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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_24_2018)

Written by on 12/06/2018

Tony S - Give It

Tony S – Give It (Oh So Coy Records)

Tony S is back with 2 sublime summer cuts “Give It / Lay It Down”
Quirky funked house is the order of the day with crisp production values.
Paired with killer remixes from our Balearic counterparts Gaol and James Reid who both add a deeper touch.




Futureworlder - Just Let It All Go EP

WP033 Futureworlder – Just Let It All Go EP (Whiskey Pickle)

Just Let it All Go

Whiskey Pickle puts out a solid installment of psychoactive house with Brian Traister’s otherworldly Just Let It All Go EP. As Futureworlder, Traister gives a taste of the alternative planet of his imagination. The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer’s escape unfolds like the unforeseen house expression of a new age past.

The hazy sun rises over the horizon mirrored in the water as the opener “Forever” begins, awash with warm synths lapping at the shore while revelers weary from the night before are summoned by the steady rhythm of the kick drum to give it another go, tempted by the rising hi-hats and chunky bassline, dancing in the warm sand, only coming down midstream to cool off in the surf and then dance some more in the rising sun. “Energie” follows, quoting an old school, lush deep house flavor complete with warm, enveloping pads and echoing percussion. “I believe good can only bring good,” says the voice on the third offering “Altruism,” and repeats like the clear memory of a party-worn dancer whose flood of endorphins makes him philosophical, hopeful, and unreserved. The voice comes and goes, like a flashback after the night is over, powerful for a few moments, playing on a loop with psychedelic waves that swell and recede over a house beat. “Just Let It All Go” rounds things out, merging a chunkier rhythm section with hypnotic, shimmering synth arpeggiations and swirling strings.

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Andromo - Behind A Song EP

Andromo – Behind A Song EP (Viva Recordings)

Behind A Song
Door To Life

Now based in Vancouver, Andromo earned his DJ stripes from his original home of El Salvador, relentlessly touring all over Latin America. HIs expansive, groovy tech-house sound has won over a multitude of dance floors over the years, and propelled his own Rainforest Music parties. “Behind a Song” is Andromo’s second single for Viva Recordings and signals a next level in his skillful production. Deep and mesmerizing, “Behind a Song” cascades with layers of emotive melodies, building in texture and intensity over a rhythmic pulse. This dreamy track will be the soundtrack to many sunrise parties over the summer. On the flip-side is “Door To Life,” a sparser affair featuring staccato chords, crisp percussion flourishes, and floating synth pads. Also suitable for late night floors, this cut sublimely complements “Behind a Song” to deliver another stellar house music pack from Viva Recordings.

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M.A.N.D.Y. - Double Fantasy

M.A.N.D.Y. – Double Fantasy (The Club Versions) (Get Physical Music)

Mid-June will see the release of M.A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Double Fantasy (The Club Versions), a dance- floor focused revisit to the 2016 LP.
With Patrick Bodmer now heading up M.A.N.D.Y. solo as the other member of the band Philipp Jung steps out on Sabbatical, the Berlin based artist and co-founder of the Get Physical imprint wanted to revisit the duo’s latest long player and stamp his own mark on things alongside co-producer of the entire project Dubspeeka. Patrick’s ear has always been direct towards the club sounds whereas Philipp’s always added the more eclectic home listening angle to their output, with this in mind here we see Patrick deliver ‘Double Fantasy (The Club Versions)’ and for the first time shining light on some of the collaborative artists who were involved in the project the first time round such as Booka Shade, Dubspeeka, Francesco Tristano and more.
Across the project we’re treated to the mystical and tripped-out styles you’d expect from M.A.N.D.Y with cuts like ‘Tomorrow Is Another Night’ feat. Jimmy Vallance of Bob Moses fame, who M.A.N.D.Y produced a nearly complete album with which got lost on a hard drive, this track is the only one which was saved on another computer and found its way to the album. There’s also cuts like ‘Rabbit Mountain’ which features LD Nero aka Alex Cortex’, ‘Housewife On Crystal’ and the Booka Shade collaboration, ‘Wandler (Rework)’ all employing the twinkling synth melodies, wandering atmospherics and a raw intensity which is always embodied in M.A.N.D.Y.’s material.
Patrick also radiantly displays his darker dance floor prowess throughout also with tracks like ‘Hi End’ alongside Francesco Tristano & Nonki Phiri, ‘Outin (Rework)’ and the ‘Rhythm & Soul (Rework)’ produces alongside Brett Johnson & Red Eye all edging things towards a more hook driven, robust aesthetic aimed squarely at the dance floor.
M.A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Double Fantasy (The Club Versions)’ is out on Get Physical 15th June 2018.



Delerci Reyes

Thomas Jayy

Juanma Llopis

Ricky KK

VA - Encounter

Willowman 128k

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