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New Treats Week-18-2024

Written by on 11/05/2024


VA – Focus 016 Beat Factory (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
May 17th 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
May 31st 2024 (Worldwide)

Welcome to the next chapter of our ‘Focus’ compilation series, where we shed light on the remarkable sonic journey of an Artist through their history of releases on our expansive label network.

Focus:016 is a spotlight on the incredibly talented ‘Beat Factory’ also known as the multi-faceted BiG AL and his studio partner, Levi aka (Human8)

Beat Factory hardly need an introduction, as you’re probably already acquainted with their body of work with release on such great labels as Global Underground, Balance Music, Armada, Toolroom, SexOnWax, Perspective Digital, Outta Limits, Lowbit, One of A Kind, Rynth and many more.

Their music also appeared on some legendary compilations, most notably, Nick Warren’s (Balance 018), Toolroom’s (Ibiza 2016 Closing Party) as well as Danny Tenaglia’s most recent Global Underground (GU45 Brooklyn) compilations.

‘Focus:016’ presents a carefully curated selection from Beat Factory’s discography, featuring a total of 2 original tracks and 9 fantastic remixes of songs by artists such as John Creamer & Stephane K. Feat. Nkemdi, Stan Kolev & Juan Mejia, Hraach, DJ Tarkan & V-Sag, Disco Deciders and many more.



Lafreq – You Are My Everything (Personal Belongings)

Lafreq is definitely one of our favorite upcoming producers at this time, proving release after release his capabilities to deliver soft, elegant and charming tracks. His latest single ‘You Are My Everything’ is not just another prove of that, it’s definitely a step forward on his catalogue where the UK producer explores a more radio-friendly, vocal Deep House track – already supported on BBC Radio.

On the remix duties, Riccardo Leardini and DMTunes debut on Personal Belongings expanding the approach of this single. Riccardo drives the track into a more melodic, dreamy and Organic direction while DMTunes keeps it classy with a chilled Deep House touch.



Helsloot – Never Tried LP (Get Physical Music)

Helsloot announces debut album ‘Never Tried’ arriving on Get Physical this May.

Thomas Helsloot’s debut album comes on the heels of a run of great releases on Get Physical Music. He is a master of melody who has released on the likes of Domino, remixed Bob Moses and Fritz Kalkbrenner and secured huge streaming numbers such as 400m plays for his track ‘Because You Move Me’. His freshman LP, ‘Never Tried,’ sees him distil everything to date into something profoundly personal and engaging.

Says the artist, “My debut album is mainly about me, which was the hardest thing to do for a people pleaser. I tried digging as deep as I could and ignored every trend to explain it to every future me in its purest way. It’s a translation of the excitement but also the insecurity you feel when trying something new.”

‘Mirrors’ opens up in absorbing fashion with a signature deep house groove before ‘It’s Alright’ feat. Malou sends shivers down the spine with its angelic vocal and icy beats. There is a rueful feel to the well-crafted pads that soar above the warm rhythms of ‘Midnight Fog’ and after the wispy cosmic synths and brooding bass weight of the fantastically serene ‘Outburst’ comes the masterful melancholic album single ‘One Step’ featuring Ninja Tune artist Jono McCleery.

As the journey continues and Helsloot’s evocative synths keep bringing seriously potent emotions, there are darker drums to ‘Disco Maxi’ and silky arpeggios that lift you to the heavens on ‘Beautiful Losers’ (feat. Rangleklods). Elsewhere, Helsloot collaborates with Tinlicker on the languid ‘Hideaway’ with a bittersweet bassline, whilst ‘Lowlands’ keeps your head amongst the stars with its celestial melodic glow and airy house drums. ‘Let’s Pretend’ is the standout closer with its retro 80s synth sounds and snappy beats, sending you off with a sense of great resolve.

Helsloot’s ‘Never Tried’ releases on Get Physical Music on the 10th of May. The record will be supported by two release shows – one on May 9 at Melkweg, Amsterdam, and one on May 10 at Ritter Butzke, Berlin.



Sven Wegner – La Lala EP (Agua Salada)

Release Date: 10 May 2024

Sven Wegner makes a triumphant return to Agua Salada with two tremendous tracks, seamlessly fusing Funk and Disco elements with a punchy rhythm, elegance, and wisdom in this brilliant release.

Each track exudes a perfect blend of styles, showcasing Wegners mastery of groove and melody. With a relentless beat and infectious energy, his music invites listeners to dance while also captivating them with its sophistication and depth.

This release is a testament to Wegner’s artistry and his ability to craft music that transcends genres, delivering an unforgettable listening experience.

Agua Salada Social Media:



BiG AL & Kiano – Take My Hand Remixes (Oh! Records Stockholm)

As the summer heats up, the waves are not the only things making a splash. Oh! Records Stockholm is excited to announce the release of a vibrant trio of remixes for BiG Al & Kiano’s track, “Take My Hand.” Each remix brings a unique flavor, from the sandy shores to the pulsing heart of the city nightlife, showcasing a diverse range of talent from around the globe.

First in the lineup is Kanedo, transforming “Take My Hand” into the ultimate summer anthem with his sun-soaked, beachy vibes. Kanedo’s remix whisks listeners away to a coastal paradise, blending smooth beats with tropical undertones that promise to be the soundtrack of countless beach parties and sunny afternoons.

Following Kanedo, Lux Fragile’s very own Inês Duarte delves deep with her interpretation, turning the track into a 90s-influenced gem that resonates with a modern twist. Inês’s deep house spin introduces a richer, more introspective layer to the track, perfect for those who love their nostalgia served with a side of contemporary edge.

Rounding out the release is a remix from NOAM, a Brooklyn-based maestro of NYC house music. NOAM transforms “Take My Hand” into an NYC club anthem. With its dark, compelling beats and an undeniable groove — the NOAM Famous Mix is tailor-made for late-night crowds looking to keep the party going until the early hours….and beyond”.



MINT (JPN) – Lava Temple EP (Beachside Records)

Japanese artist Takanori better known in the Japanese underground scene as Mint (JPN) is back on Beachside Limited with Lava Temple EP.

The release includes two tracks with exotic sounds that harmonize with nature, demonstrating his great talent when it comes to producing.



Eitan Carmi – Ghana EP (Fatali Music)

Fresh from the success of Beatport chart smashing “Aria,” Eitan Carmi is at it again with his captivating afro house gem “Ghana.”

The title track lays down a delicate, warm bassline that morphs hypnotically alongside groovy organic percussion, shakers, and an entrancing synth line. Soulful vocal refrains float through the deep atmospheres, imbuing the groove with an irresistible sense of spirit.

On “Tema,” Carmi shifts gears slightly with a more pensive tone driven by blissful chords and a static synth motif that rolls seamlessly. Rhythmic undercurrents still establish an addictive pulse, retaining the EP’s overall groove-laced sensibility.

Landing soon on Fatali Music, this EP represents authentic Afro House artistry for selectors looking to craft hypnotic, body-moving moments on the dancefloor.



Terrasoul – Detached (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Cape-born-Oz-based Terrasoul delivers our next single – Detached.

A searing emotive House cut blurring the lines between deep and progressive. Backed up by OSC regular Gift of Africa who adds more bump n groove and Brad Eller returns under his new Always Friends guise – with a glimmering deep workout.



Jetzen – Two Worlds (Sonic Aeonic)

Discover the uplifting spirit of “Two Worlds” by Jetzen, a shinning example of the Sonic Aeonic Neo-Primitive sound that promises to move your soul and feet in equal measure.

With its enchanting vocals and rhythmic beats, this track is a celebration of life’s serendipitous encounters, wrapped in a groove that’s impossible to forget.

Accompanied by two dynamic remixes from Andrey Exx & TuraniQa and Eran Hersh, “Two Worlds” transforms into a musical odyssey. Each remix adds a unique flavour, extending the song’s reach into a realm of limitless danceability.

Whether it’s the energy-infused interpretation by Andrey Exx & TuraniQa or Eran Hersh’s deeper dive into the track’s core, these remixes elevate the original to new heights.



Padé – Amnesia (Ethnic Wave)

Mark your calendars for May 24th as Greek DJ/producer Padé prepares to unveil his latest mesmerising offering – “Amnesia” landing on tastemaker imprint Ethnic Wave.

A hypnotic fusion of Afro Deep House sensibilities, “Amnesia” seamlessly blends simmering melodic grooves with breezy summer-tinged vibes.

With its pulsating rhythms and unforgettable synth melodies, this track is purpose-built to soundtrack sun-drenched days and endless nights on the dancefloor.

As one of the region’s fast-rising production talents, Padé’s latest rhythmic missive on Ethnic Wave is sure to captivate a global audience seeking authentic, vibrant sounds from the Mediterranean and beyond.

“Amnesia” reinforces his reputation as an artist to watch, delivering an irresistible slice of Afro-influenced deep house primed to make an impact this season.



Native P., Savage & SHē – Hook (IZIKI Records)

Release Date: 10.05.2024

“Hook” emanates the pulsating rhythms of afro-house, imbued with profound meaning.

In its depths, dark pads and synth lines create a fitting canvas for a haunting vocal performance from Mali. With fervor, the chant resounds: “Tomorrow, the children of Senegal! They will fight for life! For the life of all! And for the life of all others!”

Iziki exudes pride in introducing this dynamic collaboration to our rooster. Greek Native P. joins forces with afro-prog superstar duo Savage & SHē, creating a formidable ensemble.



VA – Haute Collection Vol. 8 (Haute Musique)

We’re back with Haute Musique’s latest sonic journey, ‘Haute Collection Vol.8’ VA Compilation, taking you on a ride through six tracks meticulously curated to captivate your senses and elevate your experience.

As the compilation unfolds, let the phat bassline from BiG AL’s remix of ‘Salt Water’ by Sam Haas envelop you in a deep and groovy vibe.

Pazul & Deeling’s remix of Stella’ by Alberto Kanzyani casts a spell on you with its growling hypnosis, while D.M.P’s remix of ‘Wunderweiss’ by Dance Committee delves into the deeper territories.

Adrian Pricope’s Original ‘Places That You’ve Seen Before’ takes you even further with its driving, synth-laden dubbyness, followed by the timeless charm of Prosis’ Original mix of ‘Proper’.

Finally, Fickry’s Original ‘Confusion’ invites you to immerse yourself in its percussive grooviness.



Liam Tav – Lixus House EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Release Date: 24 May 2024

Liam Tav makes a grand entrance into the realm of Deep Clicks with his latest offerings. With an impeccable sense of groove, Tav delivers basslines that hit with the force of a sledgehammer and rhythms that pulse relentlessly in classic 4×4 fashion. But what truly sets these tracks apart are the rich, immersive soundscapes he creates, layering deep, atmospheric tones that draw listeners into a sonic journey like no other.

In a world inundated with generic beats, Liam Tav’s music stands out as a testament to craftsmanship and innovation, promising an experience that is both exhilarating and unforgettable.

Deep Clicks Social Media:








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