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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_33_2020)

Written by on 18/08/2020

VA – Tales of Romance I (TOR Records)

Release Date: Friday 21 August 2020
Format: Digital

01. Saultloom Feat. Chemistry Loops – Undertow
02. Adisyn, Nhii – Sending Light
03. VieL – It’s You
04. Wassu – Escape
05. Magent – Dark Room
06. Maaruo – Vivaces

When We dips new label TOR is sister imprint to the brands already established XYZ label, and the guys are proud to present its mixed artist EP series “Tales of Romance”.

Paying homage to When We Dip’s sister brand Dancefloor Romancer, Tales of Romance fully embodies TOR’s sound and creative direction.

Tales of Romance unveils what will be the pillars of the imprint in the years to come by signing tracks from new artists who the label plans to support and nurture along their creative journey from grass roots to the stars.

The artists who feature on this first instalment are Saultloom, VieL, Wassu, Magent, Maaruo plus a collaboration between Adisyn and Nhii. Each of these unique artists has their own story that will be explored in detail with solo releases, but already some of them have individually achieved releases on other labels such as Kindisch, Akbal, Tale & Tone, Anjunadeep and others.

Blending exquisite melodies with atmospheric moods and ethereal textures, this melodic release of deep house is a sensual experience for mind body and soul.


Valdovinos – Quite Like You EP (Words Not Enough Records)

For the label’s debut release, we received a brilliant artist from Argentina who we admire a lot: Valdovinos. Quite Like You EP is composed by two original tracks that transmit peace and put the world in balance, in its natural form, even for a few minutes.

“Rocket Love” comes out spreading love. The percussive elements, the subtle piano line, the angelic synthesizers… everything seems to fit together like a puzzle made by a cupid. In the title track, Valdovinos has the beautiful vocals from Juan Mario, who adds an emotional charge using few words, more than enough to phrase all his feelings.



Mick Wilson & August Artier – Haru EP Kisetsu Series (RAWAX Records)

Release Date:
7th August 2020

Track listing
1: One
2: Two
3: Three
4: Four

Mick Wilson & August Artier, unveil their first release on RAWAX Digital – Haru EP, the first in a series of four releases that make up the Kisetsu Series. This four track EP is a sonic exploration into deeper electronic sounds with a subtle nod to popular Japanese culture.

The Kisetsu Series brings a delicate musical balance spread over the course of the four releases, the E.Ps Haru, Natsu, Aki and Fuyu each reflect a seasonal feeling which defines each E.P. Exploring the true sonic and analog nature of music that can be heard bordering between Dub techno, Acid and House, descending into a deeper theme. All of which is reflected in this, the first release, the Haru E.P.

The Haru E.P. features four tracks ranging from deep bass driven chord punctuated groovers, tightly knitted percussive grooves playing with dreamy synth progressions to the subtle murmurings of the classic TB-303.

Each track throughout the series follows a numbering format that doesn’t dictate a running order, a simple marker as to the flowing nature of the music that reveals the greater musical composition as a whole within the defined numerical movements.



Dave Martins – Red Sky EP (Microdrive Records)

Microdrive is happy to introduce Dave Martins and Walter Albini for this new release.
Two great producer coming from Switzerland delivering a nice Ep dedicated to minimalist and powerful groove surrounded by refreshing riffs and melodies.



Dromme – Phunk Gathering EP (Default Machine Records)

During Mexico’s lockdown, Dromme found some inspiration being indoors and here he shares with us some of those pandemic vibes. 3 house tracks that can work well on main stages and afterhours parties focused on heavy basslines and trippy tops, mixed with some sampled vocals from who knows where. The Guadalajara-Berlin connection is working fine to get this machine going.



Hillary Sargeant – Who I Am (Back To Blackness) (Rammit Records)

Rammit Records presents Hillary Sargeant with an anthemic release made for the times.
‘Who I Am (Back To Blackness)’ is re-invented in the lab by 83 West.

‘Who I Am is a summon to black people from all walks of life, with a special appeal to the heart and soul of the black woman. It asks a timeless question that continues to tug at the psyche of People Of Colour: “Who I Am?” and answers back with the self-assured declaration, “I am black and I am loving it!”

Deep, soulful house, made for all people around that feel the sting of oppression!

Hillary Sargeant:
IG: @hillarysfanga
Twitter: @hsfanga

Rammit Records:
IG: @rammitrecords
TW: @RammitRecords


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