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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_39_2020)

Written by on 30/09/2020

Harlem Knights – Soul Key (Haute Musique)

Release Date:
October 12th 2020 (Traxsource Exclusive)
October 26th 2020 (Worldwide)

HM are excited to welcome back Harlem Knights to the label with their single ‘Soul Key’.

In its Original form, Soul Key is a deep house cut gliding over a chunky bassline, accentuated piano riffs, a tight groove and their signature production sound.

On remix duties, we’re happy to welcome back Matt Prehn, Loz Goddard and Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle who delivers amazing reworks.



Demarkus Lewis – I Just Wanna Vibe (Viva Recordings)

With a multi-page discography of releases dating back over 15 years, Demarkus Lewis is one of the hardest working men in house music, regularly adding to his diverse string of underground floor fillers. Mastering many house styles, Demarkus has released tech-house bombs on Nervous Records, soulful nuggets on Kingstreet Soundz, hypnotizing afro-rhythms on Slip n Slide, and everything in-between on his own Grin Music imprint. Demarkus now returns to his home-away-from-home Viva Recordings for the fantastic single “I Just Wanna Vibe.”

The track launches with Demarkus’s patented tough, swinging beats followed by a bouncy techno bass line. House chords and stereo-swirling vocal stabs quickly enter the sonic space. An interplay of pads and the spoken-sung words — “I just wanna vibe!” — inject additional electricity into the track. And then, as a bonus, Demarkus pares down the arrangement a notch for a gritty dub version. Late nights look out – these cuts are pure vibe, indeed.



Kaan Elitok – Breeze (Sound Vessel Records)

Returning back, Kaan Elitok keeps his deep tone but with an Dub touch to his new release. Processing Vessel blends a little acid and deepness to the original, while Nazmuk goes Electro on it. The final touch is by SpecDub with a journey of 14 minutes of pure Dub Deepness.



LIIFE & Kem Otto – Suku EP (Ugenius Music)

Does the environment influence your production decisions?

Upon a trip to Bali, LIIFE & Kem become acquainted and shared a common bond in Music. Although not really intentionally, NYEPI & SUKU are subtly influenced by the environment at that time. They sound emotional, slightly spiritual with an organic sound.

The first track Suku is called after the Day of Silence in Bali. On this day, for 24 hours, everything shuts down. No lights, no electricity, no TV or Internet. Everybody has to stay at home, in darkness to meditate and self-reflect, an amazing experience. In the background of the track you can hear a field recording of the quietness during Nyepi. The day after, you feel rejuvenated, full of energy with a recalibrated life compass. You turn to things that actually matter. And music matters!

The second track is called after the demonic creatures that come after Nyepi – the Ogoh Ogoh. These monstrous demons are built by the locals and carried through the streets in the form of a loudly celebrated parade to fight off the bad spirits, another amazing experience and a stark contrast to the introspective day of silence.



Klustone – Infrared EP (Berlin Bass Collective)

Release Date – 26/10


1 – Klustone – Infrared
2 – Klustone – Sweetheart
3 – Klustone – Twelve Measures

The latest record from BBC is a trio of tracks that are serene as they are deep. Crystalline synth work and achingly beautiful pads set a tone for this record which makes it as good at home as it is in the club.

Infrared is a cut that feels right in the middle between Burials emotional blurr and something more defined.

Sweetheart pushes the boundaries of what a House track is, edging away from what is easily perceptible and into a warm un-reality that just draws you in.

Closing the record Twelve Measures feels like the early experimentations with tape and electronics brought bang up to date and with no little punch. Together this record offers something new, in a space where it is certainly needed.



Chronophone – Meditation House EP (Hoffmannstrasse Records)

Chronophone returns to Hoffmannstrasse Records with “Meditation House EP”.
Composed of 4 tracks running through the deepest sounds of electronic music, the EP oscillates between Micro House, Abstract Minimal and Deephouse.
Chronophone takes us to the depths with its shamanic and hypnotic landscapes, its groovy basses and its ethnic percussions. A passage between reality and fantasy.

Check and don’t miss.



Boris B – Journey (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Guatemalan producer Boris B takes us on a trip with his first label outing – Journey.
Percussive undertones pave the the way for wavy chords, tripped arps and emotive vocal hits. Definitely a heady summer vibe on this one.

Remixwise we welcome back father & son duo The Stoned who strip things back turning in a chunky floor worker that keeps the original essence intact and closing the pack off in fine style – DuBeats – no stranger to the label, adds his inimitable flair bringing more drama and keys to the mix.



Leo Janeiro & Ossaim – Lonely People EP (Cocada Music)

Leo Janeiro and Ossaim are back in Cocada’s catalog, this time delivering a collaborative EP, Lonely People, with two original tracks. In March, they had already joined forces to remix Quintana, a track produced by Stanccione that also received a remix by Jimpster. Now they were able to create something uniquely their own, with individual characteristics of each of them.

Here we have two Brazilians really inspired by the blue sky of the wonderful city. Ossaim, despite the few studio works, is an excellent artist who likes to bring urban beats and old school House Music elements to his work. Leo Janeiro is an omnipresent being, he collaborates with the scene in the most different ways, but always finds space to build some harmonic arrangements that are delicious to hear, it is first-class House that is clearly demonstrated in this EP.

The title track carries the essence of House Music with a simple and captivating piano line followed by claps. Some synthesizers create a slightly spatial vibe that will soon be joined by vocals that repeat endlessly, but you just want to hear them more and more. “Unknown Jazz” is pure class, like a play with actors in perfect harmony… the elements dance, talk and embrace as they were all one.

Applause and more applause for this excellent work. 128k

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