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New Treats Week-03-2024

Written by on 24/01/2024


Doubtingthomas – Clockwork EP (Suleiman Records)

Release Date: Friday 16 February 2024
Format: Digital

Doubtingthomas drops a deep and techy release with stripped-back grooves via Canadian record label Suleiman.

Based in France, Doubtingthomas is known for his tracks and remixes on highly respected record labels ranging from Burnski’s Constant Sound to Butane’s Little Helpers, and he also runs his own imprint called The Promises.

Internationally respected as both a producer and DJ, Doubtingthomas has played sets at clubs and festivals in locations ranging from Washington in America to Berlin in Germany. His immersive style is a hypnotising blend of dynamic percussion and intricate synth lines.

“Stop for a Minute” opens the release with shuffling percussion and a bumping bassline that’s rich with sub-bass. Dubby chords fill the track with lush tones and swelling synths that are reminiscent of an air raid siren that create dramatic tension.

“Clockwork” is a mesmerising track that orientates around a fluttering arpeggio line and techy percussion. Abrupt textures burst forth from the speaker to create striking atmospherics that contrast with the tranquil flow of the melody.

“Syncopation 1992” has gliding pads that create a tranquil atmosphere, which is cut by crisp percussion and haunting vocal textures that have soulful undertones. Delicate piano chords add jazz influence to this moody cut of soothing deep house.



Dario Suerte – Coastline Drive (Moo Ve Remix) (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: February 02nd, 2024

Dario Suerte’s track “Coastline Drive” has undergone a captivating remix by Moo Ve. The original piece, a superb classic Deep House track, sets the stage with its timeless allure.

In this remix, Moo Ve injects a fresh, underground energy, transforming the familiar sounds into a dynamic experience. The fusion of Dario Suerte’s melodic craftsmanship and Moo Ve’s innovative touch results in a reinvented masterpiece that seamlessly bridges the classic and the contemporary, offering listeners a journey through the depths of electronic music’s evolution.

“Coastline Drive” by Dario Suerte, remixed by Moo Ve, is a testament to the dynamic nature of music, where tradition meets innovation, and a classic track finds new life in the hands of a visionary remixer.

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NOAM (NYC) – Conversations EP Remixed (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
January 26th 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
February 9th 2024 (Worldwide)

Welcome to our 273rd release, NOAM (NYC) ‘Conversation EP (Remixed)’, highlighting an impressive roster of acclaimed artists in their respective genres. All three remixes re-imagine the work of NOAM (NYC), an accomplished DJ and Producer from Brooklyn NY.

Our first remix comes courtesy of Miami’s Aquariox who introduces Melodic and Progressive house elements to NOAM (NYC)’s track ‘Shumanchi’, creating a catchy and driving fusion. With a dark and moody atmosphere, Aquariox’ remix adds a unique layer to the release.

Up next is St.Ego, a respected Organic House producer from St. Petersburg, presents a beautiful rendition of NOAM’s ‘Shumanchi’, transporting listeners to a deep, emotive space with complex melodies and pulsating basslines mixed with the distinctive signature sound of St.Ego.

Last but certainly not least is the unmistakable BiGz aka (BiG AL), Ready Mix Records’ label boss. BiGz delves into NOAM’s ‘Backyard Adventures’,’ infusing his remix with the distinct essence of his Deep Organic house style. Introducing artfully placed melodic house elements and inventive percussive grooves bringing a fresh flavor to the timeless original.

This Remix EP showcases the collective skill of these artists, breathing new life into NOAM’s artistry.



Neverdogs – In The Mood EP (Decay Records)

Release Date: 31st January 2023

Decay Records celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new EP from Italian duo Neverdogs, backed by remixes by Nu Zau and Ivan Iacobucci.

Over the past decade, Decay Records has firmly cemented itself as a purveyor of sophisticated stripped-back house sounds, releasing music from the likes of Shaun Reeves, Mihai Popoviciu, Christian Burkhardt, Alex Arnout and, of course, Neverdogs, who return here to mark the label’s milestone ten years of existence. The Italian Neverdogs duo have been steadily making their mark over the past decade through material on Bamboleo, Kaluki, This and That and Tamango.

The title cut ‘In The Mood’ leads with crisp drums, hazy atmospherics, and a dynamically evolving construction. Ivan Iacobucci’s twist on ‘In The Mood’ follows and shifts the original into a murky, twisted interpretation with choppy stabs, glistening textures and crunchy drums intertwined with original fragments.

‘Lion Heart’ follows on the flip side and lays focus on a bouncy bass groove, plucked synth stabs and shuffled percussion before Nu Zau’s take on ‘Lion Heart’ rounds out the release, employing twisted acid squelches, dubby synth flutters and subtly nuanced drums all unfurling across its six-minute duration.



Deep Code – I Can’t Sleep (Agua Salada Records)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: January 26th, 2024

Agua Salada Records introduces Deep Code and their release “I Cant Sleep,” an elegant Deep House track featuring a remix by Dj Cocodil. Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms and soulful melodies of Deep Codes production, as “I Cant Sleep” takes you on a journey through the sophisticated landscape of Deep House music.

The tracks seamless blend of atmospheric elements and rhythmic beats creates a captivating sonic experience that resonates with both the connoisseurs of the genre and casual listeners alike. Dj Cocodils remix adds an exciting twist to the original, injecting his unique style while maintaining the essence of the track.

“I Cant Sleep” by Deep Code, presented by Agua Salada Records, is a testament to the labels commitment to delivering quality and innovative sounds in the realm of electronic music.

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