Deepinradio New Treats (Week_29_2020)

Written by on 22/07/2020

Rob Duke – Paradise EP (Microdrive Records)

Rob Duke is back on Microdrive with three fresh originals new tracks, all dedicated to the deep and funky groove with fat bass lines and hypnotic surrounding sounds.
A must have for all deep house lovers.



Sumsuch – My Vocal Touch EP (Be Adult Music)

Be Adult Music are very excited to have Sumsuch back on Be Adult again, this time with mini-album “Vocal Touch”.
Will Sumsuch has a special ability when it comes to collaborating with singers, a synergy which often leads to his best work. “I really enjoy the challenge of working closely with vocalists. Building creative trust, making them comfortable and getting the conditions just right to tease out a truly emotional performance is a different journey each and every time.”
The release is made up of 5 vocal tracks that can summarise the career of Sumsuch, one of our favourite producers, plus an exclusive new cut, ‘Made Of Smoke’, recorded especially for the album with Philadelphia soul vocalist (and partner in the Mega Jawns project), Will Brock.



Mellow Men – Rebels LP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
July 31st 2020 (Beatport Exclusive)
August 14th 2020 (Worldwide)

Release Info.

Ready Mix Records welcomes Croatian collective Mellow Men back to the label with their debut album, the delightfully chilled ‘Rebels LP’.

Perhaps rebelling against the ever-increasing and frantic pace of the modern world, the Mellow Men provide a languid, blunted, Balearic-influenced soundtrack for modern life, blending crisp electronic elements with scratchy analogue sounds and live instrumentation. Gracefully avoiding all the lightweight, fluffy ‘chill-out’ musical cliches, ‘Rebels LP’ is a record of real substance with an edgy feel at times; think Nightmares on Wax meets Brian Eno.

Three talented Croatian friends and artists founded the Mellow Men project and comprise the core production engine behind the ‘Rebels LP’. Davor is a guitarist, vocalist, composer and according to the group’s biography, an over-thinker.

Providing synth wizardry, recording skills and perfecting the details, brothers Amor & Amir are perhaps better known to Ready Mix Records fans as Kiano & Below Bangkok who deliver essential ‘tweaking, recording, composing, rolling, arranging, Fx-ing, reverbing, over-reverbing, fixing’ services.

At times wistful and retro, at times dramatic and angular, ‘Rebels LP’ remains varied and engaging throughout its 11 track span. Drawing its influence from scratchy dub echoes, shimmering ‘Cafe Del Mar’ style sunset grooves and mournful traditional folk melodies, this record is sure to please lovers of deep, meditative sounds from across the musical spectrum.



L.G.V – I’m Not A Machine (Sound Vessel Records)

L.G.V drops his first ever vocal tune featuring Daniela Rhodes on vocals and accompany it with solid chords, dreamy soundscape and delicate clapped rhythm. Flirting with aspects of label’s deeper side, the Original’s instrumental is sounding even deeper and its background retroness revealed as the etheric vocals are not there to steal the show. Allan Zax is offering an airy keyboard performance on his remix, somewhere over the rainbow, euphoric trance and euro-magic-dance. The humidity-like and blurry Specdub Remix is made for after hours and open air sessions while Steve Mag Rework aims big rooms and pre-pandemic crowded festival and places. Micronoise is crispy and based on core chord’s sampler east magic. Not to forget the smooth deep house touch of Forteba, which the more you listen the more it takes you away.



Matthieu B. – On Me (Oh So Coy Recordings)

From Normandy to Paris via Tunisia and the Maldives Matthieu B. returns to Oh So Coy for his first full single. The Plastic City producer is a dab hand in the studio and this single showcases his penchant for crisp deep house that is sure to move the floor.

On remix duties we have esteemed Mexican producer Serge Gee. A totally unique sound that echoes his surrounds…warm and funky with a sense of urgency.

Closing the fore we look locally to Jozi export Brandon Wheller. He laces us with a punchy and driving rework that shifts a gear towards peak time.




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