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New Treats Week-09-2024

Written by on 06/03/2024


Jade Nickels & Persie Botta – One Rhythm 2 Cities EP (Rogue Decibes)

The first release of the year drops stylishly late, as usual, from a pair of newcomers to the label.

Jade Nickels and Persie Botta join forces hailing from 2 far corners of South Africa – Cape Town and Limpopo – hence the title One rhythm 2 cities. The pair capture Neo soul chords, House, Jazz and art, uniquely crafted with uplifting vocals and whilst only having a handful of releases, have recently been featured on Jimpster’s Freerange imprint.

Crisp beats and warm melodies are the order of the day across these 3 tracks.



Alexander Bollinger – Being Alone EP (Personal Belongings)

As Spring gets closer and closer, warmer weather means warmer beats. Alexander Bollinger debuts on Personal Belongings presenting ‘Being Alone’, a beautiful EP powered with two remixes by Mauro B and Alejandro Molina.

The journey starts with two original mixes, ‘Being Alone’ and ‘Your Soul’. Nostalgic feelings, uplifting melodies and heart-touching vocals are the trademark of both tracks, offering the right balance between energic beats and chilled atmospheres.

On the remix duties, we are so happy to host again Mauro B and Alejandro Molina. Mauro B speeds up the original, converting it on a groovy jam elevated from the beach, to the dancefloor. Alejandro Molina presents another Deep House banger with his usual catchy 80’s heritage.



Breyth & Mavhungu – Vuwani (Deep In Your Soul)

Release Date: 5th April 2024

Deep In Your Soul Records is thrilled to announce the latest auditory voyage ‘Vuwani’, a soul-stirring single by the celebrated Portuguese artist Breyth, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Mavhungu. This release also includes a hypnotic remix by the Belgian rising talent Aytiwan, promising to invigorate the Afro House scene.

‘Vuwani’, meaning ‘Arouse’, ‘Awake’, or ‘Wake Up’ in the Venda language, is a track that captures the essence of awakening. Breyth’s original mix is a symphonic journey intertwined with Mavhungu’s compelling vocals and melodious piano arrangements, evoking the serene feeling of a sunrise. Breyth, known for his electrifying presence in the electronic music landscape and his innovative label Arrifana Records, brings his signature dynamism to this track. His sounds have echoed through the airwaves of BBC Radio and reverberated in clubs from Lisbon to Berlin.

Mavhungu lends her South African and international afro pop excellence to the single, her Venda heritage pulsating through every note. Her voice, seasoned by performances on platforms like the Morning Live Show and the Winnie Jazz Restaurant, adds an authentic and vibrant layer to the track.

Aytiwan’s remix offers a deeper, more introspective take, with repetitive synths and a profound bassline that promises to resonate within the souls of listeners. His recent accolades, such as the widespread acclaim for his work ‘Iphathi’, and endorsements from giants like Black Coffee, project his remix of ‘Vuwani’ as the next big hit to grace the Afro House charts.

Deep In Your Soul Records invites you to embrace the call of ‘Vuwani’. Let the melodies awaken your spirit and the rhythms compel you to rise with the sun. Experience the synergy of Breyth’s production prowess, Mavhungu’s enchanting vocals, and Aytiwan’s transformative soundscape.






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