artists involved including label boss Eddy Romero together with ChillOhm, our little boy Maertz and the Mexican Duo Los Reynoso.

For more info please visit:

Mastered at Soundvision Mastering: Eddy Romero ([email protected])

Release date: April 22th 2019 Beatport Exclusive

Format: Digital



Jalil B – Id Ameggaz (ReadyMix Records)

Release Date:
April 1st 2019 (Beatport Exclusive)
April 15th 2019 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records celebrates its 200th Single/EP release in fine style with ‘Id Ameggaz’, an ancient Berber lullaby, given new life by Morocco’s Jalil B alongside remixes from Brigado Crew, Elfenberg, Cee ElAssaad and BiGz & Highland Brothers UTD.
Literally translated to ‘Goodnight’, ‘Id Ameggaz’ has been sung to children in the Djudjura Mountains throughout North Africa for over 2000 years. Marking not only Ready Mix’s 200th release but also the label’s 20th anniversary, this captivating re-imagining of the song couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect moment in time.
Deep-thinking Moroccan producer Jalil B has dreamed up pure magic with his subtle electronic framing of ‘Id Ameggaz’, creating a unique production that’s equally at home under strobes and neons as it is bathed in the light of a candle.
Argentine duo Brigado Crew set out their stall with the breathtaking and beat-less ‘Intro Vocal Tool’ mix of ‘Id Ameggaz’, teasing at what’s to come with drone-like tones and building atmospherics. Their remix opens in similar style, eventually laying down a sumptuous slow-mo groove to lose yourself into.
Mysterious Swedish duo Elfenberg create a reflective and subtle version of ‘Id Ameggaz’ allowing plenty of space to feel and imagine inside a safe cocoon of rhythmic deep house warmth.
Afro-house luminary Cee ElAssaad turns in a typically syncopated and richl rework of ‘Id Ameggaz’, surely destined to summon up sacred spirits on the dancefloor.
Finally, Ready Mix label founder BiG AL aka BiGz joins forces with Highland Brothers UTD to close out the package with a deep, nostalgic yet life-affirming take on ‘Id Ameggaz’; smooth as silk and every bit as precious, served up with a dub mix for the heads.

20 years and 200 releases, marked by a 2000 year old song. What a feeling it is when the stars align for just a moment.



DJ Counselling – Be Here Now EP (Constant Circles Records)

01. Be Here Now
02. Down Forever
03. Stardust
04. Crazy On Love
05. Down Forever (Just Her Remix)

Constant Circles run by Just Her presents a stunningly eclectic release ranging from melodic to soulful house featuring a remix by the label boss herself, and four stunning originals by DJ Counselling.
Just Her has been making waves for many years but in recent months has had tracks played on BBC Radio 1 by Pete Tong, and made many releases on labels such as Anjunadeep, Crosstown Rebels, Sincopat and Global Underground.
Making a debut on Constant Circles is DJ Counselling who’s an artist that likes to let his music do the talking and minimise the information made available about him online, but we do know he is from London and has also released music on labels including SoSure Music, DistroKid and Paper Disco.
The original tracks are a broad mix, with “Be Here Now” having a melodic flow with rich percussive textures. “Down Forever” gets deeper and darker with its stripped back and atmospheric sound, then things start to get funky with the cosmic vibes of “Stardust”. Finishing with the lo-fi and soothing vibes of “Crazy In Love” there are lots of wonderful variety, not forgetting the energised remix of Down Forever by Just Her to close this release.

Release Date: Friday 29 March 2019
Format: Digital



Dazzle Drums – Oba EP (Sunclock Records)

Dazzle Drums are back on Sunclock with a fantastic Ep called ‘Oba Ep’, composed of 3 fantastic and solid afro house tracks that will stretch any dancefloor.
‘Oba’ has a very energetic groove accompanied by effective percussions, African-style choirs, and an electronic synth that makes up the whole bass, a real earthquake throughout its duration. The central break is wonderful, unsettling, unexpected. The track starts off again, releasing powerful energy to the end.
‘Antartica’ has a more sprung rhythm with a greater presence of percussion. The bass that, after the first minute, takes over imposing, in a constant crescendo, creates a magical and suggestive atmosphere. The electronic and metallic synths that start to peep out, also growing, create a sort of very unusual sound nebula. The coarse bass synth that fits brings the whole atmosphere and all the dancefloor on another planet.

Traxsource Release: 4th April 2019
Worldwide Release: 18th April 2019



Deep Sentiments – RARAULBL EP (Rogue Decibels Records)

Tshiamo, AKA Deep Sentiments, is a South African born and Tembisa based Music Producer and DJ. His innovative sound has seen releases on labels like DeepWit Recordings, Red Ember Records, Just Move and here making his Rogue Decibels debut with 2 cuts of warm underground House.

Mastered @ Rogue Decibels Studios / Curated by Cya C Deep

Exclusive Release date: 05/04/2019 (Traxsource)

Global Release date: 19/04/2019



Tal Fussman – Koresh EP (Inner Symphony Records)

New York based Tal Fussman makes his debut on Inner Symphony with “Koresh”, presenting an immense diversity of both emotional tone and technical skill, over only three tracks.

The EP begins with the title track, “Koresh”, immediately demanding a listener’s attention by pairing dynamic percussion over subtle evolving tones. The track ebbs to a point of tension before erupting into a refrain that has the energy of a techno staple with a distinctly melancholy synth hook. The second track, “Circularity” opens up the soundscape to introduce piano underneath an echoing melody. Retaining the same delicacy of mood, this track has a heavier emphasis on percussion, giving more of a sense of steady forward motion. “Binary Star” the final track, then begins with a longer, ethereal introduction, where Tal Fussman makes space to resolve the themes brought up through the EP so far – and suddenly a strong bass kicks in, powering this track to the next level. Many layers combine to give this track a grandeur that leaves the EP on a high.

Tal Fussman shows a confidence and dynamism that implies this will be one of many successful releases.



Djuma Soundsystem & Fake Mood feat Olith – Oloro Nyager (Get Physical Music)

Next up for Get Physical is the first sampler single from Djuma Soundsystem’s upcoming Body Language mix, which lands in May.
The Norwegian DJ and producer Mikkas is an underground stalwart who has popped up on the likes of Rebirth, Crosstown Rebels and Sol Selectas. His deep songs come with absorbing feelings and proper starry melodies that are catchy yet considered. He’s constantly touring the world playing all the major league clubs and festivals and now once more he shows that what he crafts is more than just DJ tools with a super new single that is backed by a remix from Re.You.
While touring in Africa last year Djuma was amazed by the traditional Kenyan vocalist Olith’s androgynic voice, and rented a studio to record her, ‘Oloro Nyager’ is the result of this fruitful meeting. As well as guest vocalist Olith, Mikkas also collaborates with Russian duo and label associates Fake Mood on this E.P. The outcome is the sort of deeply spiritual and melodic house track that will form the high point in any set. Tribal chanting, yawning pads and rippling drums all make it superbly seductive. A club mix ups the ante with bigger drums that suck you in and encourage you to make some serious moves on the floor, all while the emotional content of the original remains.
Re.You is a tech house titan who has appeared on taste making outlets like Moon Harbour and Connected for around a decade. His edgy take on the genre is here for all to hear as he flips the track into a more experimental tech house track with an epic breakdown and more loose, scattered drums and hits.

This is a mouthwatering appetiser for the sure to be special Body Language mix from Djuma Soundsystem.



VA – India Gets Physical Vol.01 (Get Physical Music)

India. An ancient land of abundant spices, colourful languages, vibrant cultures, infinite beliefs & ever-shifting terrains. This 5000-year-old society was one of the earliest in the world to philosophise & document the natural relationship between music & human spirituality. And through the decades of the recent past, modern India has been interestingly unique (and highly accommodative) to contemporary & global electronic dance music. This, in turn, has developed into fertile soil for local DJs and producers, to thrive & bloom across the motherland. From India’s capital (New Delhi) to its major cities (Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore) & emerging cities (Hyderabad, Pune, Pondicherry) – all shades of contemporary house and techno are now being accepted as the popular pulse for their nights. It’s fascinating how this fairly recent ‘western’ phenomenon has now deeply woven itself into India’s ‘eastern’ culture & rich musical tapestry.
But then again, electronic music could never be ‘claimed’ by any particular country or continent. Since time immemorial, its spirit & appeal has transcended all lands & their boundaries. Each new track release in the physical world is a soulful expression in the spirit realm – blooming out from the hidden recesses of highly talented music producers. They are true ‘artists’ – buried waist deep in their art & craft – on laptops & studios scattered all across planet Earth. When you are enjoying mega festivals with your special gang of friends or while listening to your favourite podcast on your daily commute to work – music lovers simply need to close their eyes to quickly immerse in their personal moment with the artist’s latest creation & offering. This simple act enables everybody to engage with music at the moment; giving him/her a rare opportunity to glimpse into the creator’s mind. And sometimes, the artist touches your soul. These strongly personal & highly enriching experiences compel listeners to seek exciting music makers. With opened eyes, minds & hearts, they bar all sorts of ‘real-world’ prejudice.
Through the past 16 years, supporters & followers of Get Physical have had this innate sensibility – which collectively eclipses geographical, ideological & musical boundaries. Acknowledging this special spirit of music discovery, the label’s country-specific compilations aim to expose the featured country’s local heroes to its loyal family of global music enthusiasts. India Gets Physical is another endeavour by the label to present the next breed of contemporary Indian electronic music & artists, to dance music aficionados across Europe and rest of the world. They are pacing its release by launching two singles – including exclusive remixes – as precursors to the compilation. Going beyond their release commitments, Get Physical also proactively aims to explore & discover the Indian scene and extend their support locally. They aim to achieve this (post-release) by planning a full-fledged label tour across the subcontinent.
All the Indian artists on this compilation have been brought together by the mysterious Todh Teri (who also happens to be the mastermind behind the mix). An ardent revivalist of Indian cinema’s rich disco & cabaret music legacy, Todh Teri’s live sets blend these sensibilities with the funk, house & acid influences of being a Berliner. When asked about India Gets Physical, he says “The artists & music I’ve put together for this project are predominantly electronic, but with just a pinch of India in it. Clearly steering away from all probable cliches – all of these tracks sound very international but with just a hint of an Indian tone, scale or sound. It is our lil’ nod to the motherland. With this compilation, Get Physical & I are pleased to present to you our process of finding & exposing more music producers from India – hopefully getting them the attention they truly deserve.”



Badin Brothers – Mind Over Matter (House Keeping Records)

Acclaimed London-based house Producer / DJ duo Badin Brothers return to HOUSEKEEPING Records following last year’s celebrated ‘Caravan’ EP and 2017’s ‘Music Off’ EP, ‘Mind Over Matter’ is set to win Badin Brothers further plaudits.
Badin Brothers ‘Mind Over Matter’ presents the distinctive sound that has made HOUSEKEEPING Records so revered, winning the label fans around the world and playing to sell-out audiences for their label showcases. In Summer 2018, HOUSEKEEPING were the weekly residents at the prestigious Black Coffee Saturdays at Hï Ibiza and later that year, played at Fabric for ANTS and at the Polaris Festival.



IndySoul – Close To You (Nylon Trax Records)

On a rainy Sunday from dusk till dawn ‘Close To You’ was born out the IndySoul studio.
Inspired by an organic blend of soulful instrumentation and vocals ‘Close To You’
transports you on an uplifting journey with its spacey keys, driving kick and analog bass.
Jaymz Nylon’s Afro Tech ReShape allows the soulful ingredients of ‘Close To You’ to breath and marinate while entrancing you in its cosmic soundscape.

Written and Produced by: IndySoul
Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Studios
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
p&c 2019 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax



Ben McGowan & Nick Coles – Back2U (Karmic Power Records)

This UK team comes with the goods with a disco funky vibe. Top instrumentation and electric toms willmake you shake your shoulder and bump your hips.Should be a corker in your disco sets.



Archila – Bolito EP (Cedez Music)

Archila is back on his imprint delivering a 3 track ep dedicated to his grand father Bolivar who passed away in the last couple of month. Each track is very unique and has its own signature for different moments of the night or day.

Released April 22, 2019



Pinto (NYC) – Friday EP (Refuge Recordings)

NYC homie, Pinto puts together two slick originals and a tidy dub cut for those that swing that way. Consistent, jackin’ and taking it right back to those house pillars, we have been rinsing these few all over the place!
Add in some of the industries finest, Filta Freqz & Jerk Boy bringing their remix spice to round out the pack in the best way possible.

Sticking to our style, something for everyone.
Get this into you.



3000Grad066 Felix Raphael – Skalar EP (3000 Grades Records)

These tracks enter your consciousness like shooting stars in the fragrant darkness of a warm night in spring. Felix Raphael’s bass lines are as deep as the sea, and the bounce of his rhythms hits the sweet spot. While the dancing body is hypnotized by these elements, the mind follows the organic pattern of his free-floating melodic arrangements. When the vocal sets in, it merges into the tune as if it was an echo from the parallel world of a dream. Many new names in the 3000Grad context make the Skalar EP a very fresh and versatile affair: Paul Hazendonk provides a remix full of harmonic ecstasy, Yannek Maunz a dose of spaced-out trippiness, and Brid & Snyder hurl us straight into the bubbling vortex of their melodic groove.

Release date: March 29th 2019

Format: Digital



Andy Ascencio – The Jungle EP (WHITE LABEL)

Andy Ascencio presents his brand new 3 track EP. Both ‘The Jungle & ‘Bliss’ are beautiful mid-tempo cuts while Sunday is a quirky mid to peak time chugger.

Status: Available to sign
Contact: [email protected]
[email protected]


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