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New Treats Week-02-2023

Written by on 21/01/2023


Maty Owl – Astral Friend EP (When We Dip TOR)

Release Date: Friday 10 February 2023
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR drops a deep and majestic release by Brazilian artist Maty Owl.

Maty Owl had previously featured a remix on TOR’s sister imprint XYZ and this release showcases three of his original tracks with shimmering synth lines and shuffling percussion.

He has also featured music on other record labels such as Mango Alley, Get Physical, Timeless Moment and Earthly Delights.

The tracks have melodic grooves with techy percussion and immersive atmosphere. “White Room” has a spine-tingling piano riff and organic percussion layered with captivating vocal textures. “Astral Friend” has a throbbing bassline and shuffling percussion layered with uplifting pads and sensual vocals. “VS” closes the release with a hypnotic groove that layers fizzing percussion and a rolling bassline with spine-tingling synths.



Monarke – Footprints EP (When We Dip XYZ)

Release Date: Friday 27 January 2023
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label, XYZ welcomes a melodic house EP from Canadian artist Monarke.

Monarke is an XYZ favourite who is back on the label for his fourth appearance with original material. Based in Quebec City, Monarke is known for blending poignant melodies with techy percussion to create epic tracks and his music can be found on labels ranging from Steyoyoke to Global underground.

Already making waves on the international scene, the success of his productions have seen him booked to play DJ sets everywhere from Berlin to Montreal and this two-track EP is another example of his exceptional talent.

“Footprints” opens the release with intricate piano rhythms and crisp percussion underpinned by the warmth of a melodic bassline that adds to the track’s spine-tingling vibe and immersive atmosphere.

“Intricate” has chunky percussion and a thickset kick drum that sequenced into a breakbeat rhythm which is overlaid with cinematic pads and mesmerising melodies that give the track an interstellar vibe.



Niki Sadeki – Layers EP (Kamai Music)

Release Date: Friday 27 January 2023
Format: Digital

Jacob Groening‘s Kamai Music starts 2023 with a deep and melodic EP from Niki Sadeki which along with the three originals also features a remix by El Mundo.

Niki Sadeki is an Iranian-Canadian artist who is currently based in Brooklyn, United States. She first rose to fame as a skilled DJ who had an innate talent for reading the dance floor and mixing skills that allowed her to effortlessly blend genres ranging from melodic techno to organic house.

After establishing herself on the international DJ scene, Niki Sadeki started to produce her own tracks and in 2020 made her first official release. Utilising her knowledge of what works on the dance floor, her tracks have been an instant success and her back catalogue already includes tracks on Kiosk ID, down., and her own record label Quetame.

El Mundo is a Dutch artist who is known for being a talented musician that blends live instrumentation with electronic sounds to create organic house that’s rich in melody. Along with solo tracks on the likes of Café Del Mar Music and Do Not Sit, El Mundo has also collaborated with the likes of Satori and Zazou on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical and Kindisch. El Mundo also runs the Quetame record label in collaboration with Niki Sadeki and Zazou.

“Going on to Glory” opens the release with a stripped-back groove that builds tantalising suspense fuelled by uplifting pads and techy percussion.

“March of the Living” has deep chords layered with sparkling synths to create a haunting atmosphere nestled on a foundation of crisp percussion with fizzing hi-hats.

“One Lane Bridge” blends a hypnotic arpeggio with metallic percussion and rippling pads that make a sonic soundscape with a cosmic atmosphere that’s underpinned by fast-flowing beats, filling the track with uplifting energy.

El Mundo’s remix of Going On to Glory is a refined version that stays true to the original’s vibe. Stripping back some of the parts, his version makes more prominent use of the sweeping pads and fluttering melody synth.



Smok – The Source (Viva Recordings)

Smok’s latest release on Viva Recordings brings us an arctic blast of deepness. The Finnish producer has had a slew of success recently on labels like unquantize, Atjazz Record Company, and his collective’s Youth Control label. “The Source” is a chilling soundtrack well suited for the winter months, with ethereal swirls and floating, haunting strings that accompany a steady, pulsing bassline.

Austin based (and Harmonious Discord Recordings label boss) PointBender teams up with the Viva crew for his first time on remix duties for the label on the flip side, lending a slightly more melodic and spaced out flavor to the remix. Keyboard stabs that sound like they are something alien, along with longer, drawn out peaks and and valleys make this remix the journey cut on this single. Whichever mix you like, just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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VA – Chicago Collective (Texture Recordings)

CZR’s Texture Recordings is back for 2023 with some hi-energy classic housey jazz vibes from himself, DeeJae Rocko, Funk Parlor, Geto Mark feat. Disco, while Men On Mars bring you the acapella that every DJ needs to play this year.




Markus Homm – Again EP (Valiant Records)

Long time friend and House lord Markus Homm has made his way onto the Valiant books delivering as a classy and very playable EP lead by ‘A Long Time Coming’.
We have loved Markus’ work for over a decade now so its very exciting to have him aboard the Valiant train serving up his world class production.



O Squared – I Found A Unicorn EP (Gabu Records)

Release Date: – Thursday, January 26 2023

Nature tends to be still on the outside, yet is full of activity beneath the surface. Mushrooms and the fungal network combine with the roots of trees, enabling smooth communication and delivery of nutrients. These nutrients are now delivered to your ear.

Asante In The Jungle:
Zanzibar is home to a magical connection with mother nature, as she whispers her secrets. Her nature is preserved in sound, as coconut trees dance to her jazz in the background.

I Found A Unicorn:
Walking off the beaten path, you enjoy your twilight stroll. Something catches your eye behind that oak tree, and behold a unicorn shines through the leaves to greet you! You attempt touch, but all vanishes in that fleeting moment as you are whisked back to reality.

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PolyRhthm feat Nuzu Deep – Come Find Me (Villahangar Records)

“Come Find Me” by Villahangar is the new EP by PolyRhythm, a duo of Latin origin based in New Jersey. In addition to the track that gives the EP its name, two remixes, one by game designer and producer Scala, and one by DJ and producer Chris Leon, a member of Everything Counts.

Their musical style, greatly influenced by their origins, is a mixture of Afro House and Latin House. “Come Find Me” has an emotional atmo-sphere with very melancholic vibrations, thanks to a basic Afro-house groove with toms, rhythmic hats and an arpeggio. With the piano of the pianist Ezel, to cement the feeling of the track.

Elements crowned by the fascinating voice and the free creative vocation of Nuzu Deep, perfect for transporting into the musical vision signed by the duo. Come Find Me is the warning that repeats itself, that captures the essence of the track, and becomes desire, emotional hope, fluid magic in its pure state.













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