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Written by on 07/08/2018

KaaN – Breeze EP (Whirling Wolf Records)

Breeze is KaaN’s first album. It transcends the listener to a world of harmony where east and west are fused together. You will feel the heat of the east in a western breeze and find yourself dancing to the magnetic pull.

Released August 3, 2018



Nipkoss - Afrore EP

Nipkoss – Afrore EP (Sunclock Records)

Traxsource Release: 30th August 2018
Worldwide Release: 13th September 2018

Sunclock is pleased to welcome in the family new producer Nipkoss.
‘Afrore Ep’ contains 3 afro flavored tracks of exceptional originality and eclecticism.’Lupo’ has a very African-looking groove accompanied by an excellent bass spin consisting of effective electronic synths. The song presents several melodic variations that make the song very long-lived. The central break is very original and will have a sure impact on the track when it starts again.’Semaj’ has a deeper and more electronic root, but always preserving the afro nature. The electronic synths are particularly hypnotical and stick to very long notes. The hints of marimba and the suggestive break characterized by afro songs create a unique and special atmosphere.

A very special EP that you absolutely must not miss.



Somnium - Young Giants EP

Somnium – Young Giants EP (Whistleblower Records)

Release Date: Friday 3 August 2018

Focused towards house and deep techno, Whistleblower is a label founded by three music producing friends; Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot plus Rhymos, and this new release is a three track EP from a mysterious artist going by the name Somnium.

So far, Whistleblower has featured mainly tracks from the label owners themselves and was the original outlet for Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot’s collaborative alias Customer before their EP’s on Mobilee Records.

Simon Baker has to date been the only artist outside of the labels owners to release original material on Whistleblower, and out of the labels eighteen releases, Somnium joins him as the second member of whistleblowers extended family.

Kicking things off is “Young Giants” and its eloquent melody leads into a dark and twisted bassline as the track transforms its mood from uplifting to sinister. With throbbing tension, the grinding low end frequencies give the track an ominous presence sure to set the dance floor alight.

Track two “Seraphim” is melodic cut with intricate synths layered between stripped back percussion. Almost orchestral, the track’s vibe has an uplifting trajectory that lifts like a bird on take-off before soaring high above trees. Delicate and exuberant, this highly emotive piece of house music is brimming with personality.

Finishing the EP is the shimmering sound of “Chiron” and its interstellar synth pads that have combined to create a cosmic soundscape of texture. Vast and spacious like the expanse of space, the track’s clean cut production has a steady momentum and truly captivating mood.



Y-rich - Nightfall EP

Y-rich – Nightfall EP (Seta Label)

Release Date: 2018-08-13

Y-rich debuted last year on Seta with a very successful EP “Eastern Gulf” that received exceptionally good feedback. This young talented Russian producer – Paul Pashin – was able to surprise us and delivered again! His next EP “Nightfall” is a perfect example of a trippy deep-tech house music with subtle melodies, well placed warm chords and rhythmic elements. A must-have for underground music lovers.



VA - The Ethnomusicology Experience

VA – The Ethnomusicology Experience (Part-1) (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
August 13th 2018 (Beatport Exclusive)
August 27th 2018 (Worldwide)

Ethnomusicology is the study of music from the cultural and social aspects of the people who make it. It encompasses distinct theoretical and methodical approaches that emphasize cultural, social, material, cognitive, biological, and other dimensions or contexts of musical behavior, instead of only its isolated sound component.

The term Ethnomusicology is said to have been first coined by Jaap Kunst from the Greek words ἔθνος (ethnos, ‘nation’) and μουσική (mousike, ‘music’), is often defined as the anthropology or ethnography of music, or as musical anthropology.

During its early development from comparative musicology in the 1950’s, Ethnomusicology was primarily oriented toward non-Western music, but for several decades has included the study of all and any musics of the world (including Western art music and popular music) from anthropological, sociological and intercultural perspectives.

Stated broadly, Ethnomusicology may be described as a holistic investigation of music in its cultural contexts. Combining aspects of folklore, psychology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, comparative musicology, music theory, and history, Ethnomusicology has adopted perspectives from a multitude of disciplines.

Traveling all around the world to discover new sounds has led us to curate our first of many ‘Ethnomusicology Experience’ various artist compilations.

For Part-1, we have assembled an army of talented producers who have delivered some exceptionally breathtaking music. In no particular order, the compilation welcomes Lèrr (Montenegro), Mikado Koko (Japan), Adrian Pricope (Romania), Voluntier (UK), Gulivert (France), Donz (Armenia), Drakart (Germany), Deep Band (Turkey), Jean Vayat (Ukraine), Below Bangkok & Spring Reason (Coratia & Russia), Tony Schwery & Rami Kanjo (Lebanon), Sobhan (Australia/Iran), Waal (Morocco), Rosé Sunset (France) and last but certainly not least Papaleone (Germany).

Whether you’re in the mood for some Latino downtempo or dreamy & melodic deep house or electronica with an ethnic twist or pure playa house, Ready Mix Records’ got you covered with their ‘Ethnomusicoloy Experience’ Part-1 Compilation.



Daniel Dubb & Jonathan Rosa - Diamonds EP

Daniel Dubb & Jonathan Rosa – Diamonds EP (Get Physical Music)

Daniel Dubb & Jonathan Rosa are next up on Get Physical with a pair of expertly crafted tunes that showcase their real knack for melodic house music.
This duo has worked together before on labels like Kinetika Records and Snatch! Records and also have their own esteemed solo careers. Dubb is a house artist from Canada who runs the DV8 label and has won plenty of plaudits and Beatport Top 10 slots for his work on 8Bit, Saved and more. Rosa, meanwhile, is already linked with Get Physical as well as the likes of Suara, and is another Canadian with his own slick take on tech.
Brilliant opener ‘Diamonds’ is a real summer sizzler, with house grooves coloured bywarm chords and wild xylophone patterns that add lush harmonies. It’s quick and arresting and smart drum programming keeps you on your toes throughout the breezy trip.
The deeper and just as quality ‘Embers’ is for cosier dance floors. Rich melody patterns sparkle over mid-tempo drums that have real heart. It’s a colourful track that’s busy and brimming with musicality.
This coming together of two talented Canadians once again results in a vital new EP from Get Physical.



Third Attempt - Serve Chilled EP

Third Attempt – Serve Chilled EP (Beatservice Records)

Third Attempt is Torje Fagertun Spilde, a 20 year old artist and DJ originally from Asker, just outside of Oslo. Now established in Tromsø , Norway, he is one of the young forces in the rising new generation of electronic producers from the birthplace of the Northern Disco Groove.

Third Attempt has a distinct and uplifting flavor, firmly planted in the smoother areas of deep house. His influences range from jazz to ambient, trip hop to classic house. Third Attempt creates a fusion between pulsating electronic rhythms and his own field recordings to create atmospheric dreamscapes. His last Beatservice single, “Shoreline,” accumulated numerous accolades and tens of thousands of plays on various streaming platforms.

This latest single finds Third Attempt expanding his sound into soulful directions, applying the rhythmic punch and sleek electronics to a groovier vibe. “Serve Chilled” mixes a classic deep house sound with soaring monophonic synth melodies, floaty breakdowns, and a quick, emotive vocal. The combination builds elegantly to dance floor bliss. “Control” hugs with a warm, low bass line that anchors undulating pads, gently rising echoed arpeggiations, and a powerful sung vocal snippet. Unassuming at first, “Control” stealthily develops into a prime time nightclub contender before it hits midpoint.

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