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Written by on 21/11/2018

Deeperteque – Deep Element EP (Haute Musique)

We’re excited to welcome Russia’s Deeperteque with his debut 4 track EP ‘Deep Elements’ on Haute Musique.
No stranger to the Deep House universe, Deeperteque has seen his releases drop on some dope labels such as DeepClass Records, DeepWit Recordings, Oh So Coy and Mole Music to name but a few.
On this release, he provides us with 4 crunchy, funk laden, deep house original jams that have his sonic code embedded withing them.

Release Date:
November 26th 2018 (Traxsource Exclusive)
December 10th 2018 (Worldwide)



Little Fritter – Drink The Sunrise For Breakfast EP (Turquoise Records)

OZ’s golden Little Fritter is back with some deep Balearic vibes and Ragga vocal chops!
Proper remixes from Dub Tech, Techno and Downtempo vibes by Armando Mendes, Piem & Thomas Wood. Don’t snooze on this one!

Out 26th November



Ivan Fabra – Koh Pha Eve EP (Emerald and Doreen Records)

Barcelona based Ivan Fabra has his focus straight on Electronic and Nu Disco, applying 80s analog synthesizers, modern technology and pin-sharp production to ′70s disco and funk. Meanwhile he met up with some Tai gods on Koh Pha Ngan and added some new found spirituality to his bass heavy early to mid-1980s Italo dance, French house and synthesizer-rich European dance. The result is a hybrid of driving bass and minimal groove sounds obviously spiced up by the help of the gods, potentially some mushrooms and of course Yuki Tosaya.



Cohn – Hella Viv EP (Pretty Young Thing Records)

Pretty Young Thing (PYT) has enlisted Tel Aviv based Cohn for it’s 5th release, Hella Viv. Cohn grew up in London, and specializes in house and disco that pulls elements from the 90’s into a modern context. Growing up listening to everything from New York Hip-Hop to French House, Cohn uses the city’s nightlife to make dance tools that can be played from the cafe to the club.
From the start with Hella Viv’s title track, we get a peak time jackin’ techy workout that will take dance floors by storm. ”212” gets us grooving with deep disco grooves that will delight house aficionados everywhere. ”What I Want (Looking For You)” keeps the vibes rolling with expertly layered samples and vocals that bump along to a funky bassline. ”In Your Arms” rounds out the affair with a deeper seductive groove sure to spread love on the dancefloor. One thing is for sure, Cohn knows how to make us boogie. Get your dancing shoes on and dive in!

Label and Artist Links:



Pierre Reynolds – Anima EP (Intimate Venues Recordings)

Anima means ‘soul’ in Italian. This EP definitely has that. This is the first Intimate Venues release for Pierre Reynolds. It is a very deep and soulful EP with great dancefloor sensibility and smooth vocals.
There is also a Jazz Fusion, Latin and Afro deep hybrid remix by KARU (Quentin Allen) for the song ‘Losing Myself’.
If you want to experience good grooves that get you moving with great musical vibes, this is the release for you.

All tracks produced, written & arranged by Pierre Reynolds
Additional production by Quentin Allen on the Losing Myself (KARU remix)

Copyright 2018 Intimate Venues Recordings



Kyrill & Redford – Mondeou EP (3000 Grades Records)

Sunlit ecstasy, slow-mo bounce, epic delirium, deep-rooted satisfaction and inbetween a neatly arranged dose of weekend bravado that serves as the ignition spark for the mighty grooves to come: What Kyrill & Redford present on this new EP sounds almost like a mini album – for the plain and simple reason that it is a trip in five chapters that takes a remarkable and highly entertaining amount of unexpected twists and turns. There’s the formidable Wild West vibe that evolves from the casual guitar and harmonica melodies of Mondeou. The glandular kick of Kombvcha that is triggered by a spiralling gravitational force somewhere between the worlds of Tech and House. There’s the epic soundscapes and mind-bending vantage points of the world of sound known as Navegante. The bouncy joy of Natem that moves in a dancing manner around the irresistible undertow of catchiness that is the vocal of this track. And last but not least the soaring lightness of Ramta that sweeps you across the dancefloor as if. |

Release date: November 23th 2018

Format: Digital



VA – Autumn Sub Sampler – (Submarine Vibes Records)

Submarine continues to sail and explore new tracks in the sea of music. We present you the V.A. Autumn Sub Sampler compiled of tracks done by different artists, including Ale Russo, Michael Sak, Altan V, Artificial Love, and Hibrid (Featuring Belma Zvizdic (vocals), Nadja Cardzic (Sax), Covjekoliki Reper (rap)).

Everyone can find something for themselves. From deep and lounge to tech, compilation offers you different compositions, full of melodies perfect for dancing as well as relaxation.

Release Date: November 26th, 2018



Stanny Abram & B-Liv – Time To Be With You (My Own Beat Records)

Arrives to My Own Beat Records a release that will set fire to the hearts of lovers of underground sound. 2 big producers in extremes of the world have come together to create ‘Time to be with you’. It is the renowned slovenian producer Stanny Abram and the renowned Mexican producer B-Liv. They arrive with this bomb on November 22th. Stay tuned.



H.I.M.W.O.L. – House Is My Way of Life LP (Unquantize Records)

Having released numerous singles on DJ Spen’s Quantize and Unquantize labels previously, Australian producer H.I.M.W.O.L. gets set to unleash his brilliant self titled debut album with the camp. ‘House Is My Way of Life’ is a whopping 17 track album jam-packed with new releases alongside some of his chart-topping tracks, showcasing his versatility as he joins the musical dots between soulful, Jackin’ and Deep House. The album sampler features 5 cherry picked gems, kicking off the party with a catchy soulful outing, ‘He’s My Baby’, featuring the brassy vocals of songbird Raye Cole, which also comes with a tasty remix from Spen & Thommy Davis. ‘Keys’ is a lush Deep House cut, teased with heartfelt sweeping stings and emotive piano melodies; ‘Off Beat’ comes loaded with a quirky urban house groove that’s beautifully drizzled with a sensual vocal; and ‘I Need You’ is a classy slab of feel good piano house, loaded with a hot vocal hook. H.I.M.W.O.L.’s productions vary in style boasting beautifully penned vocal melodies to innovative rhythmic compositions all aimed squarely bat the dance floor.

“My main drive and focus behind this album has been through my life experiences. We all have times in our lives where emotions run high and I was able to use my emotions as a creative outlet to get the best results when producing these songs. I have worked tirelessly on this album for the past two years and to go on this journey with Spen, Thommy and the talented Quantize team it is a real honour and privilege.“ – H.I.M.W.O.L.

H.I.M.W.O.L hails from Australia where he was exposed to music from a young age and was influenced by various artists such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Cymande, Miles Davis, Danny J Lewis, Frankie Knuckles, Jamie Lewis and Masters at Work, to name a few. His musical journey started with playing piano at the tender age of 5, which is still one of his first choice instruments when producing new music. Having honed his craft as a DJ and dabbling with production in the 90’s, 2009 was the year H.I.M.W.O.L started to take his music production to another level, meticulously manipulating beats and samples until he was satisfied with the distinguished and unique sound he has today. To date he has had much success with numerous releases on prestigious labels such as Quantize Recordings, Peppermint Jam, King Street Sounds and Defected Records.

H.I.M.W.O.L. Will be released on Traxsource promo on 26th November
Full release 30th November 2018 on Unquantize Records.



Daniel Barross – Jungle EP (Sunclock Records)

The new Sunclock release presents an Italian origins artist based in Barcelona, Daniel Barross. His ‘JUNGLE’ is an incredible release with strong afro roots and heavy deep influences, very rich in original sounds.’Jungle’ has a sprung groove accompanied by a low rubbery and suggestive jungle noises in the background. The tribal choirs are strengthened by lashing of very hot, cured and extremely effective electronic synths on the dancefloor. The explosion of percussions is continuously growing until you get to the sweet break characterised by a very captivating female voice, and an energetic restart.’Arabie’ has a more percussive mold with more progressive influences. Electronic synths has a very aggressive melody and facilitate dance on the dancefloor keeping everyone glued. Even this track is characterised by a tribal voice and a break with a deadly restart.

Traxsource Release: 6th December 2018
Worldwide Release: 20th December 2018


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