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New Treats Week-19-2024

Written by on 20/05/2024


Baron Ashler – The End Of Pangea (Be Adult Music)

We already know that Baron Ashler releases very few tracks a year, which is why we must cherish each one of them as if it were the last.

After a significant silence since his last downtempo release, he pleasantly surprises us by knocking on our door with ‘The End Of Pangea’, which exudes deep house vibes throughout.

Once again, welcome Pablo into your home.




Jean Vayat – Changes EP (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 24 May 2024
Format: Digital

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas presents a mystical organic house EP by Jean Vayat which also features a remix from Emrat.

Jean Vayat is a Ukrainian artist currently living in Los Angeles, United States. He has a nomadic style that blends sun drenched melodies with uplifting synths and flowing percussion. This is his first solo release on Sol Selectas following contributions to 5 of the imprint’s compilations, and it solidifies him as a core member of the label’s artist family. Jean Vayat has also featured on other respected imprints such as Go Deeva Records, Harabe, Baikal Nomads and Shango Records.

On remix duty, Emrat is a Ukrainian artist from Kiev making his Sol Selectas debut following tracks and remixes on other respected imprints such as kośa, Hoomidaas and MONADA. His style blends Arabic influenced melodies and traditional instruments with enchanting electronic sounds.

The EP’s title track, “Changes” opens the release with acid bass stabs and a pulsating arpeggio synth that forms a foundation for Arabic strings and a haunting vocal by Mohsen Neshom.

Track two, “Good Morning” is a psychedelic track with spiralling synths, trippy vocal textures and a warped flute that adds to the track’s hallucinatory vibe.

Third on the release and last of the originals, “Trayam Bagam” is a percussive cut with cinematic vocal chants that add to the epic sound of this invigorating track.

Emrat closes the release with his remix of “Trayam Bagam,” which is an atmospheric version that strips back the percussion and adds additional synths that help create a more majestic version.

The cover by Helia Jamali takes us through a portal, to a parallel universe of constant changes.




Mc4le – To Be Alone EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 31 May 2024

Mc4len, a prolific artist within DCM roster, returns with an exciting release featuring two original tracks imbued with his signature sound.

This latest offering also includes a captivating remix by Deephope, who injects his own perspective and creativity into the main track. With its distinctive blend of Deep House elements, this release promises to satisfy the cravings of even the most discerning music enthusiasts.

Get ready to embark on a journey of sonic exploration and immerse yourself in the dynamic rhythms and melodic textures crafted by Mc4len and Deephope.

Deep Clicks Social Media:




Luis Machuca – Oh Why (I Want You) (Friskybeat Records)

In this captivating track, “Oh Why (I Want You),” Luis Machuca takes listeners on a journey through lush sonic landscapes, weaving together vibrant tones and textures with a moving vocal sample yearning for a love that once was.

The song begins with a rhythmic pulse, punctuated by a seductive bassline that sets the mood, building anticipation with each beat. Layers of rich chords and playful motifs intertwine and create a harmonious atmosphere that lures the listener. The heartfelt vocal hook adds depth and emotion, enhancing the soul-stirring orchestration that resonates with hearts and minds alike.

Taking on remix duties is Casomado, who delivers a stripped-back, dub-infused version of the track. With funky guitar licks, a rolling bassline, crisp cymbals, and hi-hat rhythms. These elements set the stage for the vocals hits and a groovy organ solo which makes it an undeniable dance-floor winner. Enjoy these vibes.

Label and Artist Links:




Kabusa Oriental Choir – Soso (Les Disques Du Bord De L’Eau)

The next release, scheduled for June 5th, 2024, is a compilation of remixes of ‘Soso,’ an original song by Omah Lay, reimagined by The Kabusa Oriental Choir from Nigeria. This song encapsulates Omah Lay’s feelings of abandonment and his intense longing for connection and relief from emotional pain.

Five remixes have been curated for the summer, taking listeners on a journey from South Africa with a deep house remix by Goldfish, to Ecuador with a progressive house remix by Diego Narvaez.

In between, DJ Raff from Chile, Edkub, Titoffee, and Aston Alba from Switzerland each bring their unique touch, resulting in a beautiful package of emotions suitable for both day and night, for moments of happiness or melancholy.

This forthcoming EP has been crafted for everyone who needs to find healing in their own pain and transform it into a smile under the warm summer sun.

Digital release 5 June 2024
Digital link




Dompe – Last Days Of Disko EP (Jackfruit Traxx)

Jackfruit Recordings has long since become a renowned house label – producer and label owner DOMPE has realized himself here well over 60 times, proving time and again that house music is part of his DNA.

With Jackfruit TRAXX, a new sub-label is now being launched: the two dancing Xs represent the love of music and the joint releases. In the future, other artists will also find their platform on TRAXX and will present their sounds together with DOMPE.

But DOMPE starts off on his own: JFTRAXX001 – LAST DAYS OF DISKO, glorifies the end of the disco era, deep and swinging and with a spark of hope that this era is not yet over. DROP THE BEAT goes one better and encourages the listener back to the beloved dancefloor with lively percussions.

Release date: 7th June 2024
Format: Digital

Mastered at Deafhouse AudioArtwork





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