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New Treats Week-10-2022

Written by on 16/03/2022


Sascha Dive – Rhythm Mode EP (CUE Label)

Frankfurt native Sascha Dive returns to Sven Jaeger’s electronic music powerhouse CUE Music with “Rhythm Mode” EP, bringing forward three fresh cuts, one of which is made in collaboration with Robert Owens. A remix of “Children Of The Light” by the Romanian duo Heerd is also included on the album.



Tidy Daps – Mountain Noise EP (Haute Musique)

Release Date:
March 25th 2022 (Beatport Exclusive)
April 8th 2022 (Worldwide)

Following their amazing single ‘Compartir’ released a few months ago on Haute Musique and supported by the likes of Gene Farris, Lars Behrenroth, Alvaro Hylander, Deephope, Tom Lown, Tim Angarve and Will Sumsuch to name but a few, Tidy Daps return to the label to deliver their ‘Mountain Noise EP’ for our 52nd release.

The EP consists of two Original tracks named ‘Some Noise’ and ‘In The Mountain’. Both tracks are deep and groovy with Tidy Daps’ signature production sound present throughout.



riccicomoto feat UK JOJO – Only Woman I Ever Loved (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
March 18th 2022 (Beatport Exclusive)
April 1st 2022 (Worldwide)

The latest single taken from riccicomoto’s 2021 ‘Huge Distances LP’ on Ready Mix Records, ‘Only Woman I Ever Loved’ comes complete with new remixes by Forteba and Mellow Men.

Blending dub, blues and electronic music sounds, ‘Only Woman I Ever Loved’ is quite a unique piece of music, and nicely reflects the eclectic, genre-agnostic nature of ‘Huge Distances’, and indeed riccicomoto’s output overall.

Seasoned Hungarian producer Forteba re-imagines ‘Only Woman I Ever Loved’ as a slow-mo Deep House gem, retaining a dubby feel whilst building up a hypnotic, low-slung groove.

Mellow Men, aka Davor Osusko, Kiano and Below Bangkok, conjure up a downtempo, dubbed-to-death, atmospheric anthem, somewhat reminiscent of vintage Kruder & Dorfmeister.



Martin Robinson – Tangle EP (Sound Optix)

Tangle is one of those tracks that bridges the gap between various styles. It has a minimal, stripped back feel at times incorporating tight percussion, interesting textures and plenty of ear candy to keep you hooked. Lush pads and stabs then develop the theme to take things a little deeper.

Tomorrow has a slightly more edgy, futuristic feel to it. Tech stabs and a deep rolling bassline combine with driving percussion and a compelling synth line to create the energy that transports you away from the bar and onto the dance floor.

Release date: April 8 2022



Ezra Collins – Be With Me EP (Colour In Music)

The year 2022 started underground, so we are keeping that deep vibe and quality, releasing great music and not names.
We have a newcomer to our artist’s crew, from USA, Ezra Collins with his EP ‘Be With Me’.

‘Be With Me’ comes as the perfect intro for this 4 track EP.

Minimal elements combined with Dub Techno scapes. Warm chords and pads build the right tension with the percussion while the vocal ‘Be With Me’ drives you through this flow.

Max Cohle answered the call to remix ‘Be With Me’.
Max grabs the original stems with a twist. Strong sub bassline drives into the dancefloor construction. A perfect B-Side track. Deep and smooth House.

‘Outta My House’ is the EP’s groover.
Hypnotic atmosphere, crispy hats, acid touched bassline all over the track. The underground vocals and melodic synths make the transitions and elevate this tune to a solid level. The dream pads are the cherry on top. Deep tech flavor.

Outta My House’s remix comes from Mike Novatt.
And what a bomb! He took the original vocals and chords to a jacking and strong house presence. Raw style with polish elements at the same time.

A must have for the pack. And the perfect way to end it.











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