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New Treats Week-04-2024

Written by on 29/01/2024


VA – Global Entry 5 (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 23 February 2024
Format: Digital

Sabo and his record label Sol Selectas embark 2024 with the fifth edition of the ‘Global Entry’ compilation, which features 10 organic house tracks with Afro rhythms, melodic grooves and enchanting melodies.

The release features unreleased original tracks from Sol Selectas favourites such as German Brigante, alongside KÖNI’s new remix of a classic, and record label debuts from the likes of Gionist and Sapoz.

Global Entry is an invigorating concept that helps lift our spirits and warm our hearts in these cold winter months, as each of the tracks have a feel-good energy that helps us get the new year off to a positive start.

In total, the release includes artists with origins in 12 different countries and lyrics sung or spoken in various languages, as the release embraces Sol Selectas love of different world cultures, and the joy of diversity.

All the artists who feature on this release include, Sabo, Matanza, Safar (FR), German Brigante, A X L, G.O.D.A., Memo Rex, Joe Pea, Djolée, Ayala (IT), Ruskar, Atlantis, Anza, LITCHI, Gionist and Sapoz. Some of the tracks are solo productions, where others are collaborative contributions.

Collectively, the artists on this release boast individual releases on other prestigious record labels such as Stil Vor Talent, MoBlack Records, Monaberry, Bar 25, Rebirth and many others of equal note.

The artwork by Helia Jamali draws us into a parallel dimension of sound, where positive intentions are the only thing you need for a ticket to enter.



Michael Sutton feat Isla Sutherland – Carry On (Personal Belongings)

Finally, the time of presenting one of our favorite releases of the label has arrived! Michael Sutton presents ‘Carry On’ – a magical, dreamy vocal track featuring an amazing performance by Isla Sutherland including as well a remix by musical maestro Nikos Diamantopoulos.

On the Original Mix, Michael Sutton takes us on a journey creating the perfect background for Isla’s vocals, with tiny synths and emotional strings driven by a powerful, breath-taking bassline.

As soon as we heard the track, we knew it deserved a premium remix treatment. We’ve been following Nikos Diamantopoulos music for many years, being definitely one of our all time favorites when it comes to putting together uplifting, emotional and nostalgic feelings on perfectly executed productions. On this remix, he proves his status once again with an Afro House masterpiece adding more energy to Isla’s vocal. Surrounding it with pulsating beats and inspiring melodic elements, Nikos masters the story-telling art elevating the listener through a seamless trip in form of music.



VA (Le Brousse) – Already Mixed Vol. 29 (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
February 9th 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
February 23rd 2024 (Worldwide)

Dynamic DJ act and musical duo, Le Brousse, proudly present ‘Already Mixed Vol.29,’ a vibrant and eclectic compilation showcasing their versatile style and love for electronic music. Hailing from Buenos Aires, the Brousse brothers, Manuel and Tomas, bring their passion for music to the forefront, curating a mix that spans various House subgenres.

Having graced renowned clubs, parties, and events across the local scene in Buenos Aires, Le Brousse has left an indelible mark with performances at Palacio Alsina, The Bow, Crobar, Savage, Desert In Me, Flama, Afrika, La Juanita, Hyde, Aquabarra, Safari, Jet, and more.

For ‘Already Mixed Vol.29,’ Le Brousse feature tracks from talented artists across the House music spectrum. From David Kassi’s ‘Sometime’, to Silverlining’s Remix of Onur Ozman’s ‘Flight Fear’, to Fer Ferrari’s Remix of Stan Kolev & Juan Mejia’s ‘To The Clouds’, each track contributes to the rich tapestry of sound that defines Le Brousse’ musical vision.

Our compilation series remains a testament to the boundless diversity and unparalleled talent of our artists and DJs, representing not only the pinnacle of quality and vibe but also the sonic history and evolution that has shaped us throughout the years.

Embark on a sonic odyssey, as we invite you to experience the world of Ready Mix through the remarkable auditory lens of Le Brousse.



Mauro B & Kanedo – Emotions (Agua Salada Records)

Release Date: February 09th, 2024

Agua Salada Records presents a captivating release featuring the collaboration of two talented artists, Mauro B and Kanedo, delivering the single titled “Emotions.”

This track embodies an elegant and refreshing sound, showcasing the seamless synergy between these esteemed artists in their productions. Mauro B and Kanedos artistic prowess is evident throughout the composition, creating a musical experience that resonates with sophistication and creativity. “Emotions” stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of their individual styles, resulting in a piece that captivates listeners with its unique charm and artistry.

Dive into the depths of this release and experience the musical brilliance brought forth by the collaboration of Mauro B and Kanedo under the banner of Agua Salada Records.

Agua Salada Social Media:



VA – Mental Picks Vol.47 (Expmental Records)

Embark on aural explorations with Expmental Records’ inaugural foray of the year – “Mental Picks Vol. 43.” Continuing the esteemed tradition of our Various Artists series, we kick off with a selection that’s bound to captivate both discerning artists and avid music fans alike, surveying the dynamic landscape of underground club sound.

This eclectic compilation voyages from the vibrant locales of Europe to the bustling scenes of the USA and the innovative hubs of Australia, presenting a rich tapestry of global beats. Anchoring the release is the third collaborative effort from label boss Eddy Romero and UK’s Mica, whose synergy has previously graced esteemed imprints including Bondage Music with their deep, resonant productions.

Welcoming fresh talent, Spain’s own Arval unveils his debut release on our label. Known to many as Álvaro Muñoz, he embarks on a fresh odyssey under this moniker, promising an evolution of his artistry steeped in the roots of the underground sound.

We then jet to the sun-kissed shores of Miami to introduce the New York underground aficionado, Richard Rozen, who imparts his debut track with us. A true vinyl culture enthusiast, Rozen’s contribution epitomizes the raw and authentic vibe that ignites our collective passion for pure, undiluted club music.

Bringing the journey to a serene finale, Australia’s Miraj makes his first mark on the label with a profoundly deep track, continuing the lineage of deep cuts that shape the sound of Expmental Records.

With “Mental Picks Vol. 43” setting the tone, 2024 unfolds as a year bursting with promise. Engage with us as we unfurl an exciting roster of releases. Stay tuned – the best is yet to come.

Release date: 1st March 2024
Format: Digital



Tom Evans, Monochrome & Bruno Blanc – Play It Twice EP (Valiant Records)

“It’s 2024 and next up on the Valiant roster we have Bruno Blanc, Monochrome and Tom Evans who have whipped up a timeless Deep House number that is guaranteed to get any dance floor moving any anytime.

With eyes and ears fastened steadily to a new year, we’re stoked to be releasing this verified bop with a narrative celebrating big throw-back energy from the POV of an era when milk crates were used to carry our records to the spot and tunes would tell a tale of an emerging culture. Our culture. A culture we call HOUSE.

Driven by an infectious walking bass line and hypnotic synth stabs coupled with a narrative paying homage to our favourite Chicago and New York pioneers, ‘Play It Twice’ celebrates new school and old school together and is sure to shake some tails from the early afternoon at a festival all the way through the late hours of the night at the club.



Hazmat Live – Deeper Work EP (Deep Sequence Records)

Release Date: – Friday, February 23 2024

Deep Sequence Records are set to release the latest offering from the Hazmat Live. With their eagerly anticipated EP, “Deeper Work”, dropping on February 23, 2024. This four-track record is an excursion into the artist’s inner universe, an experience that resonates with the soul of the artist.

Hazmat Live describes “Deeper Work” as “A true piece of my soul!! I want you to come on a journey into further reaches and dance in the star dust with me.” This sentiment is evident throughout the EP. Each track offers a unique gateway into the artist’s creative expression. The EP is a collection of tracks with a cohesive narrative that invites listeners to join the artist in the depths of Hazmat Live’s sonic explorations.

Artist Social Links:



error.func – Open Your Mind (Lucidlfow Records)

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. error.func, our beloved wizard of melodic tech-house, is back in the spotlight with his latest dance masterpiece, “Open Your Mind” – a mesmerizing blend of his iconic style with an adventurous progressive twist.

Think of it as a musical narrative, weaving a tale that takes you from the innermost depths of introspection to the expansive heights of euphoria.
Embark on a deep, dramatic odyssey in sound.

Social Media Links:
instagram @error.func
instagram @lucidflowrecords
subscribe Youtube/@Lucidflow








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