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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_32_2019)

Written by on 06/08/2019

DJ Ino & MC Johnny Def – Feel (Be Adult Music)

The iberican duo “DJ Ino & MC Johnny Def strikes again with a new Ep on Be Adult Music. This time We have Norman Weber (Germany) *from Luna City Express remixing this beautiful song, making a super edit straight to the most delicate world dancefloors with a touch of Berlin sounds. Feel, is what it is. No regrets, no races, no tricks. Now enjoy this amazing EP ready to burn your mixes.



Anna Cavazos – Persephone (Deep Site Vinylized)

DSV release their next record by the talented Anna Cavazos. The Berlin based American has a string of previous work with Satoshi Tomeii, Eli Escobar and Sandy Rivera.
Classic Deep House music of the highest quality. A mix of atmospheric soundscapes, crisp beats and funky bass.
On this new EP she is joined on this EP by Pete Moss, Evren Furtuna & Dj Jauche who provide equally on point remix work. One of the most rounded EP’s this summer.

Artist Bio:

Anna Cavazos is a DJ, singer and record producer. Her discography is a collection of originals, collaborations and remixes ­– including work with world-renowned talents such as Satoshi Tomeii, Eli Escobar and Sandy Rivera. In her ten years of touring internationally, she has appeared at Cookies Berlin, Chalet Club, Pacha, Le Baron de Paris, Buddha Bar, Ritual Club, Room 26, Suicide Circus, Le Bain, Macarena Club, TBA Brooklyn, W Hotel Los Angeles, Soho House Berlin, Les Ottomans Istanbul and more.
She moved from NYC to Berlin in 2014, where she collaborated with local artists Max Joni and Alley O on songs that garnered the attention of Damian Lazarus, MK, and Jamie Jones. She has played with Tony Humphries at Cancun Club in Latina IT, played at Tech Open Air with Robot Koch, headlined at From Germany to LA Festival with Tensnake and DJ Koze, and closed out the legendary Cookies Club with M.A.N.D.Y.
Her music has been released on King Street Sounds, Madhouse Records, What Happens and Defected Records. Her forthcoming release is a vinyl project entitled ‘Persephone’ with remixes from DJ Jauche, Evren Furtuna, and Pete Moss.
She has appeared live on Dublab Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, and Berlin’s Reboot FM.

Artist Quote:

‘I’ve always been moved by songs that have a sultry sound. When I made this track, my vision was to create a song that encompassed the sounds of summer, but also had a hint of edge. Persephone is my interpretation of beauty with an edge.’



Toni Young – Going On EP (Oh So Coy Records)

Up and coming Spanish producer Toni Young (Seta) drops 2 fresh tracks for OSC.
Punchy grooves that evolve with hypnotic key movements to lure you further down the rabbit hoe. This ones for the late hours!

Mastered at OSC HQ

Exclusive Release date: 23/08/2019 (Traxsource)

Global Release date: 06/09/2019



Enoo Napa – Behind These Walls EP (Sunclock Records)

“BEHIND THESE WALLS EP” is the title of the new package signed Enoo Napa. He no longer needs any presentation but his package contains 3 devastating afro house tracks.
‘Behind These Walls’ has a long evocative intro featuring percussion with a unique touch, building a very special atmosphere. In the first half of the track the percussion becomes incisive and pounding, bringing the rhythm to a higher level. Instead, in the second half a clever electronic synth strengthens the whole structure until you get a break and an almost frightening restart for mastery of conception and effectiveness.
‘The Drummer’ has a more rubbery groove that will glue the dancefloor. The percussions are very pressing, very particular is the snare drum melody that structures the whole track. The synth that with arrogance takes over is the glue to a series of magical evolutions composed of strings and choirs, all building an ancestral atmosphere to say the least epic.
‘February’ has an African groove with a very excited rhythm. The electronic synths that characterize this track look like rotating blades that will lay down all the most challenging dancefloors. From the second half it’s all a crescendo of synths and rhythm releasing a crazy energy.
This package is literally a dangerous bomb. You can choose with your eyes closed between the 3 tracks … the result will be devastating in any case!

Traxsource Release: 5th September 2019
Worldwide Release: 19 September 2019



VA – Unreleased Remixes Vol.1 (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
August 16th 2019 (Beatport Exclusive)
August 30th 2019 (Worldwide)

Ready Mix Records proudly present the Unreleased Remixes Vol.1; the first of many compilations showcasing previously unreleased remixes from across our catalogue.
Many great remixes never get to see the light of day in the hectic life of a label. Deadlines get missed, artists get inspired to make a new version long after the original package has been issued, and talented fans take it upon themselves to sample and re-imagine tracks without our involvement. When the resulting music is great, it always presents a label manager with a problem: what shall we do with it?
The answer of course is: RELEASE IT!
Welcome to our first collection of previously unheard mixes, gathered together here, for a moment in the sun.
Opening the package, Anatolian Sessions delivers an ultra deep rework of Haris Kate’s track ‘Dion’, a track that never had a full release- instead featured in one of our Various Artist compilations.
Unheard for the same reason as track one, Lev Tatarov’s rework of Human Society’s ‘Colva’ is powerful and brooding; brim-full of meditative atmospheres.
Jean Vayat requested the parts for Gulivert’s track ‘Atlantis’ a few months after its release. It’s clear from Jean’s lucid and free-flowing rework and accompanying deep dub that inspiration was with him from the moment he heard it.
Kiano & Below Bangkok’s Remix of Groove2Groove’s ‘After Life’ is vibey and energetic.
Finally, COYA Dubai resident DJ Alex Twin initially created his remix of Jalil B’s huge track ‘Id Ameggaz’ from a Soundcloud rip. We heard it, loved it and sent him the stems so he could put together a proper remix of the track.



Kiven Yantra – Deep In The Now EP (Sound Vessel Records)

From the elegant city of Vienna comes Kiven Yantra. His Ep is really a deep spacey one, almost like a sound track for an Science Fiction movie. It’s little bit more on the Techno side with its old-school acid baselines, which gives a little flash back to the people who grew up in the 90’s.



Ossaim – Trickster EP (Get Physical Music)

Ossaim has a background in both tech and music production, and a passion for urban music and timeless 90s house, mixing all this up in his studio work. He’s been active for 20-plus years, always playing with synths and drum machines, but only debuted his first release in 2015. He previously appeared on the Cocada EPs on this label, and now showcases his latest across three fresh cuts.
Brilliant opener ‘Happi’ is a deep, moody number with thoughtful pads and deft little percussive hits that lock you in. Angelic vocals add to the smooth and seductive effect and mark this one out as a real gem.
Just as serene and tender is the lush ‘Trickster’ with its mid-tempo kicks and suspensory pads. Gentle piano chords are muted and filled with real heart that you can’t ignore.
Last of all is the superb ‘The Way Back’, which treads a line between deep house, dub and techno. Cosmic details drift by as reverberating hits ring out into space and well buried drums subtly hook you in.
This is a deep and delicious EP of warm house sounds from this truly promising Brazilian artist.



DJ T. – Nomads (Get Physical Music)

DJ T. continues to lead from the front on the label he founded, with a new two tracker that shows off yet another side to his rich sound.
DJ T. was last on the label in November 2018, and earlier this year put out a big EP on Play It Say It. He is a venerated veteran who has done everything from open clubs to edit magazines and release wide ranging full lengths. His finger remains firmly on the pulse of the freshest underground sounds however, as this creative new release shows once more.
The fantastic ‘Nomads’ is a tense, creeping track with ever-building synth vamps and a beguiling lead line that almost sounds like a didgeridoo. Vocal chants are layered in to give the whole thing a tribal feel and ensure that once it drops after the epic breakdown, hands will go skyward and dance floors will erupt.
A second and equally superb Deep in the Wilderness version is an eight-minute musical adventure that takes us deep into a jungle of ambient sounds, suggestive synth rhythms and fluttering flute lines. It’s organic and experimental and sure to make for some brilliantly epic moments on the world’s best terraces this summer.
These are two very different but equally effective tracks from the masterful DJ T.



Altered Feast – You Still Here EP (Feast Records)

Altered Feast drop their You Still Here EP. Shuffled House grooves with a musical edge. Backing them up we have Arie Mando with a remix of the title track.
Both originals and remix walk the same path of catchy and clever keys work, nicely syncopated to get you ass moving.

Release Date: 12th August



Superchip – Take Me EP (Cue Records)

The Duo Alejandro Neyra & Gustav Adolf who are based in Honduras, aroused the scene’s interest with their single “Machine” which was played on all festivals last year. All their productions are latin infected, very fresh flavoured and fitting perfectly to CUE’s intention to release “Driving Electronic Music”. “Take Me”, “Subterranea” and “Awebo” are the 3 Tracks on this single release which reflect exactly this characterisation and will find their way into every playlist of this summer.



Chris Wayfarer – Dialogue EP (Colour In Music Records)

Chris Wayfarer is back on Colour In Music with a fresh EP including two remixes by Push 92 and MnD.
Carried by latin flavoured piano chords, a deep bassline and percussive vocal chops, ‘Elba’ is a moody yet vibrant groover with a solid house beat.
Push 92’s remix is also built around the piano chord, however its mangled, reversed and contrasted with a wide pad, nervously fluttering synths and a drum sequence with lots of percussive quirks.
‘Dialogue’ is Chris Wayfarers nod to the dub side of house we’ve come to expect from Colour In Music. The simple drum groove leaves enough room for light rhodes licks, a plethora of floating synth sequences and brass chords to liven up the track.
MnD takes the bare essence of ‘Dialogue’ and gives it a super minimalistic spin – think hovering string pads, shuffling drum patterns and sparcely scattered stabs – creating a stripped uptempo dub workout.

Artwork: El Ciganito
Videos: Enzo Avanzato
Content Writer: Samuel Fedy
Masterings by Pristine Creations Studios



VA – Selected Ibiza 2019 (Selectro Records)

As the summer days go by faster and faster leaving behind nothing but colorful memories of never ending nights, the ‘Selectro’ family has brought to light its first ‘Selected Ibiza 2019 ‘ compilation. Gathering the talent and hard work of ‘Selectro’ artists such as DJ Marika, Al-Fernandez, Rone White & Alessandro Diuggiero, Niko (Italy), Vito Pignatelli, Ketami, Freddy Wildblood, Cody (RO), Lexx Groove, Felipe Michelin and the rest of the gang, this years journey takes you to the unseen beauties that lie beyond the horizon. Carefully selected to capture the whole flavor of the ‘Selectro’ sound, these 17 tracks are perfect for the job of starting your night and ending your morning.

Release date: 19th of August 2019 (Beatport 2 weeks exclusive)


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