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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_16_2020)

Written by on 21/04/2020

Beneath Usual & M.A. – Anything & Everything EP (Microdrive Records)

The solid duo Beneath Usual and M.A. is back on Microdrive for a fresh kickass new EP, including a remix from the great Romanian artist and also the Cycllic records label manager; Mihai Popoviciu. This all release is fully dedicate to fat rolling groove surrounded by deep and funky bass line.



Smitty & Davenport – Casa Tulum EP (Be Adult Music)

Be Adult Music present “Casa Tulum” the new Smitty & Davenport release, a classic deep house one full of emotion and passion.
The main track is called Casa Tulum and comes with 2 lovely mixes, one from David Isaac and the other one from Eric Davenmport.
The second single is called Black Sand and is another great Deep house track for you to enjoy and support.



Jay Tripwire – Magnetic Incursions EP (Woodwork Records)

Release Date – May 19, 2020

Release Track list:

02-Pole Reversal
03-12000 Year Shift
04-Ritual Vibration of Ancient Stories
05-Solar Blast
06-Rotational Slowdown

Woodwork welcomes the legendary Jay Tripwire to the roster. A highly prolific producer with a solid signature sound and impeccable work ethic. For this EP, Jay turns out a wide range of interpretive productions based on the concept of the global effects of steadily occurring polar shifts.
‘Magnetosphere’ rattles and shakes free a calming groovy bassline embraced by a hypnotic ambient chord drone. Chanting vocals and ritual drumming lead into a brief break where the elements are momentarily disoriented.
‘Pole Reversal’ is a subversive electro track that unfolds in much the same vein. Humanized beat box percussion introduces a steady rolling bass flow.

While a sweeping synth pad creates a soothing canopy over top. The occasional vocal hit chimes in with an abstract personal gesture.
‘12000 Year Shift’ has that classic sound that Jay Tripwire is known for. Smooth, deep, unwavering swells and stabs that circulate and layer in kaleidoscopic fashion. Classy, psychedelic, and soulful.
‘Ritual Vibration of Ancient Stories’ encapsulates the concept of the EP. It observes a cultural clash as disparate societies simultaneously experience world changing global events. The track follows a cinematic narrative but also remains highly playable as an abstract layer for the right kind of unusual moment.
‘Solar Blast’ again finds Jay Tripwire showcasing his taste and prowess for all things electro, breakbeat and sci fi. Minimal breaks and subconscious synth work are driven by a repetitive modulated bass line.
Bringing things full circle is ‘Rotational Slowdown’. Sparse and minimal with a well worn bass pattern, trippy voices, deep pad drone, and a solid arrangement tailored for a late night deep set.
In the scope of the 6 tracks of this EP, Jay Tripwire is clearly practicing his own sonic Voodoo…some kind of ritual deep sorcery aligning his music to the shifting of Earth’s magnetic poles through a transcendental state.



Namito feat Tannaz – Wait Till The End (Sol Selectas Music)

Release Date: Monday 20 April 2020

Sabo’s label Sol Selectas welcomes back Persian artist Namito, whose last release titled “Stone Flower” was one of the label’s most popular releases, and the No.1 selling track of 2019 in Beatport’s genre section for Electronica / Downtempo.

This much anticipated follow up also features a rework from Israeli artist Chaim, and once again shows Namito’s talent for capturing emotion in music, as along with Sol Selectas he has showcased his sound with tracks and remixes on tastemaking labels such as Bedrock, Katermukke, Balance Music and Selador.

Chaim is equally respected as a leading artist for his genre, and along with DJ’ing at events all over the globe, he has also released music on labels such as Flying Circus Recordings, Rebirth, Disco Halal, Culprit and his own imprint Blue Shadow. Adding his stamp to this release, Chaim once again proves why he is in such constant high demand as a highly sought-after remix artist.

Like Namito’s last appearance on Sol Selectas, this release is centered around a solo original. “Wait Till The End” featuring Tannaz sets the scene with tense pads and shuffling percussion before the funk of the bassline lifts the mood, ready for the poignant melodies and euphoric atmosphere of the ethereal strings to take control. All leading to the main breakdown where the traditional Persian vocals of Tannaz fill the track with an epic sense of majesty.

Lifting the tempo, Chaim’s remix adds a pulsating lead synth that from the get-go provides a more energetic version. With fine-tuned modulation, the lead synth provides the core of this stripped-back remix which uses the vocal to add a trippy atmosphere to the interstellar rework of cosmic proportions.

There is also a dub mix of the original for those who prefer to focus on the groove and the release is finished off with the stylish artwork by Helia Jamali, who pays homage to classic Persian architecture and visualizes all the dimensional plains of the multiverse that lead into our hearts, mind and soul.



Manuel Darquart – The Adriatic EP (Infinite Pleasure Records)

With the taste of a few European summers tickling their tastebuds and the sounds of a freshly bought Korg M1 pulsing through their ears, Sean and Louis create an EP that hopefully sounds as good on the shores of the Adriatic as it does in any London club. A departure from the low-slung boogie tones of their last EP, this record is about peak time summer moments and taking pills. Lots of pills.



Kate Simko – The Echo EP (Get Physical Music)

Kate Simko is back on Get Physical Music with a new single that comes in two different but equally brilliant versions.

Chicago born, London based Simko is right at the cutting edge of the scene. Her interactive audio-visual live sets have taken her to high-class events around the world, while her fresh take on house and techno has given rise to albums and EPs on Last Night on Earth, No.19 Music and Play It Say It. Melodic, driving, jacking and funky, Kate’s distinctive sound comes with plenty of serious sound design.

The String Mix of ‘Echo’ is a triumphant wedge of big, bouncy techno that exudes warmth. The weighty drums carry you away while the superb strings that light up the skies above are filled with plenty of high tech and futuristic soul straight from classic Detroit.



Dubphone – Alive And Kickin EP (Cue Records)

Release date: 06/08/20
Exclusive date: Beatport 2 weeks – 05/25/20

With Alive and kickin, the Spain based Dubphone makes a really impressive return on CUE. The opening forms „Alive And Kickin“ a wonderfully dubby, minimal but also a melodic groover. „Sometimes“ shines with a summeriness of basslines, melodies and vocal parts which fits perfectly for the raising summer. 128k

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