Deepinradio New Treats (Week_40_2020)

Written by on 06/10/2020

Lisandro – Serenade EP (TOR Music)

Release Date: Friday 9 October 2020
Format: Digital

01. Void (Feat. Nauel)
02. Finally (Feat. Nauel)
03. Serenade

When We Dip’s new label TOR is sister imprint to the brand’s already established XYZ label, and its latest offering of melodic mastery comes from South American artist Lisandro.

With releases on Lost Desert’s Souksonic and Pablo Bolivar’s Seven Villas, Lisandro has the attention of some of the scene’s longest serving tastemakers. He has a distinct knack for rich soundscapes and soaring melodies.

For Lisandro’s debut on TOR, the label are proud to present his Void EP. On the A-side, he connects with vocalist Nauel for a steady groove that intermingles with the exquisite lyrical tones. Sumptuous character from the soothing synth melody sets a strong foundation for the release, which is a versatile tool for both clubs and home listening.

Nauel also contributes his vocal wizardry to “Finally”, with a soft and elongated prose. A driving bassline ebbs and flows to create genuine moments throughout the arrangement, letting Nauel’s voice take control before the percussion takes hold once more.

Closing out the trio, we have the vivacious “Serenade”. Percussion connects with wind instruments, centred around a progressive kick that keeps energy moving throughout the track. Fluttering melodies and timeless sounds shape a stellar tune, perhaps the pick of the bunch.



Vova Gridin – Devil’s Breath EP (Compulsive Movement Records)

Vova Gridin is back on Compulsive Movement Records. Devil’s Breath is a deep and energetic track that will get you moving for sure. The catchy vocals, melody and drive will make sure you will keep the track in your head for long. Buben provided two remixes of this track. First is a Deep House Remix that introduces a new percussive drive to the original and takes it even deeper. His second remix is a Techno remix, which gives en energetic drive and pump.






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