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New Treats Week-05-2024

Written by on 08/02/2024


IPI – Sail On Sailor EP (Cue Label)

Release date: 2024-02-26
Exclusive date: 2024-02-19

DJ and producer IPI, known as [@theoneandonlyipi] on Instagram, unveils his debut release “Sail on Sailor” on the revered CUE-Music label. With a pulsating heartbeat of groovy minimal techno, IPI is set to leave an indelible mark on the genre.

CUE-Music, a trailblazing label renowned for nurturing forward-thinking artists, proudly welcomes IPI into its roster. The collaboration promises to be a groundbreaking fusion of IPI’s distinct style and CUE Music’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. The whole Sail on Sailor EP takes listeners on an immersive journey through the depths of groovy minimal techno.

The release showcases IPI’s meticulous craftsmanship, with each track delivering a sonic experience that transcends the ordinary. Pulsating basslines, ethereal synths, and infectious rhythms are woven together to create a tapestry of sound that captures the essence of the modern electronic music landscape.



Mika Olson – Lite (Déepalma Records)

Release Date(s): 23rd February 2024

Déepalma Records welcomes Vietnam-based Mika Olson back to the label this February with his immersive new Deep House cut, ‘Lite.’

Born in Germany and now based in Saigon, Mika Olson has become a frequent contributor to Déepalma’s evergrowing catalogue of club-focused releases. Following ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Better’ and ‘Drift Away’, Mika is back on Déepalma with his latest single, ‘Lite’, showcasing his signature deepened sonics, comprising punchy drums, subtly gliding percussive drive, resonant synths and exotic vocals.



Always Friends – Significant Other EP (No Way Back Records)

Brad Eller forges a new path with the Significant Other EP, his first release as Always Friends. The Austin-based producer, known for projects like Duo Electro and Glass Slipper, pours decades of experience into this EP, creating a sound that’s not just for the ears but for the soul. Combining 1/3 deep house, 1/3 dub techno, and 1/3 euphoric vibes, each track is woven into a seamless auditory tapestry. It’s an all-original, sample-free journey perfect for DJs and casual listeners alike.

The EP kicks off with its title track, a synth-heavy anthem that sets a rhythmic precedent for the tracks that follow. From the subdued intensity of “Safe Passage” to the dreamlike arpeggios of “Coming Of Age,” each track is a distinct narrative. The soul-stirring “Say More” transitions smoothly into the reflective “Moving Forward,” and the EP concludes with the Rhythm & Sound influenced “Little Chant.” This collection, mastered by the skilled Rob Small, moves at a brisk tempo of 126-130 bpm, yet maintains a calm, comfortable, and evolving musical logic. The Significant Other EP leads the listener down the path to new and fresh destinations.

Label and Artist Links:



Miraj (AU) – Unstable (Valiant Records)

Miraj makes a triumphant return to Valiant with another exceptional deep house release.

“Unstable” is characterised by its silky smooth sound and warm vibes, making it a must-have addition to any music collection.




FNX Omar feat Mr. V – The Place (Get Physical Music)

FNX Omar is back on Get Physical Music after his superb recent remix of James Curd & Osunlade with a new single alongside Mr V.

FNX Omar is a leader in the field of Afro-house. The Moroccan is a regular on this label with a unique and organic sound that draws on his own heritage. Mr. V meanwhile, is an American legend and boss of the Soul Channel label whose sound is like taking a trip back in time to dance music’s golden age, while his iconic vocals are some of the most recognisable in the scene.

‘The Place’ is a sophisticated deep house trip with whispered vocals adding to the candle-lit atmosphere. The drums are soft and deep as they roll on under vamping chords. Wispy melodies add further enchantment to what is a sublime late-night lullaby.

This is a magical deep house outing from the dream team pairing of FNX Omar and Mr. V.



Demarkus Lewis – Want You (House Global Alliance)

Demarkus Lewis unveils ‘Want You’ on House Global Alliance, a deep groover adorned with a lush vocal. This release marks Lewis’s mastery, blending soulful melodies with infectious rhythms.



Gian Delly – Soft Evening (iM Electronica)

Release date: 16/02/2024

Soft Evening captures the essence of deep house, combining addictive grooves with atmospheric melodies to create a unique sonic experience.

The song stands out for its ability to transport the listener into a state of tranquility and at the same time stimulate vital energy. It’s the ideal soundtrack for moments of reflection or dancing the night away, offering a compelling mix of classic and innovative elements in the deep house landscape.



ReiRei & Minoas Cirillo – Ruins (Kindisch Records)

In a harmonious collaboration, electronic music artist ReiRei and seasoned producer and singer Minoas Cirillo unveil their latest single, “Ruins.” Released under the prestigious Kindisch label, this captivating organic house journey brings together ReiRei’s signature blend of electronic and acoustic sounds with Minoas Cirillo’s unique sonic signature.

ReiRei, a visionary producer, is celebrated for his ability to seamlessly merge electronic and acoustic elements into a fresh and minimalist signature sound. Minoas Cirillo, a Cologne-based artist, has meticulously carved his own sonic identity over time, establishing himself as a distinguished electronic music producer and singer.

ReiRei’s collaboration with Minoas Cirillo on “Ruins” elevates their sonic exploration to new heights, resulting in a relaxed organic house track. The single is characterized by gentle percussion, soothing piano chords, and soft vocal whispers, creating an atmospheric and enchanting composition that stands out in the electronic music landscape.

ReiRei and Minoas Cirillo invite listeners to embark on a journey, exploring the vast landscapes of “Ruins” and experiencing the magic that unfolds within each note and beat.



QuestionmarQ – Hardware Hideout Sessions 1 (Vision Collective Recordings)

Hardware Hideout Session 1 comprises of three new tracks from Irish DJ/Producer QuestionmarQ. Each track is composed/created in one take using an array of electronic music hardware with a sound crossing both deep house and tech house.




Damian Rausch – Ground EP (Feedasoul Records)

Format: Digital
Release Date: 22.03.2024

Feedasoul Records sets the tone with its first release of the year, featuring the distinctive sounds of Damian Rauch.

This captivating two-track EP starts with ‘Ground’, a track that brings a hard-hitting combination of sharp drums and energetic hi-hats. The rhythm is enriched with atmospheric synth chords and smoky vocal chops, An ode to the 90s with this soulful yet spacey vibe perfect for the dancefloor. ‘We Got to Know’ follows, maintaining high energy with a rhythmic bounce and deep, soulful vocal cuts.

Each track showcases Damian’s unique flair for blending classic house elements with a fresh approach.”

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