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Written by on 05/11/2019

Savvas – Crossing Worlds (Take Away Music)

Release Date: Monday 4 November 2019
Format: Digital

01. Crossing Worlds
02. Ephemeris
03. Crossing Worlds (Yoram Remix)
04. Ephemeris (Ki.Mi. Black Hole Remix)

Take Away is an Israeli label that has a deep and eloquent sound design blended with stripped back percussion and uplifting melodies.
The label’s latest melodic release is from Greek artist Savvas whose stylish tracks can be found on labels such as Anjunadeep, Magician On Duty and Akbal Music.
Alongside the two original tracks there are also remixes from Yoram and Ki.Mi. who each rework the track into their own distinctive style.
Yoram focuses on his progressive style showcased on labels like Parquet Recordings and Ki.Mi. in the minimalist style he has featured on Moon Harbour and Danse Club.
“Crossing Worlds” opens the release with ethereal pads and textured atmospherics shrouded in fluttering melodies that flutter like the wings of a butterfly. “Ephemeris” is equally smooth, fusing shimmering synths and ghostly tones.



Jay Tripwire – Ika EP (Harmonious Discord Records)

Wormholes (Acid Version)
Wormholes (Jeff Scroggin Remix)
IKA (Raw OG Vinyl Mix)
IKA (Raw Mix)

This fall, sonic crevasses are filled with the unnerving sounds of spook and spoil. The once unsettling tones provide a feeling of nostalgia and a platform for music to tap into those sentiments. Arguably, one of the canonical artists when it comes to the witchy and abstract world of techno and house music is Canada’s Jay Tripwire. He is a household name in techno circles and has been producing music for over 25 years on powerhouse labels like Nordic Trax, Nervous, Viva and most recently through his own imprint Witching Hour. Harmonious Discord is happy to welcome Jay to the label with a very special release offered both digitally and via limited vinyl pressing (200 copies).

Ika is a collection of tunes with a common abstraction. Mature enough for a headphone listen but still relevant on the dance floor. The project starts out with “Wokd,” a dizzy concoction of slippery sound design and abrasive percussion. Next up is “Wormholes”, a penetrating acid house sonnet with whispered conversations and bin-rattling bass. Austin’s Jeff Scroggin reworks “Wormholes” into a tightly-shuffled — yet melodically-driven — selection for lighter moments in your warehouse adventure. Jeff’s take combines the haunting undertones of the original with powerful house essentials. The main event are two tremendous techno versions of “Ika” (the Japanese word for squid but sometimes used for certain cuttlefish). The RAW OG Vinyl Mix is a headstrong, percussive techno masterpiece reminiscent of earlier minimal techno selections. Everything is carefully placed, and tones bounce off each other while creating a syncopated space that moves the selection along. The additional “Ika” revisit plays off the same sampled themes of the original but with a formulated bass foundation giving it a pronounced strut missing from the original. These selections will take one on a journey into the uncharted mind of artist Jay Tripwire.

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Chance Packer feat Terry Dexter – Rectify (Cha Cha Project Recordings)

Release Date – December 5th, 2019

Music is a spiritual healer and if you open up and allow, it can embrace your soul and help rectify any darkness that may surround your life. “Rectify” is a universal invitation to come together in a place of freedom, redemption and acceptance. A place of love that exists where the positive origins of what house music was built on stands. A safe place with no walls, that will protect you from and destroy any storm and or weapons that may be formed against you. All you have to do is….step inside……

The direct inspiration of this “message to the soul” came from the recent lose of Chance’s beloved father and back to back loses of two very dear friends of Terry’s. The reawakening that can be experienced after physically losing a loved one can further deepen the powerful realization of the importance of being there for one another and honoring the heart core of the human spirit.

Artist Bio:

Chance Packer Bio

Bay area-based Chance Packer has spent half of his life creating in the studio for the love of out of the box concepts and inspiring ideas. His admiration for urban dance music and hybrid sounds has led him to teaming up with long-time friend Terry Dexter for their new electrifying offering, “Rectify”.As a solo artist and producer as well as having extensive mixing and studio experience in the rock, electronic, and R&B world Chance has also worked in and around electronic music masters such as Miguel Migs, Roy Davis Jr, and Juan Hoerni. He’s released select white-label underground gems such as “Don’t Give Up”, “Conoceme”, “Murmure D’Amour” and “Appreciation”.

Terry Dexter Bio

Detroit born singer and songwriter Terry Dexter for the first time teams up with friend and Bay area based producer Chance Packer and presents the gritty and pulsating… “Rectify”.

In the electronic music world, Terry has released numerous critically acclaimed singles some featured in Billboard including the Top 5 dance EP single “Better Than Me”. Along with numerous releases with legendary Roy Davis Jr. Terry has also collaborated and been featured with house and electronic gems such as Juan Hoerni, Hex Hector, Steve Silk Hurley, Marco Corvino, Agent X, Kenny Dope, Kenny Carpenter, DJ Pierre, and more….

Rectify Blurbs

“ Motor City” soul connects with the gritty pulse of “The Bay”.
“ The ultimate rhythmic invitation to redemption”
“ Soul-stirring and mind provoking euphoria”
“ A rebirth movement lead by electro-funk and sultry soul”
“ A hypnotic hybrid house anthem sprinkled with gritty retro-soul” “ A base dropping melodic declaration of pure freedom and unity” “ Elevate and worship with the heart and get rectified”
“ Get lost and found in the universal testimony of Rectify”
“ Step inside and let love reset and rectify you”
“ A mystical music experience that ignites the magic deep within”
“ A spiritual reawakening of self love through a hybrid of house and hand-raising testament”



VA – 5 Years Selected (THANQ Music)

Exclusive date: Beatport 2 weeks – 12/02/19Is there a better way to celebrate 5 years of THANQ Label than releasing 14 amazing tracks including: Reelow, Rhoowax, Marina Karamarko, Aney F., Who & Who, Toni Teskera and more… This Various Artists compilation contains 14 tracks from established and upcoming artists each delivering their own unique style and sound. We wanted to capture the sound of our label in the past 5 years under the one release. From the past 43 releases we have gathered a large group of artists all over the world. There are some tracks that we want to get under the spotlight once again, but it doesn’t matter if they were produced in the last 6 months or 5 years ago. They still fit our sound, quality, genre and manifesto of the label. This is just first of many things to mark this festive 2020 for THANQ Label.



Freddie Frampton – Blend EP (Knee Deep In Sound Music)

Release: 27 October 2019

Freddie Frampton makes his debut on Hot Since 82’s acclaimed Knee Deep In Sound imprint with a mighty 3-tracker that follows on from the label boss’ key support for Frampton’s huge ‘Black Betty’. The London producer has a history that stretches back to working alongside legends like Carl Cox at seminal nightclubs in the capital in the early ‘90s, and his resurgent production career is seriously delivering the goods.

Infectious from the word go, ‘When You’re Alone’ kicks off with a loose, shuffling percussive groove punctuated by deft little techy synth notes. Rolling drums create more urgency as a filtered vocal loop slowly eases up. A snippet of a euphoric piano chord refrain gives a taste of what’s to come as the languidly grooving bassline drops in. The first break sees a powerful chord progression play out on the beautifully honed pianos before an unmistakable vocal sample drops in to add more drama. Monotone synth stabs arrive to build the groove further while heavily reverbered hits add atmospheric depths. It’s a big room sound but without being overblown. The pianos and vocals are allowed to take centre stage in the main break before we thrust headfirst back into the stripped-back groove. “This track was inspired by a combination of ‘Buggin’’ — a certain bluesy rock anthem — and a whole lotta groove from here, there and everywhere” says Frampton. “From the very moment I first played the piano chords, I knew I was onto something and absolutely delighted with the results. When I play this track out it never fails to get an awesome crowd reaction. I guess you could call it a nod back to the late ‘80s / early ‘90s period when piano ruled the roost.”

Miss Mouse kicks off with shaker-style hi-hats and muffled flute notes. A galloping tribal rhythm soon kicks into life, with distorted toms thumping away under heavily swung wooden percussion. Trippy vocal samples arrive to build the atmospherics while throbbing bass note joins the fray. A mini breakdown sees Frampton get busy on his guitar, playing sorrowful chords with an almost flamenco flavour to them. “I’ve had a long love / hate relationship with the guitar throughout my life, and always wanted to fuse the guitar with house. I’ve built a nice little library of seriously old rare vocals which, so after some painstaking audio editing, I took a break, switched to the guitar and the main riff jumped right out at me.” The bluesy vocal reveals itself in ghostly fashion, filtering in and out of focus as the arrangement chops and changes. The haunting feel continues throughout the track as the vocal and guitars combine succinctly, with plenty of space between to let the rhythms flow. “This is the track I’m most proud of” he says. “I think it comes closest to summing up what I’m all about. Where does it fit in today’s music scene? I have no idea, and I guess that’s another reason why I’m so proud of it.”

Sharp hi-hats and infectious woodblock rhythms start to build the groove on melodic techno track ‘Shine’ before muted, atmospheric sounds and a commanding lead synth cut through the mix. A lead synth unfolds into a slow-burning melodic progression that’s tinged with darkness as tribal percussion builds a meatier groove. Slowly but surely the bass pressure increases as the brooding synth switches to a different pattern and heavenly female wailing takes the track higher. Delicate chord stabs lace the underbelly of the track as we’re plunged into the swirling breakdown, a masterclass in tension and release cuts sharply against the drop. “Techno to me represented hardcore tracks such as ‘Dominator’ and ‘Energy Flash’” says Frampton, “so to learn of a genre called melodic techno was a real WTF moment and I couldn’t wait to get cracking my own interpretation of this genre. From Jean Claude Ades to Bedouin, I like to think there’s a little something for everyone in this track, even if you’re not a big fan of the melodic techno genre.”

Hot Since 82 has been pushing Frampton’s sound for a while now, with huge reactions for some of his unreleased material that he dropped in recent sets such as at Cercle’s party in one of the ‘Game Of Thrones’ filming locations. This looks set to be a very fruitful relationship.



VA – Dimensions II (When We Dip XYZRecords)

Format: Digital

01. Pablo Bolivar & Emanate – Alchemize
02. Hicky & Kalo – Rayo de Luz
03. Nōpi – Little Tree

XYZ is a label set up by the team behind the When We Dip blog, and its sound focuses towards melodic grooves and ambient moods, where intricate melodies meet club-friendly percussion.
‘Dimensions’ is a compilation series focused on bringing together unique artists which resonate with each other beyond just the sound of their music.
The second instalment of the Dimensions series welcomes a set of diverse artists into the XYZ family, and the three tracks are a trio of grooves that warm our souls as the colder months of winter set in.
Pablo Bolivar opens the release who previously featured on XYZ when he remixed Budakid’s “Senlin” adding the label to his back catalogue that also includes Sincopat, Desolat and Culprit.
Second of the tracks is by Hicky & Kalo, and they make their debut on XYZ having previously released many times on Plaisirs Sonores along with others including Exotic Refreshment.
Nōpi is last of the three artists and he has also released on Akbal Music, Pipe & Pochet, Sag & Tre and Nie Wieder Schlafen.
All three tracks on the release have uplifting melodies with epic melodic progressions and intricate detail in the percussion that drives the dance floor friendly grooves. House music at its most eloquent, this three-track EP is emotive and imaginative.



Bruce Leroys – Liberdade (Cocada Music)

Cocada, a project which emerged as a diffuser of the musical talent present throughout Latin America, quickly spread its sounds to the four corners of the world, becoming a great initiative for electronic music. We couldn’t be happier by this time, Cocada’s first release as a record label is born with some respected artists and a beautiful story behind.
The wonderful artwork was illustrated by the Brazilian artist Paula Dornelles, who dedicates herself to the production of experimental artworks, she was able to convey through all her creative potential the depth of the meaning present in the word “freedom”, a small sample of Latin American talent also in the visual arts.
On the album, who begins the work is the Brazilian duo, Diogo Vaille and Marcelo Abreu aka Bruce Leroys, with “Liberdade” (Original Vocal Version), a rework of a classic MPB song. The artists managed to perfectly merge the melancholy voice present in the song with a deep and dense bass line, bringing all the emotion present in the lyrics, causing goosebumps.
However, the duo isn’t alone in this release. None other than Ricardo Villalobos has also left his trademark with a great remix, featuring fuller grooves and inserting multiple textures for the track. Finally, Trepanado brought all his dance floor experience and rich musical baggage to print a delicious version, worthy of a good Cocada! It was the plurality that the debut release needed.


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