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New Treats Week-19-2021

Written by on 12/05/2021


Eduardo McGregor – I Fall (The Remixes) (TOR Label)

Release Date: Friday 21 May 2021
Format: Digital

01. I Fall Too
02. I Fall (Maxi Degrassi Remix)
03. The Hunt (VieL Remix)
04. I Fall (Jim Rider Remix)
05. The Hunt (Luis Daniel Remix)
06. I Fall (Jim Rider’s Ambient Reprise)

When We Dip’s label TOR have revitalised their classic EP by Eduardo McGregor with new remixes from Maxi Degrassi, VieL, Jim Rider and Luis Daniel.

This EP features afro-driven, melodic grooves with enchanting melodies and delicate textures that weave sonic tapestries with uplifting atmosphere.

Eduardo McGregor is a Mexican artist who’s previously worked with other imprints including Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat, and in January 2021, released his ‘I Fall’ EP on TOR that was a big success.

Each of the remix artists come with a proven music pedigree. Maxi Degrassi is a regular on Lee Burridge’s iconic All Day I Dream, and Jim Rider is known for his works on labels like Kindisch and TRYBESof.

Luis Daniel has also been a feature of TRYBESof in addition to Tale & Tone, and VieL is a TOR regular who has also released on other imprints ranging from Magician On Duty to Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings.

Each of these magical reworks puts the work of Eduardo McGregor into a new context with deep vibes and powerful emotion.



ELO – Dreamer EP (Ready Mix Records)

Release Date:
May 21st 2021 (Beatport Exclusive)
June 4th 2021 (Worldwide)

Promising new German producer ELO makes his Ready Mix Records debut for release number 234, comprising three unique original tracks.

Berlin’s ELO, or Ole Leesker to his friends, has been developing his own harmonious and melancholic musical style for a little while, featuring his own voice and live instruments alongside electronic sounds.

Opening track ‘Dreamer’ builds a melodic, cinematic soundscape before taking off into the deep house skies with insistent drums and a heavy bass-line.

‘Ethno’ draws inspiration from the East, with Arabic strings and reeds floating over a stomping rhythm arrangement, atmospheric chords and infectious groove.

‘Djembe on Fire’ is dominated by a mysterious and spine-tingling chorus of spiritual worship, soon joined by percussion, subtle arpeggios and wistful chords.



MKJay SA – Kasi Flavour EP (Rogue Decibels Records)

This next Rogue Decibels release brings more of that local flavour, Kasi Flavour to be exact. Newcomer MKJay SA shows off driving floor-friendly beats, classic stabs and heaps of house attitude.



Blanka Mazimela – Votile EP (Get Physical Music)

South African artist Blanka Mazimela continues to flourish on Get Physical Music with another beautifully organic house EP featuring a Nizhe Desoul remix.

Over the last few years Blanka Mazimela has truly come into his own with an array of standout tracks on Get Physical and his steady hand at the controls of the latest Africa Gets Physical album. Each musical offering has showcased his unique, fully formed sound and deft use of organic instrumentation and vocals. Next to DJing, producing, and playing live, Blanka is also the content head and head of musical composition for Soul Candi’s Institute of Music.

He kicks off this latest and greatest EP with ‘Phezulu Reloaded.’ It is a deep house track laced with spirituality thanks to the vocals of Khonaye. Harmonic bell sounds and shimmering synths come on top of warm, comforting bass to ensure a heartfelt experience. ‘Votile’ is another gorgeous production that proudly wears its South African heritage in the vocals, rhythms, and percussive patterns that so quickly hypnotise you. For the more driving and physical ‘Triumphant’, Mazimela links with Shivers BW to cook up a tribal groove made all the more vibrant by the soulful male vocal. The track is peppered with lush chords and held together with taught bass and takes you on a glorious adventure.

Last of all is a remix from Underground Vessel Records boss Nizhe Desoul. He has landed on this label before now and is also a lecturer at Soul Candi Institute of Music. He masterfully flips the original into an astral techno exploration with yearning vocals and nimble rhythms that keep your whole body moving.

‘Votile’ is house music filled with a fresh perspective and uniquely South African spirit.

Release date: May 21st, 2021



Patchen – Night Skies (Harmonious Discord)

Harmonious Discord artist Patchen is back at the controls with a peek at his long-anticipated album Southwest Passage, out later this year. Patchen is resident sound designer and longtime contributor to the HD catalog since the release of Pale Blue Dot in 2007. A key track from the forthcoming Southwest Passage is “Night Skies”, a lovely serenade to stargazing. To help celebrate this single, HD boss PointBender, resident space-traveler KiloWatts, and bright and budding star 1981US provide their unique takes on the expansive night sky.

The original is a synth-driven slow burn that carefully tempers sound design with classic synth arpeggiations. Warm 8-bit melodies dance around the four-on-the-floor construction, carefully building momentum with periodic rises and reprises. PointBender ups the tempo and takes things deep with woody percussion, live bass licks, and mounting layers of atmosphere. KiloWatts breaks the beat and propels the piece into epic territories with light arpeggios broken up by processed bass notes. 1981US goes subterranean with tinges of urban tones and natural accents on a proper deep garage take on the original. Be on the lookout for more bites from the upcoming album as well as the full length available this fall.

Label and Artist Links:


Ultra Soul Project – Everything Sounds The Same (Part Two) (Gruv Shack Records)

Everything Sounds The Same (Part Two) is the second out of three parts that will be released on Gruv Shack this year. The second EP features tracks, that are still having a treasure trove of warm soulful keys, Rhodes licks, evolving strings and analog bass tones that Ultra Soul Project is well known for. One track features Mthandazo Gatya and Deepconsoul which is entitled You’re Still My Love. This is Part TWO and there’s one more coming.






Lift it Up High

Lift it Up High






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