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New Treats Week-10-2024

Written by on 14/03/2024


Dubman F. – Your Eyes EP (Beachside Records)

Dubman F., one of our favorite artists, has visited Beachside Records with its final work entitled ‘Your Eyes EP’, a short track with high-energy percussion rhythms and an atmospheric ambient sound, which is definitely a track of much potency lleno de toques deep que no llevaran a un grand viaje sonoro.

Separate mention is the great remix of New Herman (MEX), RADR Remix which ended with this playing with large sounds in minimal depth which is safe for the already content and with good sound.

Mastering by PROshove Mastering
Published by Beachside Records
P&C 2024 Beachside Records



Florian Gasperini – Hijos Del Sol EP (Be Adult Music)

The long-awaited release “Hijos Del Sol” is finally here. This masterpiece by Florian Gasperini consists of 3 original mixes and, of course, features a unique and personal organic house style.

This is the 354th BAM release, an essential record for all organic house lovers.

Not to miss.



Kenny Knight – Your Sunshine (Coastline Recordings)

The latest release from Coastline Recordings, “Your Sunshine,” finds label head Kenny Knight delivering two mixes that are ready for dancing in the sun this spring and summer. Demarkus Lewis adds his signature touch of deep and soulful bounce with Demarkus’s Rain or Shine Mix.

The release kicks off with Kenny’s main mix, showcasing the soulful vocal sample over a solid mix of drums and Moog bass. Kenny, an aficionado of analog synths, often reaches for his Moog Voyager to deliver the bass, as is the case here. Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, this track could become a “go-to” for those moments in a DJ’s set.

The second version, Kenny’s Sax in the Shade Mix, reworks the main mix and makes a sexy sax hook the star. This is a production approach Kenny loves to take as a sax player himself and a lover of horns in house music. The vocals receive a more delayed dub treatment, sharing the stage with the saxophone as they work as one to thread the melody in and out of the mix.

The third mix, Demarkus Lewis’s remix, shows why his production talents are in such demand. Demarkus creates a glowing mix that’s completely his own and flips the vocal, as if by magic, to follow his vision. This piece of ear candy keeps one wanting to hit replay. From the bouncing groove to the sparkling pads and keys, his signature spice is all over this one. Summer may not last forever, but this mix will make you feel like it could.



Rosko De Soul – Gorgeous EP (Agua Salada Records)

Release Date: March 22th, 2024

Rosko De Soul introduces “Gorgeous,” an exceptional 3-track EP radiating positive vibes.

With warm tones and a captivating rhythm, this release evokes a sense of well-being. Each track delivers a unique sonic experience, blending seamlessly to create an uplifting atmosphere. From the smooth melodies to the infectious beats, “Gorgeous” promises to uplift listeners and leave them feeling energized and content.


Agua Salada Social Media:



VA – Profoundness Vol.1 (Deep Clicks Music)

Release Date: March 29th, 2024

DCM Introduces its latest masterpiece: a compilation of Various Artists, delivering 10 mesmerising deep tracks.

Dive into the world of Deep House with seasoned artists from our roster and exciting newcomers, each bringing their own captivating spin to the genre.

Get ready for an immersive journey through the diverse visions of our talented collaborators.

Deep Clicks Social Media:



Petals In Sound – Rhode to Nowhere EP (Fluid Funk Records)

Taking her talents to Fluid Funk here comes Liverpool’s very own Louise Baldwin, alias Petals In Sound. She has been championing a floor-oriented sound both delectably groovy and soulful over the years, and her debut for Fluid Funk, “Rhode to Nowhere”, is a testament to the silkiness of her musical touch. Joined up by Carlo on remix duty, the British producer serves up a quartet of charmingly jacking and loungey blends, geared and ready for extensive club use, whether you’re in for a last sunset dance or need warming the crowd up to a simmer in no time. Summer’s here already.

The title-track, ‘Rhode to Nowhere’ is pure Chicagoan business in the purest sense of the term. Take a straight out hissy shuffle, add up some smoky reverbs, intricate drum programming and ethereal pads languidly scudding by, and you pretty much got what this one’s about. Harnessed by Carlo, the track morphs into a further hi-velocity number, packing some serious 90s vibes and a deep, exhilaratingly flavorsome mix of zesty house patterns and understated ambient-ish quality.

Going the more in-your-face route, “Furusato” injects some bassy power to the equation, whilst stressing further on the hazy jazz suavity. Smacking of cold Havanas and ron-like exhalations, this one’s a trip on its own, fusing the liquid-like flowrate of modern dance music with the soulfulness of brass-laden bop on a slow, after time tip. Switching back to the no-nonsense jacking dynamics of the opener and lead single, “Lido” exudes pure sensuality throughout its four-minute-odd showdown of gridlocked 4×4 manoeuvres, piano stabs and synth-splattered funk out the space disco age.

Feel the love.







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