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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_36_2019)

Written by on 03/09/2019

M.A. – Jetson EP (Microdrive Records)

M.A. is back on MIcrodrive after his successful first EP presenting three new original tracks. This new talented producer from Switzerland delivers yet another great musical journey. Specially crafted deep and funky minimal grooves always surrounded by great hypnotic harmonies. A must have.



VA – Flavouritism Vol. 3 (Oh So Coy Records)

The popular Flavouritism sampler series is back with the 3rd instalment featuring tracks from Minicab Vice Squad, Toby Kelly, Tony S, Rhodeis, B-liv and Matthieu B. All tracks have that something special and should work across a variety of house floors.

Mastered at OSC Headquarters.

Exclusive Release date: 13/09/2019 (Traxsource)

Global Release date: 27/09/2019



Gurhan – Miss You EP (Be Adult Music)

Be Adult Music warmly welcomes renowned Turkish producer Gurhan for his second Be Adult Music EP “Miss You”. 2 elegant deep house tracks where Gurhan conjures cinematic soundscapes with melancholic sounds to send us to another dimension, this is what we call pure deep house music.



Modern House Quintet – Ronde Bleue à La Grecque (Modern House Quintet Records)

Release Date – 1st of October 2019

This record is the eleventh one (nine produced under Modern House Quintet, two produced under the Cyclades moniker). The artwork is little bit different this time, maybe prettier in a way. Photos were kindly provided by Tranzistoraki (from Chora, Amorgos), one of the loveliest place to eat in the Greek Cyclades. About the music, the A side song will probably please the vibraphone’s heads, where as the B1 track has a more “deep and low-fi” atmosphere. The B2 one was meant to be more ethereal and soothing with its delicate pads and arpeggio.
Modern House Quintet is also a sub-label, named Cyclades, on which a new release is scheduled for december.

Artist Bio: Modern House Quintet is a live electronic duo who produce House and Techno music. What started out as a live show of unreleased productions ended up in 2015 in a series of 12″, released on both their self-imprint (Modern House Quintet and Cyclades). They solely perform live, playing and improvising with hardware equipment only (sequencer, sampler, synthesizers, drum machines, pedal effects). Therefore, each show is unique and see them compounding their own music – novel and pre-existing songs – through cables and electronic instruments.

Release Track list:
Modern House Quintet “Ronde bleue à la Grecque” (MHQ 009)
1. Pastel (09’35)
2. Nikouria (08’55)
3. Turquoise (08’30)

Social Links:

Presale link:

Soundcloud Clips URL:



Erefaan Pearce feat Anthony Oseyemi – Ripples (Eyedyllic Music)

Release: 11th October 2019

Coming next on Ibiza & NYC-based Eyedyllic Music, is a special single from Cape Town, South African producer, Erefaan Pearce. Ripples is the first single from his forthcoming full-length album, The Late Nite Cancerian. With this song, the artist attempts to capture the subtleties of the deep connections we make with people.
He laments, that “this record is about Love – the sublime connection between two people.” Written alongside vocalist Anthony Oseyemi, the song explores the nuance, idealism and feelings of those first sparks between people.
Veteran U.S. house producer Demarkus Lewis steps up for remix duties, his version explores more complex tones and sounds palette to the original, and is geared straight for the club atmosphere. Rhythmically tight and texturally complex, where the original vocal mix is harmonic and light.
Rounding out the record, Erefaan’s own ‘Cape Flats’ mix (as well as a dub version) takes an alternate direction from the album’s Vocal Mix, veering on a dark, almost progressive tip — it’s truly different to the others on the record — but keeps the strong emotional integrity of the original record, front and center. After all, love is a complex emotion, different for everyone, and it comes in a variety of flavors — much like this record.
Ripples will be out on Eyedyllic in October, in advance of his full-length on the label, which will hit stores in November.

Artist quote: “The song (Ripples) was written with the intent to capture that initial response some of us have when we make the sublime connection to another person.
It was a personal interpretation of that moment a moment that I still remember clearly because it was unrequited. However I kept seeking out that connection even though it wasn’t necessarily a healthy situation.
It was written with close friend Anthony Oseyemi and was something I knew he would vibe with, based on our conversations. I had an initial skeleton track with basic lyrics and melody. Together we brought the whole thing together in about two hours.
It was really organic in every way imaginable for me. We are both really excited about getting this track out there to see if it makes the right connections with people lyrically.
It’s about love, after all, and appreciate that its finally going to see a global release on eyedyllic. Also wondering if it’s co-incidence since the theme is idealism, and well y’all can make the next connection (eyedyllic).”



Mood Dusty – Channel Zero EP (Things We Make Records)

We are proud to introduce Mood Dusty aka Jonas Koketso Mswazi hailing from Pretoria SA. He is part of the new vanguard of local artists shaping the future sounds in South Africa. We hope his sound grabs you the same way it did us.

Exclusive Release date: 20/09/2019 (Traxsource)

Global Release date: 04/10/2019



Nick Neiman – Particle EP (Colour In Music Records)

With Nick Neiman’s Particle EP, portuguese Colour In Music imprint goes into progressive house territory.
The title track ‘Particle’ gives a dark twist to the dubby aesthetics we’ve come to expect from Colour In Music. While the 4 to the floor beat is kept simple with a kick, a clap, an open hihat and scarce rimshots, the sound carpet that unfolds around it is brimming with industrial synth patterns and meticulous buildups that just make this track a sure shot for dark (ware-)house parties.
Colour In Music regular Luis Bravo takes the main synth pad from ‘Particle’ and builds a clever shuffling house groove around it to create a moody head bumpin remix.
‘Place’ is the second original on the EP and its another fine display of Nick Neiman’s minimalistic, early progressive house approach. The beat is simple yet again, leaving enough room for the lush synth melody that bows to the likes of Booka Shade.
Marcus Raute, another Colour In Music favourite, takes on the classy ‘Place’ and gives it an unexpected yet super effective makeover, with a killer bassline and tribal house drums for days.
The EP is closed with ‘Deep Learning’, the third original by Nick Neiman. The track has a more laidback feel to it, merging a deep sawtooth bassline with eerie pads, synthetic bells and a light hearted chord melody in the second half.

Artwork: El Ciganito
Videos: Enzo Avanzato
Content Writer: Samuel Fedy
Masterings by Pristine Creations Studios



Urumusicart – End Of Freedom Part. II (Shamkara Records)

Part II of ‘End of freedom’ by Urumusicart culminates the series dedicated to freedom from the more personal thinking of the duo. It is accompanied by the remixes of Italian artists Riccardo Lippi, Van Der Kirche & Mitch B, and Madrid artist Ainu Loa.
‘End of Freedom’ transports you beyond your thoughts. Different music for different moments.



VA – Diversions I (When We Dip XYZ Records)

Release Date: Friday 20 September 2019
Format: Digital

XYZ is a label set up by the team behind the When We Dip blog, and its sound focuses towards melodic grooves and ambient moods, where intricate melodies meet club friendly percussion.
First in a series called “Diversions” this release features a selection of previously unreleased including remixes by Fake Mood and Esteble plus others who have reworked originals from the likes of Mark Alow and Budakid.
The labels new Diversions series will explore the diverse techniques and influences that manifest during the remix process. Each release will present fresh takes on the imprints original productions by both XYZ stalwarts and newcomers alike, and gives a chance to connect artists from across the musical spectrum in the pursuit of unique and unexpected tracks.
Individually some of the artists who feature on the release have worked with other labels including Earthly Delights, Sol Selectas, Get Physical, Bar 25 Music, Exploited plus All Day I Dream, and the others are emerging talents already making steps towards a bright future.
Blending sensual sounds and ethereal textures, this exquisite release of deep and melodic house has spiritual undertones perfect for moving mind, body and soul.


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