Deepinradio New Treats (Week_51_2018)

Written by on 18/12/2018

Zaid – The 505 EP (Viva Recordings)

Albuquerque, New Mexico based Zaid brings the mystique of the desert to Viva Recordings with The 505 EP. You can definitely feel the spirit of the Southwest come alive all throughout this spectacular 6 track journey.
From the onset, the jazz vibes on 24 Hours elicit images of a smoke filled saloon on the outskirts of town. Dirty Thoughts is a sensual number, with far off horns and sultry spoken word. Guitars strum out a call to action on the groove based Social Peterz. A high desert trip wouldn’t be complete without a psychedelic element, and It Tickles takes you straight there with a winding acid excursion. One Day finds us in a deep spirit realm, wandering the sands with our own deep thoughts. Lonely Heart closes the EP out with a somber spoken word number on a deeper and darker mood. The 505 EP is the perfect road trip soundtrack, and one that will stir up thoughts and conjure images. Can you feel it?

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Telurika – Stoned Ape EP (Deeplomatic Recordings)

Telúrika makes his debut EP on the Label with this unique and elegant EP.
Get ready for the vibes that will open a gateway in your mind, this time with really deep & obscure texture sounds ranging from hypnotic to melodic basslines. Underground..? nahh too commercial.. its 909 Space Deep, the new clandestine sound.



VA – SSFW #3A (This And That Lab Records)

Kerri Chandler – The Art Of Conversation
Tres Manos – Late Night Lady
Manuel Del Giudice – L’Homme Et La Femme
Francisco Allendes – Inca Roads

New on Davide Squillace’s label This And That Lab is the third in a series of their mixed artist releases titled “Spring Summer Fall Winter”, and Part A of the latest edition features original tracks from Kerri Chandler, Francisco Allendes,Tres Manos and Manuel Del Giudice.
Releasing one edition for each season of the year, it is split into two volumes, this time titled “SSFW #3A” and “SSFW #3B”. Focusing on textures both audible and visual, the series combines fresh talents with veteran artists, whilst also covering a wide spectrum of house with the occasional hit of techno.
Part A opens with a track from house music legend Kerri Chandler, whose deep and atmospheric cut “The Art Of Conversation” is the perfect way to get the LP started. Chilean artist Francisco Allendes switches things up with his party track “Inca Roads”, which is in the style he has championed via releases on labels such as Desolat and Snatch! Records.
Tres Manos is an emerging talent from Spain who has previously been featured on Justified Cause, plus Om Records, and he takes things back down again with his track “Late Night Lady” that has classic chords blended with soothing vocal bursts. Part A is boxed off by Manuel Del Giudice whose sensual track has a seductive vocal layered over rippling pads.

Release Date: Friday 14 December 2018
Format: Digital



Giorgio Moroder – From here to Eternity, The Chase & E=MC2 (SIS remixes) (Ibiza IM Records)

Praise from the Legendary father of Dance music Giorgio Moroder,
The Chase; building up a recognisable hymn approach with high happy end, a fresh new Tech House remix by SIS.Energy equals mc2; Travelling through space and time, playful intonation clicking in with a catching rhythm, seducing the listeners bringing them into a journey. From here to eternity; Tropical bounty rhythm, inspiring tracks bringing tribal/dance tunes and electronics vibes, the multi rhythm of each Tune will make listeners loose themselves on the dance floor.

Release: December 14th 2018

Format: Digital



Vova Gridin – Skirby (Compulsive Movement Records)

Skirby is the debut release of Russian producer Vova Skirby. His track Skirby is a driving, catchy and atmospheric track that will get you to move for sure.
The remix by Aemonix has taken the track in a more Tech House direction, keeping the drive and catchiness of the original. MR EFFLIX was so impressed and enthusiastic about the track he even created two remixes. His first take on it, takes Skirby even deeper and he created a slightly darker version of it. The MR EFFLIX Alternative Remix has a more tribal swing to it that would fit the beginning or the closing of a set. Hypnotic and moving are the words that come to mind.
Lastly the remix that DJ Sedatophobia has provided is slower version with a massive bass section. This would be a great track to start a set with.

RELEASE DATE: 2019-01-11



Arturo Macrae – The Low Side of Normal EP (Intimate Venues Recordings)

Zebedee Mullen aka Arturo Macrae is from the UK. He brings us this great bass heavy and funky deep EP with a blend of European and American funk flavors.
There are techno, house, downtempo and minimal cuts on this EP all with a nice deep, funky and soulful vibe. The vocals also add that nice soulful and jazzy atmosphere.
KARU brings us a deep funky remix for ‘Sleeping Walking’.
If you want cuts that bump with grooves, nice vocals and great UK style blended with American funk…this is the release for you.

All tracks produced, written & arranged by Zebedee Mullen
Additional production by Quentin Allen on the Sleeping Talking (KARU remix)



S7G – No Body EP (Emerald and Doreen Records)

There’s a new member in the Emerald & Doreen family. S7G from Buenos Aires is ready to take off with his own interpretation of house music: analogue synths, well spaced pads, groovy basslines and some tight drums will get your party going. While keeping several of its core elements, S7G’s house varies widely in style and influence, ranging from soulful and atmospheric to the more minimalistic.




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