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Written by on 23/05/2018

rBert - Vagabundos EP

rBert – Vagabundos EP (Ready Mix Records)

May 31st 2018 (Beatport Exclusive)
June 14th 2018 (Worldwide)

For release number 186 on Ready Mix we welcome talented Hungarian artist Robert R. Hardy, also known as D.M.P., proudly unveiling his brand new ethnic/downtempo alias, rBert.

Commencing rBert’s debut release is ‘Vagabundos’, a languid and deep mid-tempo electronic cut that simply shimmers with oriental mystery.

Shadowy Swedish duo Elfenberg lift the tempo into moody progressive house territory, retaining a strong flavor of the Orient, while adding pulsing synths and potent percussion into the mix.

Second original track ‘Sinere’ sees rBert lay down a compelling deep house groove, over which ethereal vocals gently entwine with flutes and subtle plucked strings in a heavenly chorus.

Greek producer VieL offers up a sublime reworking of ‘Sinere’, concocting a warm and comforting atmosphere with his airy and effortless arrangement.

Unable to get enough of rBert’s sounds, Elfenberg return to remix ‘Sinere’, cleverly juxtaposing those sweet vocals and strings with brooding synths and insistent, snappy drums.



V featuring Quinton Xavier - Every Time EP

JV featuring Quinton Xavier – Every Time EP (Harmonious Discord)

Every Time
Every Time (Dorian Remix)
Every Time (Hands Free Remix)
Every Time (Hands Free Instrumental)

Everyday connections, moments in space and time.
When you have a piece of my heart, it’s every time …

Harmonious Discord Recordings is excited to welcome back soul-specialist JV (AKA Jason Vasilas) with “Every Time,” a special project featuring vocalist Quinton Xavier. The duo offer a modern-day love song filled with passion and emotion, and set to the rhythm of a well-tempered tech house production. The combination is likely to be coined an instant classic. Remixes come courtesy of the versatile HD veteran Dorian and Hands Free (Akbal, My Favorite Robot, Connoisseur).

The original of “Every Time” presents a dreamy vision of poetic passion by balancing the vocals with thoughtfully constructed synthesizers and reversed effects. Frequencies swirl and build as Quinton’s vocals reach their peak and dulcet tones culminate with periodic fills to propel the momentum onward. Dorian’s remix wipes the dream-state away offering flavors of disco-era drums alongside classic house synths. Quinton’s vocals are in the forefront with penetrating vocal modulation. Musically rich and percussively precise, Dorian’s remix is poised to be a defining moment for mixed sets. Hands Free dives deep offering two versions of his subversive interpretation. Dissonant, unsettling sounds fill the cavernous space created by this slow burn. Hypnotic and ritualistic, the Hands Free mixes provide rumbling percussion and reverberated artifacts that cascade into pensive melodic harp accents and broad sweeping swells. There’s a mood for all occasions in this package.




Ricky KK

Omnipotent EP

Nik Ros


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