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Fish Go Deep – A Little Higher EP (Be Adult Music)

Be Adult Music Present a new EP called A little Higher produced by renowned artist Fish Go Deep. The EP contains to 2 original Deep House tracks that will enrich any music set as well as providing a whole new experience for the casual listener. Enjoy.



Change Request feat Lailah Reichv – Shatter Proof (Fresh Meat Records)

Release date: November, 29 2019

After a short hiatus, Fresh Meat is back with a sublime maxi single by Chicago artists Change Request and Lailah Reich.
Change Request aka Andrew Emil is one of Chicago house music’s most staunch stalwarts. A concert-trained percussionist since age 11, Emil earned a chair in his native Kansas City Symphony, but eventually moved to Chicago in the late nineties, beginning a thriving relationship with Chicago’s evolving house aesthetic.

Emil has released music on many coveted labels including TRAX, OM Records, four play music, Farris Wheel, Gallery Music Group, Look At You, Alphabet, Kompute, Roam Recordings, Industry Recordings, Classic, Panhandle, Seasons Recordings, Great Lakes Audio, and Steve “Silk” Hurley’s prestigious S&S Records.

Lailah Reich is a prominent fixture of the Chicago hip-hop, house, and future R&B scenes. On Shatter Proof she intimately delivers a warm nuanced performance, reminiscent of Erykah Badu and Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon. Her phrasing blends perfectly with Emil’s distant piano, drunken bass, and crunchy drum programming.

This release features uptempo mixes from Chicago deep house icon Anthony Nicholson. Nicholson is a Chicago veteran with impeccable credentials, releasing sought after music on Prescription, Clairaudience, Nite Grooves, Peacefrog Records, Track Mode and a whole host of other music outfits that would make any ordinary house musician green with envy.

On Shatter Proof, Nicholson delivers a late-night cosmic dance ritual that extends the noir and atmospheric vibe of the original. He somehow keeps the essential parts of the song intact while rewriting the groove with his own signature sound. Pure gold!

A bonus instrumental of the original is available to those who purchase the entire maxi.

Title: Shatter Proof Track list:
1. Shatter Proof (Anthony Nicholson Expanded Club Mix)
2. Shatter Proof
3. Shatter Proof (Anthony Nicholson Instrumix)
Bonus: Shatter Proof (Instrumental)

Written by Neal Andrew Emil Gustafson, Adam Pickrell, and Lailah Reich. Vocals performed by Lailah Reich. Remixed by Anthony Nicholson aka Miquifaye Mastering. Produced by Change Request. Published by FOUR FOUR BEAT (ASCAP).



Dj Payroll – Ebb & Flow EP (Good House Keeping Records)

Release Track list:
1. Dj Payroll – Hold Me (Heavenly Mix)
2. Dj Payroll – Consciences (Super Ego Mix)
3. Dj Payroll – Akna (Mother Earth Mix)

Dj Payrolls Ebb & Flow EP opens with the track “Hold Me”. A love song that intentionally veers away from the conventional trappings of such a track, allowing Dj Payroll to make the chords and melody drive the emotion of the track. Clever use of the horn sections give the track that unexpected spiritual uplift to reinforce the passionate vibe he is laying down.

The second track “Consciences” delivers a dam fine, funky driving baseline – of a caliber that would bring the most cautious of raver to the dance floor. The melodics give the track a delicate undertone, counterbalanced by the funky bass. Permeating through the groove of the track Dj Payroll laces it with lo-fi elements giving the track more depth and dynamics.

Closing out the EP, we have Akna (which means mother earth in the Mayan language). This is a track paying homage to the indigenous Mayan culture of Central America where DJ Payrolls originates from and is the culture that he was raised in. The wood flute, congas and baseline help pull out that tribal ritualistic sound. The vocals showcase the producers prowess and really make the track shine.

*Artist Bio: *

Marco Miro, AKA DJ Payroll, a native New Yorker is a Producer, Remixer, DJ and founder of Good House Keeping Records. He’s musical productions are heavily influenced by the “Golden Era” of dance music, which he was exposed to by frequenting legendary clubs like the Tunnel, Limelight, Sound Factory, Palladium, and The Red Zone.

Marco’s sound is very distinct with driving sub base, savory Afro Latin precision, seductive horns and simple but yet effective synths. Many have called his sound raw with a just right amount of fairy dust to create magic. Most recently many have been tossing around the term “Ghetto Fabulous” to describe his sound due to the unconventional musical arrangements that on paper one would think could never work. Then you hear it and are taken back by the clever and witty arrangement that gets your head nodding and body moving.

Artist Quote:

The Ebb & Flow EP was formulate by our labels missions statement “To fabricate and dispense quality house music with a distinct danceable esthetic that fosters unity, inspiration, optimism and social consciousness”. In today’s political and racially divided setting I thought it was important to put out music that would invoke conversations about these topics.

Social Links:

Upcoming Gigs & Radio Podcasts:
Soul Sonic Sessions Podcast Every Thursdays 9pm EST on and uploaded the same night to and

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VA – Versus (Microdrive Records)

Microdrive is presenting a new series of releases call ‘Versus’. Every few months we will try to bring up a new episode of this serie.
Specially dedicate to some various artist collaboration tracks from all the producer of the label. Enjoy this new ride into the Microdrive sound.



Sondrio & Jason Hodges – One Two EP (Refuge Recordings)

With a string of successful releases by Sondrio & Jason Hodges across Refuge, Romantics, Clipp Art, Classic & Industry Standard respectively. We link up the two house heads together as they collab on their One Two EP with some straight OG house joints! The One Two EP is the perfect blend of Sondrio’s warm, smooth and organic style paired with the staple Jason Hodges sound. Both tracks will slide perfectly into those club sets that need them records to stabilise the groove on the dancefloor. Infectious production across two amazing records, don’t sleep on these records. Remixes to come but for now, we leave you with that One Two collab.



ANAID – With Love EP (Dul Recordings)

Sometimes life can make you feel down with a myriad of problems and issues, but you must not focus on the negative aspects. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it’s nice to have people that have such a positive vibe and see the world through different eyes to help you.

We still remember the first time we contacted Anaid. We’d listened to some of her music and sets and we were eager to contact her, so we did. Afterwards, she got in touch with us and we could just feel a lot of positivity and great vibes. It was like talking to a friend whom you hadn’t seen in a while but still remembered fondly. After some talking, she sent us a guest mix for our podcast (one of the best episodes we’ve had) and also some tracks to release. Now it’s time to reveal the EP titled With Love.

We kick things off with the title track. A soothing ambience pad and a low bass drum welcome you and make you dance slowly while you enjoy the nice mood and lovely groove. The track evolves little by little, mesmerizing you and preparing you for the climax of the track.

Soulmate is sonically similar, yet its motif is different. Micro percussions, an open hat which makes you feel the swing before some lovely synths fading in and out and a vocal sample describing feelings of love and desire. A great middle act. Last but not least, See You Next Time feels like the perfect good-bye, with all the great elements of the previous tracks but a unique identity that emerges from its many intricate details and sounds. A nice way to say see you soon.

Released November 25



VA – Part 2 (CELO Records)

For CELO Rec’s very first Various Artists compilation, the label has carefully selected 14 quality tracks divided in two parts. This Second part reunites very talented artists and friends from the minimal house scene. This release contains a large palette of subtle and unique sounds sustained by groovy rhythms.

Release date: 25/11/19
Exclusive date: Beatport 2 weeks – 11/11/19



Atdhe – Night Cruisers EP (Citizens Of Vibe Records)

Release date: Dec 2nd 2019 exc to traxsource all other stores 9th Dec 2019

Atdhe is one half of DJ Ronald Reagan, Atdhe himself focusing on the deeper side of sounds found from his journeys around the globe.
Night Cruisers is an eclectic collection of low slung groovers, as comfortable with jazzy keys as it is with afro / world percussion and a more laid back energy.
Opening the EP – “Nsanity Beach” a rhythmic workout with a exotic edge. Danceable beats with jazz keys that elevate it from the normal tracks you hear.
“Devon Incognito” continues the same kind of moody tones, but a subtle vintage edge – its hard to put your finger on quite where in time or space this one comes from.
The EP continues with “Follow Me”, a track which flips the script and ups the energy. Unreal vocal work and complex yet melodic synthwork pull you to your feet.
Closing the EP we have “Night Cruise” – this one is all about the bassline, hypnotic groove and losing yourself in the eternity that is a Citizens of Vice dance-floor.

Label Bio
Citizens Of Vice is a multi faceted musical collective. Producers, dj’s, events and of course a record label. Releasing, making and spinning Balearic, Disco and House for those of a sleazy inclination.

Artist Bio
A split personality DJ, Atdhe curates his own take of worldly grooves and party thumpers via his own dynamic productions from his DJ Ronald Reagan and Atdhe projects, to sounds he’s dug from around the globe. He leaves behind a trail of releases on labels such as Monologues, Poetry in Motion and Scuffed Recs (DJ Ronald Reagan). His sounds are often provided through his Stepping Out parties, which are a no-holds-barred ode to the music that is often lost in dusty piles of tapes, records, and digital tracks from Kenya to


Inspiration behind EP and press info. The tracks are deeply slung ode to an eclectic music collection, with jazzy keys, worldly percussions and soulful city pop all gelled in a laid back deep house setting. The EP has been put together across the rooftops and lounges of Hanoi’s cafes, surrounded by the juxtaposition of slow paced living in a bustling city.

Atdhe Socials

COV Socials



Hasoon – Shima EP (Default Machine Records)

With an extremely interesting sound here the new Hasoon’s ‘Shima EP’. Dropping two original tracks that goes further of house or techno, Hasoon show to have a very unique taste in making music. You’ll hear a lot of details in his music, organic sounds going along with the electronic drums making a very special groove for the dance-floor. That deep and emotional trip is not complete without Sasse remix – going deeper and showing great skills in reinterpretation of Hasoon’s original track will make you enjoy every little detail on the groove. Another EP full of awesome vibes from these two excellent producers and we know, you will enjoy it as much as our latest releases. The machine keeps running on.



VA – DPL 100 (Deeplomatic Records)

Deeplomatic proudly presents DPL 100: Deeplomatic is 100 releases old! To celebrate this landmark occasion, the label has prepared a very special 100th release. DPL100 is comprised of 20 tracks from the label’s best known producers and recent signings like: Ninetoes, Robert Babicz, Joeski, La Fleur, Einmusik, Gorge, Phonique, Mihai Popoviciu, Terrence Parker, Just Her, Norman Weber, Rick Wade, Funk D’Void, Agent!, Paul Johnson, Chris Carrier, Gene Hunt, Jesse Saunders, Moodymanc and Alex Ferrer.

This is a celebration of the work and commitment over the years of the label’s founders and veterans, but also of its new and recent recruits.

Press Contact: [email protected]


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