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New Treats Week-18-2023

Written by on 13/05/2023


ETNA – Pianeta Terra EP (Cosmic Awakenings)

Release Date: Thursday 11 May 2023
Format: Digital

Lemurian’s record label Cosmic Awakenings drops a flamenco influenced downtempo/organic house release featuring stunning tracks by ETNA.

ETNA is an Italian artist based in Ibiza and he is making his debut on Cosmic Awakenings following music on other record labels such as Speedsound Music, Hupupa, Crew Love Records and Blackpoint Records.

He is a talented multi-instrumentalist whose organic tracks fuse live instruments with sequenced beats and immersive synth lines.

Although a new artist within the electronic music scene, ETNA is an accomplished music producer with a background working for Universal Music and Sony Music. His achievements also include writing music for massive brands ranging from Yves Saint Laurent to Nike.

All three of the tracks on this release showcase his skills as a musician, as “Universo” opens the release with fluttering guitars and soothing Spanish vocals layered with sweeping synths. “Samsara” has an upbeat vibe with Latin rhythms and shuffling percussion that brings the heat to the dance floor. “Cielo Maya” is a laid-back and trippy track with sun-drenched guitar licks, sensual vocal and chunky percussion sequenced into a downtempo groove.

“Venti Del Karma” is a bonus track only available via the promo and it orientates around emotive vocals, a playful accordion and psychedelic guitar licks underpinned by flowing percussion.



NOAM – Conversations EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
May 26th 2023 (Beatport Exclusive)
June 9th 2023 (Worldwide)

NOAM [pronounced No-Ahm] delivers three original, deep, organic House cuts for Ready Mix Records (#264) with his latest, Conversations EP.

As one half of NYC duo UpAllNight with John Creamer (Francis Mercier, Sia, Eyedyllic); NOAM (*aka Noam Rubinstein) steps up front for this striking solo debut release.

Conversations’ opening track, ‘Shumanchi’ is a melodic, deftly filtered synth-based offering that balances a tension and release fervor within its grooves.

‘Backyard Adventures’ is subtle, yet captivating. NOAM manages to provide an engaging, spine-tingling syncopation that works a distinct, mysterious magic.

Closing the EP is ‘Conversations with Tiffany’ which introduces a slight touch of drama, with its moody minor chords and dizzying atmospherics perched behind potent synths.

NOAM’s production, writing and mix talents are on full display on this long-awaited Conversations EP.



Sinca – Another Way EP (The Remixes) (When We Dip XYZ)

Release Date: Friday 12 May 2023
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label XYZ returns with an atmospheric melodic house EP featuring new remixes from Hauy, David Orin and Nohan of classic tracks by Sinca.

Sinca is a Canadian artist who has released tracks via labels such as Anjundeep and Lee Burridge’s TRYBESof. She is known for her organic style with deep atmosphere and enchanting synth lines. This package features reworked versions of tracks from her 2022 release on XYZ titled the ‘Dede EP’.

First up on remix duty, Hauy is a Brazilian artist known for his spell-binding deep house tracks on labels such as Get Physical and Tale & Tone.

David Orin is an American artist who provides a remix in the enchanting style he has released via the likes of All Day I Dream.

Last of the remixes comes from Nohan whose spell-binding style can be found on other influential record labels such as Hoomidaas and Crosstown Rebels.

The stunning tracks on this release blend crisp percussion with immersive atmospherics, uplifting melodies and angelic vocals to create music that’s perfect for the dance floor.



Willie Graff & Darren Eboli – The Tribeca Tapes Vol. 5 (Music For Dreams)

Graff & Eboli’s Tribeca Tapes have become something of a home favourite here at Music For Dreams. Signifying a marriage between the artists’ double residencies — NYC and Ibiza — the project has carved out a unique sound that seems to keep on giving. With this fifth instalment, the duo presents four refined yet meandering cuts of sundrenched electronica.

Spongy basslines, frothy synths, echoing guitars and gently flowing strings fill the tracks. The mood is relaxed, and the downtempo rhythms are terminally hypnotic. Music that hacks into your brain and disconnects the Wi-Fi.

Check out ‘Candela’ for the irresistible elastic bounce. ‘Night Tiger’ for the rosatinged dreamworld. ‘Paradise Music’ for a bit of ambrosial mystique or ‘Pink Hotel’ for the timeless sunset charm.

Artist notes
The Ibicencan-American Willie Graff has operated for some years now from his winter residencies in New York at Cielo and Output, and in the summer months as resident DJ at Pacha Ibiza, sharing the decks on both sides of the ocean with the heavyweights of today’s musical arena.

He and studio partner Darren Eboli produce a sleek and sundrenched electronica that falls somewhere between deep house and downtempo. Released as EP’s under the title The Tribeca Tapes on Music For Dreams, the project is now on its fifth instalment.



Uone – Phantom Whistler Chapter 4 (Beat & Path Recordings)

(The final piece of the album)

The original mix of ‘Universal Wisdom’ circles back to the start of the journey, its pertinent message wrapped in low-slung throbbing bass, enveloping deep tech beats and shimmering FX.

Taming your surroundings is crucial for any outlaw, and the noble craft of Falconry runs parallel with that ethos. Not just a smooth ode to passion, the gliding guitar and respectful vocal of ‘Karachi Eagles’ pays homage to those who devote their life to passion.

‘Irish Campfire’ features real-life Irish Whistler champion Joe Moran who plays a pensive piece around a crackling campfire. This is audio whiskey, my friend; a place to replenish and restore, a time to integrate the teachings from before.

As we pack up and throw dirt on the last smouldering coals, we ride one last time with ‘Cause My Love’, a sweet disco-fied sunrise after a long night learning big lessons. The Motown-inspired energy is filled with gratitude and contentment, acknowledging that, yes, we really are spirits on a human experience.

As the Phantom Whistler rides his trusty stead into a fantastic future, he leaves behind a captivating message: Dull the noise and find sanctuary in yourself. You are an adventurer from a distance dimension gathered here for one special moment before you move on to the next big ticket. To find the treasure within, fuse with your inner beat to synchronise with the universal groove. Travel light, friend.



Dark But Gray & Pandhora – Signs EP (Art Vibes Music)

Welcoming ‘Signs’, a captivating EP that masterfully weaves together intense emotions and deep feelings. With a thematic focus on unrequited love, melancholy, and doubt, this EP offers a deeply immersive sonic experience. The release is taking us on a journey to long-forgotten places, filled with evocative sensations and surreal thoughts.

‘Signs’ is a collaborative effort between Mexican singer, songwriter, and producer Dark But Gray and French duo Pandhora. Its transcendent assemblage of ethereal vocals, resonant bass lines, and dreamlike sequences, exudes a striking sonic depth that effortlessly transports listeners to both, the past and future.

Legendary producers Hernán Cattaneo and Marcelo Vasami deliver a sublime remix of the single, propelling it into new realms with its vivid and dynamic sonic palette. Progressive elements intertwine seamlessly with captivating melodies, enveloping listeners in a whirlwind of jubilant emotions and a sense of unrestrained freedom.

Closing off the EP is the stirring remix of Swedish producer Fahlberg. His emotional take on the original track is expressed with poignant delicacy through intricate piano arrangements, evocative sequences, and tender melodies. The hypnotic electronic textures interweave seamlessly, evoking a sense of pure melancholy and beauty that captivates the soul. A thought-provoking exploration of introspection and nostalgia, Fahlberg’s remix is a testament to the rich emotional depth of this release.

This EP is a truly exceptional audio experience, brimming with hidden meanings waiting to be discovered. A seamless blend of danceable beats, reflective moments, and liberating sensations: a unique and profound musical journey.

Indulge in these mesmerising sounds and let yourself be transported to enchanting realms of sonic exploration!



Klartraum – Realization (Lucidflow Records)

“Realization” showcases Klartraum’s signature blend of hypnotic rhythms, immersive atmospheres, and intricate soundscapes that have earned them a loyal fan base across the globe.

The track’s pulsating beats and evocative melodies transport listeners into a lucid, transcendent state, making it a must-hear experience.
Klartraum’s Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch, the masterminds behind “Realization,” have crafted a rich, immersive soundscape that reflects their deep understanding and passion for electronic music.

Realization is a mesmerizing journey into the realm of hypnotic deep techno.



Frink – Dislate EP (EXPmental Records)

EXPmental are proud to present “Dislate EP” – the latest release from beloved Frink, one of the most respected Deep underground artists in Beatport.

As a Balearic producer, Frink has been consistently impressing audiences with his unique blend of Deep Tech and Deep House sounds. “Dislate EP” is no exception, featuring two tracks that showcase his talent and skill as a producer.

Adding to the excitement, the EP also includes a remix from the highly regarded Romanian artist, Rhadow. His 8-minute rendition of “Dislate” is a testament to his ability to take a track to new heights, infusing it with his signature style.

Overall, “Dislate EP” is a must-have for any fan of electronic music. Frink’s mastery of the genre is on full display, and Rhadow’s remix only adds to the EP’s appeal. Don’t miss out on this amazing release that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Release date: June 2nd 2023

Format: Digital



JOPLYN – Speak To Me (Get Physical Music)

Berlin’s multi-dimensional Joplyn brings her artful know-how to a superb new single on Get Physical Music.

‘Speak to Me’ is a steamy, emotionally intense track with brooding drums. It has the iconic melodic phrase from M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade’s ‘Body Language’ repeating subtly amongst intimate vocal whispers, cowbells and soft shakers, breathing new life into a classic dancefloor refrain. As the warm grooves roll deep, a breakdown allows the melody to move front and centre before the competing drums roll again.

Joplyn is of German, Vietnamese and Canadian descent. She is a young songwriter, producer & live artist who cooks up compelling sounds on the fly using vocoder FXs, mixing loops, and playing keys. Her unique talents have seen her take to the road on two US mini-tours whilst she held a residency at HI Ibiza last summer. She has released music on Watergate & Crosstown Rebels and has seen her music remixed by Damian Lazarus, Booka Shade & Einmusik.

Her unique post-genre sound is a mysterious, dark, futuristic mix of electronic styles steeped in melancholy and inward reflection, as showcased in a recent edition of Mixmag’s The Lab in LA. Joplyn is also the German Ambassador for the Spotify EQUAL campaign, has accumulated over thirteen million streams on all platforms and has music licensed for the Netflix show ‘We Are The Wave.’

‘Speak To Me’ is a massive track from the inimitable JOPLYN that will light up dancefloors this summer.



Serkan Eles – Sillage EP (Dreams Way)

Release Date: Friday 19 May 2023
Format: Digital

Serkan Eles is back on his record label Dreams Way with a stunning two-track organic house EP with uplifting atmosphere and soothing melodies.

Based in Istanbul, Serkan Eles is a Turkish artist known for his productions on scene-leading record labels such as Sol Selectas, Bar 25 Music, Cafe De Anatolia, Akbal Music and 3000Grad Records.

Along with releasing tracks by Serkan Eles, Dreams Way has also featured contributions from other influential artists ranging from Jacob Groening to Guy Maayan.

“Sillage” opens the release with airy pads and flowing organic percussion underpinned by a bassline radiating warmth throughout the track. Its delicate melodies and ethereal vocal textures add to the soul-cleansing mood of this majestic cut.

“Friends” is an angelic track with shimmering pads, shuffling percussion and a deep bassline. Its poignant melodies and eloquent sound design create an epic atmosphere full of tranquillity.






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