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Deepinradio New Treats (Week_44_2018)

Written by on 30/10/2018

Demarkus Lewis – Anything, Anymore (Viva Recordings)

Texas Native Demarkus Lewis is back for his third round on Viva Recordings with Anything, Anymore. Fusing his own vocals and all original production, Demarkus delivers an deep and driving title track swirling with emotion. Static vibrato strings, meandering keys and sub bass frequencies set make this a standout for latenight sets. ”Know Your Angles”
steps things up a notch and balances the project out with a jackin’ workout for peak hours. Squelching filtered sounds, techy beats and a touch of acid round it out for dark clubs and warehouse parties alike. This one definitely covers all of the angles.

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VA – ADE 2018 Sampler (ReadyMix Records)

Release Date:
October 31st 2018 (Worldwide)

Celebrating Europe’s biggest and best dance music festival and conference, Ready Mix Records closes out ADE 2018 with another fine sampler, perfectly encapsulating the label’s forward thinking, deeply rooted music policy.

Our ADE 2018 sampler opens with a smooth deep house cut ‘Plastic Dream’ by Dejan Mladenovic before getting a little more clubby and sunthy with Groove 2 Groove’s ‘After Life’.

Up next, Greek duo Haris Kate & 7even (GR) join forces with fellow countryman Grekos Tete for an expansive and spiritual workout ‘Dion’, then Turkish brothers Koray and Eray aka Kaan Koray offer up some eerie atmospheres with ‘Desert Sands’. Russian born American producer Ruso takes us on an atmospheric road trip through New England with his track ’93 To Boston’, before Moroccan artist Zakaria Toufali rounds out the collection in epic style with ‘Shivaya’; a track guaranteed to tweak your heartstrings.



Leo Janeiro & Hauy – Pure Bliss EP (Get Physical Music)

Get Physical’s international roster now turns to Brazil for a new single from key Latin American players Leo Janeiro and Hauy, while Japan’s Hiroshi Watanabe steps up with an excellent remix.
Leo Janeiro is considered one of the most important names in the Brazilian electronic scene, as well as dj’ing and producing he is a respected curator and A&R. Earlier in the year, Leo mixed Get Physical Presents: Cocada, a brand-new compilation put together in cooperation with the Brazil Music Conference. Toronto-based artist Hauy, who also played a fantastic set at Burning Man 2017, was one of the many producers who appeared on the compilation. Both artists are playing a vital role in evolving the Brazilian scene and helping to bring it to the world’s attention. Now they link once more to show why the likes of Joris Voorn and Lee Burridge have signed or supported their music before now.
Stylish opener ‘Pure Bliss’ is the sort of elegant melodic techno the label is known for. Broad pads stretch off to the horizon as keys bring cosmic vibes to the expansive drums. It’s an astral, spacious track to really zone out to.
The equally spine-tingling ‘Enigma’ is another voyage through the galaxies. The supple, subtle drums are perfectly stripped back and allow the gorgeous synths to dance about like the aura borealis in the absorbing atmosphere above. It’s dreamy techno that really carries emotional impact.
Tokyo-based Hiroshi Watanabe has been one of Japan’s leading electronic dance music artists over the last 20 years. He’s released on great labels like Transmat and brings that serene techno sound to this remix. It is nine minutes of dancing drums and hits, soaring synth pads and futuristic soul that leaves you in awe of the beauty of it.



Bridge Guy – Non Polar Compounds ft Jesse Bru (Berlin Bass Collective Records)

Berlins premiere Bass Collective continue their march into history with yet another TKO vinyl from regular contributor Bridge Guy. His 4 originals are joined by an absolute hammer of Deepness from Jesse Bru who steps up to remix Psilocybin.

Bridge Guy is exploring Deeper sounds in this EP and Isopropyl opens proceedings with a trip of clattering percussion and synthwork, all with a laid back slant. Deep enough for the heads but with a sound that just pulls you in.

The theme is somewhat continued in Lone Frenchman, but where the previous track takes a step to the left, The Lone Frenchman turns right and gets his rhythmic jam on. Tightening up the groove and laying the dancefloor to waste.

Psilocybin really pulls the bass and groove center stage, bouncey and warm and with a whole load of rhythm in the boot. This one is for the turning point right in the middle of the night where things start to get a little more freaky.

Cheese on Toast, drops things back a touch. Thick tones and a more relaxing vibe perfect for losing yourself in, as the last of Bridge Guys originals rounds out a remarkably vibey EP.

Closing out the package we have Jesse Bru’s storming remix of Psilocybin, easily up their with some of the best lo-fi House of the past few years. Jesse rings his own vocal work and really heats things up. Peak time killer.



WillowMan – Special Love (Oh So Coy Records)

WillowMan returns with his latest single “Special Love”.
Raw, driving and dirty with a catchy vocal or vocal-less version to jack your floor.
An additional soulful mix injects extra feelings and catchy hook.
The icing on the cake comes from Zuckre who expertly weaves a technical house-y remix for his label debut.


Exclusive Release date: 09/11/2018 (Traxsource)

Global Release date: 23/11/2018



Jamie Ward – Spirit Bomb EP (Microdrive Records)

The new Microdrive release is introducing our good friend and artist Jamie Ward also known as the Act Natural records manager.
This EP is fully dedicate to minimalist Deep House sound featuring two original slots and a remix by Beneath Usual.
A great cruise into deep fat groove and melodic chords, enjoy the ride.


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