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New Treats Week-11-2023

Written by on 24/03/2023


Eddy Romero feat Jen Bleux – The Reality (Expmental Records)

The latest release from label boss Eddy Romero featuring the wonderful vocals of his wife Jen Bleux is a unique blend of minimalism and dark sounds. The track has an amazing slow groove that captures all listeners in its infectious rhythms, while also providing enough space for the listener to explore their own interpretations within it.

The package also includes 3 nice remixes by Brizman, Pornbugs, and Nicolas Duvoisin to bring this song into even more exciting realms. Brizman takes original sounds and transports them onto his unique universe; Pornbugs adds full groovy flavor for maximum impact; whilst Nicolas Duvoisin rounds off the package by bringing cosmic-inspired melodies that make ‘The Reality’ even more mesmerizing than before!

From deep sounds to cosmic minimalism there’s something here for everyone – not to miss.



Ryno – Kiss Me (Sound Vessel Records)

Ryno coming to SVR with his Spring Theme tune called Kiss Me. This is his first single release with SVR and it’s an invitation to celebrate the Spring season. The track and remixes are a blend of Melodic, uplifting and deep vibes. So enjoy the warm vibes of this release.



Kataya & Sonixfear – Two Scrambled Eggs EP (Be Adult Music)

Kataya and Sonixfear are a duo of talented Polish producers who have decided to join forces in order to create two well designed, highly functional but also brilliantly charming grooves that can be perfect for every mood.

When adding the name Karol XVII & MB Valence to the lot – the pair that brings their fine studio know-how to all the remixes, we know that the mixture should definitely be infinitely deep and widescreen.



Demarkus Lewis – I Keep Breakin (Grin Music)

Demarkus Lewis brings forth his signature deep vibe on “I Keep Breakin”. Lewis pulls back no punches as he demonstrates why deep douse DJs continue to show heavy support.



VA – G2B3 Compilation 02 (It’s Good To Be A Tree)

Release Date: Friday 7 April 2023
Format: Digital

It’s Good To Be A Tree is a deep and atmospheric record label run by Sergey Pushkin, which focuses on downtempo/organic house with indigenous sounds, flowing percussion and heart-warming melodies.

The label’s focus is to create a collaborative environment where artists from different genres can come together on one platform and this latest release is an eight-track compilation featuring solo music by Daniel Hokum, Kuumba, Last Gentleman On Playa, Valique, Yassen, Zoe Reijue and Sergey Pushkin. There is also a three-way collaboration between Betelgeize, Beznosuk and Valique.

Daniel Hokum is the only artist on the release who hasn’t previously featured on It’s Good To Be A Tree and collectively the artists have individually featured on other influential record labels including the likes of Kosa, Underyourskin, down., LNDKHN, Leveldva, Compost, Serafin Audio Imprint and Heimlich Musik.

Yassen’s “Moon Camp” has bleeping synth melodies and swelling pads layered with a deep bassline and shaking percussion that forms the foundation for a hallucinatory vocal sample.

Zoe Reijue’s “Slow Me Down” has poignant piano chords and digitised vocals layered with a juddering bassline and stripped back percussion.

Daniel Hokum’s “Equilibrium” is an electro-tinged downtempo track with bursts of white noise and eerie synths layered over breakbeat percussion and a lurching bassline.

Last Gentleman On Playa’s “Horny Elephants” fuses dramatic percussion with deep breathing and elephant samples that intertwine with dubby guitar chords washed in delay.

The collaborative track by Betelgeize, Beznosuk and Valique titled “La Tribu Triangular” orientates around earth congas and an assortment of sounds ranging from psychedelic guitar licks to marimba style melodies.

Kuumba’s “Homecomforts” focuses on trippy synths that flutter between shuffling percussion and throbbing bass notes.

Valique’s “Phetoho” has tribal rhythms and tropical atmosphere combined with spiralling synths that together create an upbeat Afro house groove.

Sergey Pushkin’s “Fading Away (feat. Unibird)” has a sensual vocal by Unibird which is nestled on a bed of liquid textures and ripening synths, all while the funk of the bassline carries the groove.



Uone – Phantom Whistler Ch.2 (Beat & Path Recordings)

Chapter 2 sees 4 new cuts of some funky grooved upbeat vibes, ambient goodness and some organic flavours.

Tribal drums tap generously on the title track ‘Phantom Whistler’, a warm deep house number for days covered in dark clouds. With lamenting guitars, trumpets and snapping castanets, it feels Catalan-inspired, a bullfighter reminiscing on a long-lost love and an unforgiving present.

‘Lake at Dusk’ (one of four interludes on the LP) acts as the perfect rumination on the prior cut’s keening energy. Featuring renowned sound healer Christian Dimarco, it utilises a pan flute and clear brooks to create an organic mindfulness machine aiming to mend.

With the philosophical lines drawn, the BPMs and intent are cranked on ‘Thought Control’. The only way to highlight the incendiary message (‘we don’t need no thought control’) is through confidant guitars and sleazy drums working in tandem with bass so thick it would take 10 lasso ropes to contain its power. This is a cosmically enhanced groove of the highest order.

While seeking adventure in France, the Phantom Whistler crossed paths with a saxophone-playing melomaniac. The result: interlude number three; a gorgeous one-take field recording called ‘The Frenchman’s Rest’, its velvet tones a refuge from the cold urban noise.




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