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New Treats Week-18-2022

Written by on 12/05/2022


VA – Khnum (Sounds Of Khemit)

Sounds Of Khemit returns with another carefully curated collection of sounds that are steeped in ancient mysticism.

Says the label of the inspiration for this latest collection, “The Ancient Khemitian Master Khnum is associated with water and procreation. Her name Khnoom, as the hieroglyphs depict, means the dweller – the one that lives in or at a specified place. Khnum is seen as the source of the Nile and with her potter’s wheel she created the bodies of humans and other gods from the abundant clay.”

First up is Austrian Roderic, a producer and a live performer with a love of house that ranges from the deep to more tech-edged. His ‘Magma’ is a widescreen affair with melancholic chords draped over loose, hip-swinging beats. Soft shakers and all sorts of organic percussion pepper the groove as wispy chords continue to make for an alluring late-night vibe.

Next are Liife & Kem Otto, a pair who have collaborated many times and always cook up spiritual and organic sounds with emotional depth. Their glorious ‘Magic Carpet’ carries you away on lush and upbeat piano chords as the scuffed up beats swing low. Shimmering vocal chants heighten the track’s entrancing atmosphere and lock you in for the most spine-tingling of rides.

Lastly, Turu Anasi is a talented organic house and downtempo producer with numerous fine releases on labels like Cosmic Awakenings and Pipe & Pochet. His ‘Iry Hor’ is a slow, seductive and purposeful track with cavernous drums and smooth late-night chords. There is magic in the air as the synths dance above the firmly rooted groove and the effect is one that will have you lost deep in the dance.

This is another stylish collection of musical and moving house tunes. ‘Magma’ will be dropping on 20th May followed by ‘Magic Carpet’ on 27th May and finally ‘Ivy Hor’ on 31st May.



Eduardo McGregor – Tal Vez Soñar EP (TOR Music)

Release Date: Friday 27 May 2022
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR drops a deep and melodic release from Eduardo McGregor who returns to the imprint for his second EP.

Eduardo McGregor is a Mexican artist who has also worked with the likes of Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat and Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream.

More than just an electronic music producer, Eduardo McGregor is also a multi-instrumentalist and classical composer who uses those skills to create his own unique sound.

His intricate percussive rhythms and rich melodies are on full display with this majestic release that showcases his outstanding talent for making music.

Each of the three tracks have delicate percussion with tribal influences and soothing synths that intertwine with vocal textures, trumpets and other instruments. The sturdy kick drum ensures the tracks remain dance floor focused while also being immersed in blissed-out atmospherics.



Butane & Riko Forinson – Swinging Ribbon EP (Lucidflow Records)

Lucidflow welcome the boss of the incredibly prolific Little Helpers – Butane aka Andrew Rasse – and his production partner in crime of recent – Riko Forinson aka Federico Forino – to the family.

If you have somehow missed out on the Little Helpers phenomenon, the artists featured on the label include Visonquest’s Ryan Crosson, Sol Asylum’s Julie Marghilano, Lucidflow alumni Eddy Romero and Hernan Bass, Candenza act Digitaline, bPitch Control and Get Physical favourites Smash TV, and the chart topping Rui Da Silva. Let’s just say this – Little Helpers shares a strong affinity with both every discerning DJ’s rekordbox and Lucidflow’s deeply danceable sound.

As for Riko, when he’s not working with Butane, he is happily haunting the Top Ten Beatport Label Chart for Lucidflow for his ‘Braid’ track, as well as featuring on the world renowned Balance imprint.

The pair launch off with ‘Voice On Tape’ – a thoroughly dance floor orientated moment that features a super subby kick with a little shimmy, a little dash of funk to get the shoulders swaying. Swirling effects are joined by dub chords that layer and builds until it unconsciously locks your circadian rhythm to the tempo in the most satisfying fashion.
Accompanying this is ‘Rocking’ which is deeper track, like some sort of futuristic coffeehouse jazz. Aquatic chords patter like the concentric circles of rain hitting a puddle, with a field recording of the clink of cup against saucer and vibrant conversation lingering as a textural undercurrent.

‘Swinging Ribbon’ will be available from all the usual stockists on 20.5. Beatport first, 3.6.



Mike.D – Cordillera (Beachside Limited)

It always fills us with joy to be able to announce the return of Mike.D, a great friend and best artist to his home Beachside Limited, he returns with his latest work entitled Cordillera EP, a powerful track full of dark sounds, sharp kicks and sound textures that they will surround us, along with him we have 3 great remixes by our brothers Vasco (Everlado) , Giomar M. and Seko, all of them great artists who will dazzle us with their remixes thus showing the great talent they have when it comes to making us dance.



Rudi’Kastic – Pray For You EP (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Following his well received EP on our sub label Rogue Decibels – Limpopo producer Rudi’Kastic lands on OSC. 3 classic deep cuts with hints of soul, lush vocals and intricate musical layers.



Professor – Origins EP (Organnic Records)

Release date: 16 May

Professor is unleashing his magical oriental touch releasing a 2 tracks package. ‘Origins EP’ features ‘Amman’ and ‘Uruku’ deep at their core, yet groovy by the themes.









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