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New Treats Week-13-2024

Written by on 04/04/2024


Los Hermanos del Alma – Esto Es Un Show (Les Disques Du Bord De L’Eau)

Alexandre Sumi embarks on a new adventure with the band Los Hermanos del Alma. This project originated in Cuba in 2019, where he and his brother had the opportunity to forge deep bonds intertwining music and friendship. The result of this experience is both explosive and surprising.

This debut album of this new journey, titled “Oya,” offers a fusion of Afro-Cuban rock, a true musical UFO with diverse influences such as Afro-beat, rock fusion, Latin jazz, and Afro-Cuban soul vocal elements.

For the creation of this album, the band surrounded themselves with a tribe of musicians, immersing themselves fully in Havana.


Digital release: 1 May 2024



Tidy Daps – Do You Read Music EP (Personal Belongings)

Tidy Daps return to PB with another groovy EP.

The polish duo still on fire, delivering this time two intimate, rhythmic cuts perfect to warm up the dancefloor.




Ryno – Mind Body And Soul (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Dishing the House goodness outta Queens, New York – Ryno drops our next single in the form of Mind Body And Soul – a moody tech excursion with crisp percussion, hypnotic pads and (slightly) familiar vox refrain.

On remix duties we call to SA where label boss Matt Prehn takes us on a smooth and abstract journey whilst label fave Gift of Africa turns in more of his signature dubby vibes.



Pandhora – Pandhora EP (Pandhora Records)

Heat is spreading across many parts of the world, providing the perfect excuse to think about swimsuits, tropical sunsets, and beach parties. Far from the pressures of work, the pollution of big cities, and the daily challenges. To celebrate this, French duo Pandhora has captured the essence of good life, good vibes, and good company in a new track produced in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Stephane Salerno: ‘Papaya’.

‘Deep End’ is inspired by those performances when connecting with music is not the focal point. Instead, music becomes another embellishment tainted by modern humanity, drug consumption, glamor, luxury, and the heavy use of cell phones. When family and friends are far away, and when home feels farther than ever, these situations can take their toll on artists.

Sometimes love manifests in unpredictable forms. It encompasses both romantic intensity and toxic depths. This is precisely what ‘Entre Deux’ signifies. The title plays with the notion of two individuals who, while complementing one another, find themselves ensnared in an endless loop of anguish.



Korey – In Da Groove EP (MicroHertz Records)

Release Date: 29th March 2024

The fast up and coming Cambridge based producer Korey sets the dancefloor alight with his latest EP, In Da Groove, released on Archie Hamilton’s the influential MicroHertz imprint curated by Archie Hamilton.

Korey’s ascent into the minimal / deep tech scene has been impressive. With his take on the sound, he has captured the attention of renowned DJs such as Archie Hamilton, Sidney Charles, Jamie Jones, Rossi., and Joseph Capriati, who have all championed Korey’s sound, propelling him into the spotlight.

The In Da Groove EP showcasing his penchant for crafting dynamic and infectious tracks that ignite the dancefloor. The title track, In Da Groove, is a high-octane anthem brimming with energy, power, and bounce. With a captivating vocal hook that beckons listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm, In Da Groove is destined to become a fan favourite and a staple in DJ sets worldwide.

On the flip side, Drive Me Crazy delivers an adrenaline-fueled sonic experience, featuring driving beats that get the crowd to move and intense breaks that send them into a frenzy. With its infectious energy and undeniable groove, Drive Me Crazy showcases why Korey has been championed by many a tastemaker.

With the release of In Da Groove EP on MicroHertz, Korey solidifies his position as a rising star in the minimal / deep tech scene. His undeniable talent and charisma, sets him apart as an artist to watch right now.



April 4, 2024
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