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New Treats Week-12-2024

Written by on 27/03/2024


Hot Oasis – Farfasha EP (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 12 April 2024
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas, presents a sun-drenched organic house EP by Egyptian artist Hot Oasis, which also includes a stunning solo rework from A X L, plus a psychedelic collaborative remix by Sabo and Sarkis Mikael.

Hot Oasis is well known for his previous releases on Sol Selectas and other prestigious record labels ranging from Lump Records to Stil vor Talent. His sound is inspired by the desert sands, ancient artifacts and pyramids of Egypt. This gives his tracks a mystical vibe that’s full of enchantment and wonder.

On remix duty, Sabo has teamed up with fellow American artist, Sarkis Mikael. Both based in Los Angeles, this is the first time these two globe-trotting artists have teamed up in the Studio. Heavily influenced by the different cultures they have experienced on their travels; they are kindred spirits who share the same philosophy of life and music. Individually, they have contributed music to other record labels such as Pipe & Pochet, Hoomidaas, Beat & Path, and REDOLENT.

A X L is an Egyptian artist making a return to Sol Selectas after a recent contribution to the imprint’s Global Entry 5 compilation. He has a compelling style that takes music from traditional Egyptian culture, and mixes them with a modern electronic sound. He has also featured this unique style on other respected organic house labels such as trndmsk, Kosa and Camel Riders.

“Ghazali” is the EP’s opening track, and it centres round the emotional tones of Egyptian vocalist Aziza. Her haunting vocals are layered over flowing percussion that’s shrouded by majestic pads and the rhythmic notation of the melody. The track’s title translates to “beautiful person” in Arabic slang.

“Farfasha” combines breakbeat drum patterns with sparkling santoor chords that along with the throb off the bass synth, form a bouncing groove. Sweeping pads provide moody suspense, while the track unfolds to release its splendor upon the world. The santoor is played by Bahramji who also adds some atmospheric vocals to the track, and the title translates as “Happy” in Egyptian.

Sabo and Sarkis Mikael’s remix of “Farfasha” brings out the original’s vocals to become a prominent feature, and switches the groove to a four/four kick pattern. It’s a cinematic version that also lifts the energy while building suspense.

A X L’s remix of “Ghazali” lifts the tempo and toughens the percussion to create an upbeat version with a new lead melody and trippy synth modulations that give his rework a cosmic vibe. The use of Arabic melodies and keyboard solos fill this version with exuberant personality.

The cover art by Helia Jamali guides us through the staircase to the portal of light and happiness.



Casomado – Because I Dig It (Friskybeat Records)

Friskybeat Records proudly presents Casomado’s latest release, “Because I Dig It,”.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Chicago house style, the music incorporates an array of playful elements. The tracks primary motif features vibrant chord stabs, intertwined with staggered baselines and elusive acid-house moments. Echoing throughout the music is an evocative vocal sample that conveys a self-reflective message and declares a connection to love.

“Because I Dig It,” suggests Casomado’s affirmation of the tracks origins and his deep connection to the Chicago house sound. With three distinct edits, including “Luis Machuca’s session mix, this release certainly delivers! Dig it.

Label and Artist Links:



Rockin Moroccin & Skeleton Army – Touch (Get Physical Music)

Rockin Morrocin continues to serve up his superb collaborations on Get Physical Music, this one coming alongside Skeleton Army.

In the past, this London-born and raised artist has worked with Redward Martin and Davide Ruberto as well as serving up solo sounds on this label. They are the latest fruits of his labours throughout a 15-year career that took him from an early love of 80’s electro to DJing at house parties whilst working at a drum and bass record store. He has an eclectic style these days and is a favourite at clubs like HEART Ibiza. This one sees him link up with Skeleton Army, aka John Morrow, who has previously been part of pioneering drum & bass outfits Foul Play and 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The brilliantly atmospheric ‘Touch’ is a spine-tingling house groove with shimming pads that bring warmth and soul to a rhythm sprinkled with organic percussion. As it shuffles on, alluring and heartfelt female vocals bring smoky seduction of the sort that will get emotions flowing on the dance floor.

This superb track from Rockin Morrocin & Skeleton Army exudes indelible emotion.



Astova Planet – Fall In (Haute Musique)

Release Dates:
April 5th 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
April 19th 2024 (Worldwide)

Rising talent Astova Planet makes a powerful entrance with his debut single ‘Fall In’ on Haute Musique’s 55th instalment. This release marks a significant milestone for the artist, showcasing his unique blend of deep textures and infectious vibe.

‘Fall In’ comes in two captivating renditions.

The Original Mix emerges as a profound and sensual masterpiece, showcasing Astova Planet’s prowess in crafting captivating compositions. With an infectious vocal weaving through the intricate layers, the track invites listeners on a journey through emotive landscapes.

Adding another dimension to the release is the mesmerizing remix by D.M.P. Known for his expertise in re-imagining tracks, D.M.P delivers a version that infuses ‘Fall In’ with his signature production style while staying true to the essence of the original. The result is a hypnotic rendition that amplifies the allure of ‘Fall In’ and offers listeners a fresh perspective.

This release serves as a testament to Astova Planet’s talent and sets the stage for a promising future.



John Creamer & Stephane K – Forget The World (2024 RMXS Pt.2) (Ready Mix Records)

Release Dates:
March 29th 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
April 12th 2024 (Worldwide)

In time for Miami’s Music Week, Ready Mix Records presents the second of two remix packages celebrating John Creamer & Stephane K’s 2003 classic ‘Forget The World’, with fresh new versions by Ismael Rivas, BiG AL, Anhauser & Nicolas Leonelli and NOAM (NYC) & NIKITA.

Originally issued on white label vinyl in 2003, the Jim Morrison-sampling ‘Forget The World’ is beloved the world over, a timeless example of the early progressive house sound.

First up, Spanish deejay and producer Ismael Rivas’ epic version which appeared exclusively on Wally Lopez’ Global Underground DJ Mix Series 003 back in 2009. Ismael turns in a rolling, self-assured version of ‘Forget The World’ with a percussive vibe and pristine sonics.

Ready Mix bossman BiG AL takes us to the jungle with his tribal, atmospheric distillation of ‘Forget The World’ that is subtle but deceptively potent. Seek the counsel of a trusted spirit guide before consuming.

Next up, Anhauser & Nicolas Leonelli turn in a deep Afro-Tech blend of the song, bringing pulsing arpeggios and syncopated rhythms together to dizzying late-night effect.

Closing out the package, NOAM (NYC), John Creamer’s partner in UpAllNight, collabs with NIKITA to
deliver a tribal-infused homage to the Creamer & K classic. Coming in hot from Brooklyn NY, this final mix is unmistakably modern while keeping with the energy and rhythm of the legendary original mix of ‘Forget The World’.

This banger is sure to keep the dance floor occupied!



Kuzey – Slide Tonight (Agua Salada Records)

Dive into the dynamic soundscape of Saltwater Records as they unveil Kuzeys latest single, “Slide Tonight,” accompanied by captivating remixes from Chanknous and Lafreq.

In the original track, Kuzey delicately weaves together layers of warmth and tranquility, inviting listeners on a mesmerizing journey. Chanknous injects his signature style into the remix, infusing the track with a fresh, personal touch that energizes the dance floor. Meanwhile, Lafreqs remix transports us to an ethereal realm, enveloping us in the lush depths of their atmospheric pads.

Each rendition offers a unique perspective, promising an unforgettable auditory experience that resonates long after the music fades.

Release Date: April 05th, 2024

Agua Salada Social Media:



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