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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_17_2020)

Written by on 28/04/2020

IndySoul – Love In Stereo EP (Nylon Trax)

If rebirth or starting anew had a soundtrack, it would be IndySoul’s ‘Love In Stereo EP. Upon the first listen, Indysoul immediately lifts you to celebrate life and to pursue all that makes you shine.
Keeping with the positive vibes Jaymz Nylon’s Afro Tech ReShape of ‘Something About You’ takes you deeper into a loving self-reflection.

Written and Produced: IndySoul
Additional Remix Production: Jaymz Nylon
Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Lakeside Studios
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2020 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax



BiGz – In The Zone (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
May 4th (Beatport Exclusive)
May 18th 2020 (Worldwide)

Father of Ready Mix Records, BiGz aka BiG AL makes a rare appearance on the label for release number 219, an über-deep cut titled ‘In The Zone’, featuring reworks by Khaaron, Music P, Bodaishin and Da3boul.

‘In The Zone’ touches BiGz’s Middle Eastern roots with traditional Oud flourishes and atmospheric vocal touches over a methodical, satisfying groove, perfect for late night reverie.

Khaaron is first up on remix duties, building up a more urgent atmosphere, propelled by gentle syncopation into a teasingly dance-able revision.

German producer Music P slows things down again, with a deliberate, bass driven version, where, as Parliament once said, ‘Everything Is On The One’.

Next up, spiritual Argentinian artist Bodaishin gifts us a hypnotic, subtle take on ‘In The Zone’; swaying, swirling and arranged to wrong-footing perfection.

Finally, the mysterious Da3boul re-imagines ‘In The Zone’ as a light, rolling, timeless Deep House cut, sure to engage both purists and casual fans alike.



VA – Apparel Music B-Day 10 (Apparel Music)

Release : 03.07.2020

A1. Kisk – Your Face ft. Robert Owens
A2. Tuccillo – Hearme
B1. Fred P – From The Other
B2. Ivano Tetelepta & Eugène Latumeten – Where Have You Been?
C1. Salary Boy – Piano House
C2. Chevals – All I Wanna Do Is Love You
D1. Art Of Tones – Never Sleep
D2. Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules – Take Me Back

In the special occasion of our 10th birthday we felt we had to concoct something really memorable, bringing together in 2 vinyl some of the most influential artists who took part in the making of our history and some new ones, yet prominent and successful, to the family. All of them had a fascinating mission to accomplish honouring the concept of “Jazzy” which is the notion and approach set 10 years ago as the fundament of Apparel Music and we can plainly say that they’ve won the challenge, brightly, producing 8 stunning tracks which represent an ideal declination of the requirements you need to enter the AM family.

The roster of artists behind this record perfectly represents the international soul of the label and very much speaks for itself, from our head honcho Kisk to “The Voice” Robert Owens, our longtime family members Ivano Tetelepta & Eugène Latumeten, the Swedish Salary Boy, the great Tuccillo with his recognisable style, the American Fred P who’s music is the best introduction of his abilities and needs no further presentation, to the young gun Chevals with his bright talent. The final side then is the debut’s side with the iconic Art Of Tones who’s career as a pioneer of dance music speaks for itself and last but not least the marvellous duo Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules, also new to the AM family, who’s baptism fulfils our high expectations. A list of virtuosos worth an All-Star Game!

The opening track is “Your Face” by Kisk & the supreme and unrivalled voice of Robert Owens, with a bunch of great musicians who took part in the creative process: the Cuban Gendrickson Mena (trumpet, Saxhorn), Max Laganà (Bass) and Nate Lotz who recorded some grooves on the drums. In A1 resides the concept of “Jazzy”: the dialogue between man and machine which is still, in the modern era, the perfect equation to produce music. Starting from some old, dusty samples here’s surely one for the records, fully embodying Kisk’s approach to music production. A2 is “Hearme” provided by Tuccillo. The Neapolitan born but Spanish adopted is a veteran of the Apparel Music’s family, that’s why we’re so happy to have him leaving his mark once again on a special occasion like this Bday. His track perfectly epitomises his sensuality, profoundness and sensitivity as a producer, being capable of expressing through his music some of the distinctive characteristics that AM aims to communicate.

The Deep soul of Fred P comes out in all its strength in his track “From The Other” kicking off the B-side. We’re delighted to have the American producer on board for this B-Day vinyl as his first appearance on AM leaves no doubt about his huge talent as a music maker, while B2 is an Ivano Tetelepta & Eugène Latumeten’s affair with “Where Have You Been?” and we’re overjoyed to greet again the pair who’s back on the label with a really special production. The dreamy pads and the punchy rhythm section helped by the smooth vocals are yet again the logotype of the Dutch duo. The second vinyl begins with Salary Boy and his “Piano House”.

The London based Swede’s production is the perfect way to start the C side with its classic yet modern touch. Another gem to add to the collection. Chevals then takes over in C2 with “All I Wanna Do Is Love You” and we’re so happy to see a skilled guy like him being recognised in the music business, as sometimes a label’s purpose is just to be the perfect filter of someone else’s visions. His track is another tangible example of his qualities. Then, to kick off the D side we got Art Of Tones with “Never Sleep”, a fabulous funky groove with a compulsive rhythmical attitude where the Parisian house icon displays his musical genius in a track genuinely crafted to fit the mood of the Apparel 10th birthday. We’re really proud and happy to have a guy like Ludovic Llorca on board for this project as he showed since the very first contacts a pure will to join our gang making all his sound expertise available for us. A special occasion for a special debut on AM for the Frenchman! Is up to Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules to complete the masterpiece with the last brushstroke which is an experimental and modern tribal beat with masterly arranged keys and superb percussions. The sound research of this track is quite astonishing and, in its whole, is what may be the loop you’d play over and over again to open or close a mesmerising DJ set!

Finally a very special and important mention for the artist and friend of the AM’s clan Marco Fantini, a true visionary who blessed us with the chance of choosing amongst some of his stunning artworks for the covers of the record. Each production, indeed, has a different and dedicated piece that reflects the mood of the track. Thanks Marco for having such an important role in this creative process! The record will be out in July so brace yourselves for what is evidently the highlight of our year and… let’s blow thee 10 candles together, as always, as a family, spreading love for good music!

The Apparel Music B-Day 10 book contains music, images, words, details and stories from the past ten years of our label (more of 350 pages). We filled this book with all the things that contributed to shape up Apparel Music’s identity, because our past will be the inspiration for our future.
We’ve added on bandcamp 10 copies in special box, Apparel B-Day LP + Book



J. Khobb – Mon Amour (Haute Musique)

Release Date:
May 15th 2020 (Traxsource Exclusive)
May 29th 2020 (Worldwide)

With past releases on Global Underground, Outta Limits, Bonzai Recordings, Alma Soul and Balkan Connection to name but a few, J. Khobb debuts on Haute Musique to deliver our 43rd release with a sensual single ‘Mon Amour’.

Full of passionate melodies, a sultry french female vocal and bouncing rhythms of drums and bass, J. Khobb provides all the elements to reconstruct the track live on the dancefloor. An instrumental mix,a beatless version and the acapella are all included in the pack for your live improvisations.

Remix provided courtesy of Nikola Sofronovic.



Mauro B – Phrase Drug EP (Be Adult Music)

Mauro B presents “Phase Drug” an amazing release with 3 lovely deep house tracks, Phase Drug is the main track but keep attention to “Never Be The Same” and “Deep Contemplation” pure and lovely deep house music.



Tyrek – Head In The Clouds (THANQ Music)

Release date: 06/01/20
Exclusive date: Beatport 2 weeks – 05/18/20

This is first release of Canadian DJ/producer Tyrek for THANQ label. Fantastic vocal of Caribbean fearless soul goddess Yolanda Sergeant are featured in EP titled song “Head In The Clouds”. Other two tracks represent full potential of Canadian artist “dancing” on a thin line between Minimal, Melodic House and Indie Dance genre.



DCM – Moore Street EP (Back Door Records)

Release Date – June 5th / 2020

Release Track list:
A1. DCM – Moore
A2. DCM – Junin
B1. DCM – Moore (Rick Wade Rmx)
B2. DCM – Moore (Dsum Rmx)

Florida based Backdoor records are back with a killer 4 track EP from DCM and including remixes from underground house legend Rick wade and Dsum.

DCM is a producer from its beginnings in music and the nightlife of its city Medellín with a strong affinity for house music and its purest roots: Jazz, soul, funk, and Disco. here we see him reliving the essence of classic American house that goes from Chicago and Detroit to New York.

Over the 4 track ep with find 2 original productions from DCM, ‘Moore’ & ‘Junin.’ 2 tracks that ooze savy and that fresh house groove, tied in with impeccable sampling and a thorough bred knowledge of what works on the floor.

For the remixes house aficionado Rick Wade delivers a slightly more uptempo chunky version of ‘Moore’ twisting it into a track as cold as ice. Dsum also revisits ‘Moore’ this time stepping up the pace and stripping it back to reveal a low key acidic stepper.

DCM used: Akai MPC 2000XL, Waldorf Blofeld, Yamaha TX81Z, Roland Alpha Juno 1 whilst creating these tracks.

Artist Quote:
“For this release with Back Door Records, DCM seeks to perpetuate the essence of house music over time, going deeper into sound experimentation and
sampling, designing synth lines and drum arrangements. The first cut shows a sample-based musical structure accompanied by slower drums influenced by Detroit artists like Andres, Kenny Dixon Jr, and some of the techniques used by J Dilla in his productions with the MPC. Junin with a breakbeat created from the MPC, a set of sample voices,melodies, and synth lines positioned at its point, creates the perfect jam for the dancefloor, for the night, for the club.”



Moshun – More n More (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Moshun returns to the label with his killer new single ‘More n More’.
Originally from Nottingham and now based in Japan he has been consistently releasing on some of the top underground labels around. You may also know his work as part of the dope house trio — Kinky Movement.

For this outing we are treated to a funky, driving groove with acid squelches, clean harmonics and airy vocal snips. There’s a definite nod to that old school West Coast sound we love!

Toni Young serves up a monstrous dub which has been causing chaos on SA dancefloors over the past few months.

Rounding off the pack we welcome back Tahir Jones who adds a more mellow melodic touch that tugs at the heart strings.



Hamza Rahimtula & Manu Idhra – Sounds Beyond Borders (Wind Horse Records)

Wind Horse always strive to push the envelopes and boundaries of contemporary electronic music in India, and 2020 marks the beginning of a new project – ‘Sounds Beyond Borders’.

‘Sounds beyond borders’ has been conceptualized by the founder of the label – Hamza Rahimtula along with his close friend, label staple and extremely talented percussionist/prodcuer Manu Idhra and film-maker Marco Oliviera. The aim of the concept pivoted toward throwing the spotlight on local ethnicities, their approach and their influence on music. The project hopes to achieve this mainly via a two-pronged approach consisting of an album inspired by local sonics, supported by a video documentary centered around the same ethos. For their first assignment, they chose India to serve as their bastion of inspiration for which the album will be based on.

The debut album for this category begins with a track called ‘Darwaza’, which roughly translates to door in Hindi. The track stays true to its nomenclature by inviting the listener into its presence with a mystical and alluring pad intertwined with eclectic strums of the sitar. This is accompanied by gorgeous, crooning vocals of Sunanda Sharma that are signature to Hamza’s love for ethereal influences. The second track ‘Sonar Quilla’ is crafted to dish out a dance-floor friendly vibe while also keeping up with the inspirations of its predecessor. A playful baseline layered with minimal yet effective percussions, drive you through different Indian landscapes through intelligent soundscapes. Two tracks in and this might get you already pressing the ‘Play on loop’ button!

The third track ‘Thar Calling’ continues to drive the album towards its inevitable crescendo by melding Rajasthani influences and moods with a truly Detroit-esque deep house track that’s sure to find a spot in many record collections and playlists. A phat bassline greets you, followed by irresistibly tight percussions that would probably work any dance floor. Samples of children’s voice along with spaced-out vocals add a hazy aura to any already impressive tune. Next up is ‘Santur Love’, a composition that is defined by incredible samples from the Sitar, interspersed by a chorus of ambient pads that give-way to a deceptive groove that can turn things up a notch at any club or festival. The track can best be described as a tale of two-halves that almost mirrors India’s diverse and multi-cultural landscapes, with one half meant for throwing shapes and moves and the other meant to set your imaginations, aflutter.

‘Sounds Beyond Borders’ reaches the halfway mark with ‘Japamala’, another proper house burner that bears the unmistakable fingerprint of this awesome duo. Manu’s percussive and rhythmic sensibilities come to the forefront as the track meanders zealously through lush audio-environs, accompanied by spiritual vocals that are part of the Indian musical fabric. The lead for the track is incredibly sculpted and pulls the listener into an electronic paradise with consummate ease. The albums sixth offering, ‘ Chakra Drum ‘ is another one that’s sure to be heard at the closest neighborhood club, because of how well it fills up space in front of a DJ. The track is smattered with organic and addictive rhythms that converge together with beautifully construed atmospheres for a spell-binding tune.
‘ Odissi Tech’ follows up with a delicious tech-house heater that’s layered an accompanied with heavenly pads (something that’s expected by now) and a juicy bassline. Hamza and Manu rarely disappoint and this tune is no different, primed and ready to awe-inspire whichever crowd is on it’s receiving end.

No album that’s based on Indian music influences can certainly be complete without featuring the tabla and the 8th track of this installment does just that. ‘Banyan’, is an amazingly well-concocted depiction of desi-electronic influences with a rubber-band bassline, prominent and catchy tabla samples with playful keys that lend the track a naturally ecstatic mood. Crafted to encapsulate the soul of one of India’s holiest trees, this rendition is going to surely have a lot of takers. ‘ Mahayana’ is the last track that rounds off an extremely well-designed album for Manu and Hamza with an alchemy of ambiance, saw-tooth spunk and uplifting sonic that accurately sum up ‘Sounds beyond borders’. The track also signals the culmination of a journey across India’s cultural and musical totems that have been mirrored in an extremely well-curated electronic music album.


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