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New Treats Week-15-2023

Written by on 21/04/2023


Hideo Kobayashi feat Riwin – Bali Sky (Standard Music)

This single showcases the talents of two incredibly gifted musicians coming together to create a magical listening experience. Hideo’s signature chill-out beats and keyboard melodies blend seamlessly with Riwin’s tropical, laid-back acoustic guitar sound, resulting in a truly unique and captivating musical journey.

Indulge in the serene atmosphere of this production as the mid-tempo beats transport you to an island paradise. You’ll feel the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze of the sea as Riwin’s guitar strums harmoniously alongside Hideo’s balearic style rhythms. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or winding down after a long day, this music is sure to soothe your soul.

The collaboration between Hideo and Riwin is truly a match made in heaven, with each artist bringing their own distinctive style and creativity to the table. This digital release is a must-have for any House music lover or anyone who appreciates beautiful, intricate musical arrangements. So, sit back, relax, and let Hideo Kobayashi and Riwin take you on a musical journey you won’t forget.



Wassu – Not So Random EP (When We Dip TOR)

Release Date: Friday 28 April 2023
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR welcomes an organic house EP from imprint favourite Wassu.

Along with numerous previous releases on TOR and When We Dip’s other record label XYZ, Wassu has also featured tracks Seven Villas, Anjunadeep, TRYBESof and All Day I Dream.

Wassu is an American artist from New York who is well-known as a skilled DJ and has shared the decks with people ranging from DJ Tennis to Maceo Plex.

He has an innate knowledge of what works on the dance floor and he translates that into his tracks, which has been supported in the sets of highly influential DJs such as Lee Burridge, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Tim Green.

“Not So Random” opens the release with its uplifting piano riff and soaring pads that fuse with the shuffling rhythms of crisp percussion. “Loux” is a deep and atmospheric track with delicate melodies, and “Club 201” closes the release with its flowing drums, ethereal pads and spine-tingling synths.



Justin Rezvani – Here Be Dragons EP (Übersee Music)

Release Date: Saturday 6 May 2023

Namito’s record label, Übersee Music drops a new melodic house release with organic sounds and enchanting melodies by Justin Rezvani.

Übersee Music has previously featured tracks and remixes from the likes of Bebetta, Armen Miran, Sabo, Robbie Akbal, Marc Romboy and Phonique.

Justin Rezvani is an emerging talent making his first ever release with this stunning EP. His uplifting style has soothing textures and flowing percussion that enraptures the dance floor. He is a skilled DJ whose tracks translate his innate knowledge of how to captivate a dance floor, which has led to his productions coming to the attention of Namito.

“Here Be Dragons” is the EP’s title track and it opens the release with bassline flutters that are nestled alongside shuffling percussion rhythms and vocal chants that give the track a mystical vibe. Its gentle pads and powerful melody synth combine to create an epic groove that moves mind, body and soul.

“Begoo” is second of the two original tracks and it’s got a deep bassline rich with sub-bass and looped vocal textures that rise and fall underneath the flickering rhythms of the high-end percussion. The track eloquently unfolds as it builds towards an exhilarating breakdown that introduces spellbinding Persian vocals by Tannaz Abbassioun.



K2W0 – Aint No Sunshine EP (Kamai Music)

Release Date: Friday 5 May 2023
Format: Digital

Jacob Groening’s record label, Kamai Music, drops a new organic house EP from K2W0 which also features remixes by SAQIB, Lost Boy and Jacob Groening.

K2W0 is an emerging talent from London, UK who has been turning heads with exquisite releases on Magician On Duty, MONADA, KataHaifisch and Talpa Records. His style blends poignant melodies with trippy atmosphere and flowing percussion. He is a well-travelled DJ and producer whose music takes influence from the different cultures he has experienced.

SAQIB is an American artist from Brooklyn who has a stripped-back and techy sound with immersive atmosphere. He has featured his downtempo style on labels ranging from Sabo’s Sol Selectas to BLOND:ISH’s Abracadabra Music.

Lost Boy is a Canadian artist whose sound fuses dreamscape melodies and lush organic sounds with shuffling percussion rhythms to create downtempo house with uplifting atmosphere. His music takes influence from his Asian heritage and he has featured on record labels such as Bar 25, Kosa and Sol Selectas.

Jacob Groening is an internationally respected artist from Germany who regularly travels the world as a headline DJ. His eclectic sound ranges from downtempo electronic to melodic house and everything in between. He is also a talented producer who along with releasing via his own Kamai Music has also worked with Earthly Delights, The Gardens of Babylon, Cosmic Awakenings and 3000 Grad Records.

“Aint No Sunshine” is a jazz-inspired track which fuses a sensual saxophone sample with soulful vocals washed in psychedelic effects. Built upon an acid bassline and framework of upbeat percussion, it’s a forward-thinking piece of dance floor orientated music with timeless elements.

SAQIB’s indie dance remix of Aint No Sunshine adds a chunky new bassline and dramatic snare hits. Removing the saxophone, it focuses on the original’s vocals and a sparkling new melody synth.

Jacob Groening’s remix of Aint No Sunshine is a restructured version of the original with a stripped-back sound that removes the saxophone, which unfolds with a purposeful precision that transforms the track into a streamlined version that’s perfect for DJ use.

“Sometimes” has chopped-up guitar chords that fade in and out to create a lo-fi groove that’s accompanied by a fluttering saxophone, poignant piano chords and bluesy vocal phrases. The sequenced percussion creates a solid foundation that ties the parts together while filling the track with forward momentum.

Lost Boy’s remix of Sometimes is a refined version that pushes back the original’s guitar to create a deep atmosphere where the vocals have space to take centre stage. It’s a stripped-back version with the addition of an uplifting synth melody that’s introduced in the second half of this light and breezy remake.



Hosini – Koala (Kindisch Records)

Cultured deep house label Kindisch welcomes Stockholm-based Hosini for shimmering new single ‘Koala’.

Hosini is a master of sparkling melodies and late-night house grooves that draw you deep into their emotional charms. He’s dropped a host of releases on Anjunadeep – including a lush recent ambient EP inspired by a summer of travelling – as well as on When We Dip. Hosini always brings a mindfulness to what he does, whether working solo or with Jones Meadow, and that is certainly the case again here.

The slow-burning ‘Koala’ is a perfectly organic track with gently rolling drums, serene strings, and a light sprinkling of toms. Gorgeous instrumentals bring charming melodies, and melancholic pads add gravitas to a heartwarming and subtly uplifting track underpinned by a warm bassline.

There is true musical craft and plenty of natural beauty to Hosini’s debut on Kindsich.



Eva Lansberg – Your Thoughts (Acussi Records)

Second Release of 2023 “Your Thoughts” on Accussi is a 2-Tracker from Riga-based producer Eva Lansberg & London-based Ben Murphy, who contributed in particular in Yaya’s “You Decide LP (The Remixes)”.

Original track of Eva Lansberg rides on the edge of classical minimal house and some trippy dub techno – note the light & ethereal synth chords creating a danceable poetic space inside the strict while as well bouncy rythmical structure of the kick, underlined by an overandover repeated vocal element which takes us back to the roots of genre, somewhere in Chicago.

Remix by Ben Murphy keeps the trippy dub techno vibe as well as the vocal gimmick but adds to it a fat rolling bassline, a killer tiny break and an undercover insanity in the assemblage of the elements that confers a vicious and satisfying vibe to the track and makes it a very interesting rework & a great weapon to turn a crowd into a sweaty crowd.



Stanccione – Natalia’s Theme EP (D-Edge Records)

Stanccione, one of the most important DJs in the Brazilian house scene, debuts on d-edge records bringing Natalia’s Theme. Contemporary Deep House crafted for the dance floors. Simply Taken, Easy Steps and Natalias’s Theme bring all needed groove and vibe for energetic sets and have been present in Stanccione’s sets among other djs.



Malle – Consciousness EP (Beachside Records)

Brother Malle returns to Beachside Records this time with his latest work entitled Consciousness EP. Check out two powerful tracks full of the finest tech house with crushing kicks, funky bass lines and vocals full of energy.

As an ideal complement there is an explosive remix from HOOD (PE) who ends up closing this great release with a flourish.

Available From Stores
Traxsource – 19th April 2023
Everywhere – 02th June 2023



Dub Taylor – Recombination EP (Lucidflow Records)

Lucidflow Records are thrilled to announce the latest release from the renowned electronic music artist, Dub Taylor. This three-track collection showcases the artist’s exceptional ability to blend the immersive worlds of dub techno and ambient music.

Dub Taylor’s new release features two mesmerising dub techno tracks, transporting listeners to a realm of deep, pulsating rhythms and hypnotic soundscapes. These tracks demonstrate the artist’s mastery of the genre, blending driving beats with atmospheric textures that captivate the listener from start to finish.

In addition to the dance floor offerings, this release also includes a stunning ambient track, further highlighting Dub Taylor’s versatility as a producer. The ambient piece provides a soothing and introspective journey, inviting listeners to explore the tranquil depths of their inner world.

Release Date
Apr 28, 2023 Beatport, Spotify
May 12, 2023 in all shops
Radio Edits available 14-04-2023 on Spotify excl.









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