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New Treats Week-16-2023

Written by on 29/04/2023


The Urban District – Driftbox LP (Limitation Music)

After seven years since the last album ”Mindset”, a new album by The Urban District is released under our label called ”Driftbox”. Like the previous one, the main theme of the dub sound is kept but this one is more refined. There is a bit more uplifting sound, more groove is inserted, few short vocals in some tracks and a different atmosphere which we are hearing with more pads and chords merging together. From the first track Driftbox 1 to Driftbox 10 you can hear a full and complete connection between songs.

The album is starting with an ambient reprise dub sound, setting the tone for the next ones that follows. Driftbox 2 plays the introduction track with deep house sound, Driftbox 3 follows the deep house sound and pushing a bit of rhythm, Driftbox 4 and 5 turns in to ambiance of melody and deep feelings, with more pads around and short vocals. Driftbox 6 and 7 comes back again with deep flow and pushing more techno side in Driftbox 8. At Driftbox 9, the ambiance and atmosphere is coming back while Driftbox 10 track plays the same role as first one, but in reverse, that of a closing reprise track.

Release Date – May 20, 2023
Mastering – Addex
Image – Fabrice Villard
Design Concept, Artwork – Addex
Producer, Mixed – Addex
Recording period – May 2021 – March 2023



Kiu D – Have You EP (Feedasoul Records)

Release Date: 12.05.2023

Kiu D joins Feedasoul Records with a beautiful three-tracker.

In “Have You”, the Italian-born and raised artist highlights his broad musical influences in a stunning release. Kiu D comes from a background of Drum n Bass, House, Broken Beat and Nujazz. His Dub influences are clearly felt in “Capture” where a heavy bassline takes centre-stage around a 4/4 rhythm section and spacey keys.

The EP title track keeps the momentum going with a deeper, driving rhythm, atmospheric pads and soulful vocal chops that are drenched in reverb for a wider soundscape. Percussion elements interlace with the beautifully-balanced track for that extra bit of movement. “Last Dream” focuses on Kiu D’s more soulful approach to Deep House through driving drums, a heavy rolling bassline and keys and percussion elements rooted in Soul.

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Boblebad – Nattbad EP (Beatservice Records)

Boblebad returns to Beatservice Records with his latest imaginative studio offerings, crafting four kinetically charged grooves on the gorgeously expansive Nattbad EP.

Ulf Moen Denneche – better known as Boblebad – is an artist blessed with far-reaching creative thrust. The producer, musician, painter, and visual artist has regularly lit up the Beatservice inventory since making his label debut in 2021. With an ever-undulating sonic signature that’s refreshingly hard to pin down, his music has featured on some of the underground’s most highly regarded imprints. Boblebad effortlessly glides through Balearic soundscapes, immersive deep house, and unfettered electronica.

His latest EP launches with the title track, “Nattbad.” Literally translated as ‘a bath at night,’ the subaquatic sounds presented brim with nocturnal delight as mesmerizing chords, ethereal pads, and dreamy synths combine over thick bass and driving rhythms.

Next up, the EP’s lead single “Papirfly” rises in, its gently psychedelic textures serving as a loving tribute to seminal Manchester label Paper Recordings. Pitched somewhere between the heat of the dancefloor and glistening star-lit skies, the music explodes with euphoric piano stabs, hallucinatory synth swells, and saucer-eyed melodies.

The balmy atmospherics of “Palmesus” are composed around the stereotypical Norwegian urge to travel to warmer climes, with Boblebad summoning a turquoise oceanside landscape of swaying palm trees and shimmering sands to soothe winter-weary spirits. Here, propulsive bass and snappy drums drive yearning melodies and astrally-charged synth motifs, the sumptuous harmonics radiating like the sun’s golden glow.

Continuing the migratory theme, the closing track, “Strandliv,’ is the toughest of the set. Formed around sturdy rhythms and robust bass, its powerfully hypnotic groove propels floating pads and cosmic synth refrains, again primed to soar across glistening oceans into gloriously evolving skies.

With four dynamic cuts designed with the dancers in mind, the Nattbad EP is yet more fine work from this luminous creative force. Boblebad once again demonstrates his creative flair to stunning effect.

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Jacob Tompkins – Sound Section EP (Refuge Recordings)

Returning to the fold, Jacob Tompkins delivers two stripped back and deep joints after the success of his Once Upon A Time EP.

His fondness for the jack proves true with Sound Section, offering up his undeniable groove with a stripped back attitude & rhythmic percussion and a bassline to boot. The Frequency takes a darker tone that’ll fit in perfectly when changing gears in any set.









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