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New Treats Week-2-2022

Written by on 18/01/2022


Nick Scofield – Foggy Night EP (TOR Music)

Release Date: Friday 21 January 2022
Format: Digital

When We Dip’s record label TOR welcomes imprint favourite Nick Scofield for his second solo EP.

The UK based talent made his first official release in 2020 and has since been building steady momentum with releases on other imprints such as Culprit.

Known for his funk-fuelled style of melodic deep house with organic textures and uplifting melodies, his sound explores melodies both retro and futuristic.

This trippy organic house release has tribal rhythms and low-slung grooves with jazz influence and a Balearic vibe.



Emiliano Martini – Never Forget Your Roots EP (Lucidflow Records)

Young talent Emilano Martini was born in the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. From an early age his musical experiences and influences were ingrained with organic music genres such as Classic Jazz, New Age, Experimental, Latin Music, Disco and other worldwide styles.

This reflects again in his second release on Lucidlow “Never Forget Your Roots”. A selection of four fantastic deep tracks.



Onium – Recombinant (Harmonious Discord)

The new year calls for the return of the deep-minded dub master Onium to the Harmonious Discord label. A core part of the label sound engine, Onium has showcased an impressive evolution, adding depth and precision with every project. The Recombinant EP represents peak levels of the mastery for this artist and the label’s brought in Puresine, Space Scavengers, and Floating Machine in support of this very special frosty project.

Never one to start with flair, Onium guides us gently into a sonically rich tapestry called “Dubsect”. Rumbling bass trios and perfectly controlled synth accents sit in even space in this expertly timed introduction. Puresine enters next to navigate “Dubsect” into dancefloor territory, upping the pace and introducing edgier elements. The introduction of frosted chord stabs and devilish bass responses targets this remix for late night territories as it moves ever-forward with intensity. The next original is a collaboration between Onium and Greek duo Space Scavengers. Stepping back from the intensity in the previous Puresine remix, “Shimmer and Shine” is a beautifully tempered slow burn. Complete with dancing pad interplays and screaming background textures, this selection gives the shimmer of a profound elevated experience.

On remix duties for “Shimmer and Shine” is the multi-talented KiloWatts. Instead of reduxing and remixing the original, KiloWatts breaks down each shade and builds it all back up in this sexy space opera that sits somewhere between breaks and techno. “Point of Balance” pairs Onium with Puresine in a characteristic amalgam of their respective sounds. Brighter than your average Onium piece but still tempering and controlling all aspects methodically. Floating Machine plunges right into the depths with his often aquatic, silky textures — a revision of the original that crosses purposes between techno relevance and deep house philosophy.



West & Hill – Valaam EP (Kindisch Records)

Dutch artist West & Hill makes his Kindisch debut with a pair of beautifully delicate house tracks.

The man is known simply as Glenn and explores rich house grooves that lay somewhere between 100 and 120 bpm. He also works under the PONY alias and has released with the likes of Connected Frontline, Abracadabra and Offering Recordings. He is a regular at Complex in Maastricht who has shared the bill with big names like Joris Voorn and has recently been playlisted by tastemakers including Black Coffee and Keinemusik.

This tasteful release opens with ‘Valaam’ (Melodic version), which rides on a perfectly rubbery and bouncy mid-tempo groove. The rich drums are peppered with exotic string sounds and gentle percussion as sombre, heavy-hearted chords heat the whole thing through. It is sure to bring a tender and introspective touch to any dance floor, especially once the soft, almost choral vocals arrive. The Organic Version pairs things back a little and allows the musicality of the whole track to shine.

This is well-crafted and seductive house music that oozes intimate late-night charm.



KeyZee – Segeltörn LP (Purple Sun Records)

When it comes to unique combinations of animal sounds and minimal elements, KeyZee needs no introduction. Its unique style is beginning to take shape more and more, perfecting its sound with each release. We are starting the new year in force with a new KeyZee material, this time in the form of an album that includes 7 tracks, all of which are independent stories but together form a real musical adventure.

Downtempo rhythms will accompany you on your journey, sprinkled with jungle sounds, soothing synth lines, all in a combination that will steal your senses. We hope you enjoy this release and don’t forget to support the artist in any way possible.

In Stores: 03/02/2022

Genre: Organic House /Minimal



Francesco Nikolai – Padurea Fermecata (CELO Records)

Release date: 2022-02-21
Exclusive date: 2022-02-07

For CELO’s 43rd Release the label has the pleasure to receive a young talented artist from Italy: Francesco Nikolai. The artist delivers a groovy micro-house gem that will make you jump through time and space. This release contains 3 tracks full of subtle organic elements and deep vibes.

Have a good trip!



Onur Ozman – New Era EP (Suleiman Records)

Release Date: Friday 14 February 2022
Format: Digital

Canadian record label, Suleiman Records, returns with a highly anticipated deep and techy release by Onur Ozman, who showcases an experimental side of himself, delivering a stellar original five-track EP.

The label has previously featured impressive contributions from the likes of Dave Aju, Kris Wadsworth, Butane and Robert Babicz, to name a few.

Onur Ozman is a Swiss-based artist in Zurich, originating as a prominent member of the Istanbul nightlife scene, who is well-known for prior tracks and remixes signed to noteworthy record labels such as Rebirth, Noir, Yoshitoshi and Hottrax. With over a decade of releases behind him, Onur Ozman describes his sound by saying “deepness lies in emotions” and he expresses that with the analogue tones and jazz-infused rhythms on this release.

“New Era” is an intro track that opens the EP with its fragmented rhythms and mind-bending hypnotics that build a tantalizing suspense.

“Counter” is the first of the dance floor focused tracks on the EP, and its shuffling percussion plus dusty chords blend with warm atmospherics while the chunky kick drum pushes the groove forward.

“Fermi Paradox” has samba style flair to the percussion at the heart of its breakbeat groove. Augmented with ethereal textures and spine-tingling synths, the track unfolds like a flower in bloom with the help of dramatic vocal textures and sub-bass bursts.

“Necropolis” is a stripped back and techy cut with a spacious atmosphere. It’s got a dark vibe with old school rave influences and a charismatic hip hop style vocal that adds to its alluring personality.

“New Girl” closes out the release with its bumping groove and fizzing synth stabs. Finishing the EP in style, the breakbeat percussion loop is as timeless as the track itself.



Various – G2B3 comp-01 (It’s Good To Be A Tree Label)

Release Date: Thursday 3 February 2022

Format: Digital

It’s Good To Be A Tree is a deep and atmospheric label that focuses on organic house and downtempo with indigenous textures and heart-warming melodies.

The label’s focuses is to create a collaborative atmosphere where artists from different genres can come together on one platform.

Still a new imprint, now on its fourth release, this nine-track compilation features new music from Zoe Reijue, Yassen, Betelgeize, Waxwood, Needze, Last Gentleman on Playa, elzy padme, Isnomad and Sergey Pushkin.

Russian artist Zoe Reijue of other imprints such as WAYU Records and Trndmsk, opens the release with her short and sweet intro track “Panther”. Track two is from new talent Yassen, whose jazz-infused track “Ornament” has spine-tingling suspense.

Betelgeize is a regular on the Leveldva imprint, and he provides the third track, which is a dreamy cut with breezy atmospherics called “Snake is Near”. The fourth track is from Waxwood who delivers a downtempo cut with an aboriginal influence titled “Ushba”.

Track five is from Needze of other imprints such as Toulouse Musique, and their low-slung and trippy track “rEia” blends muffled vocal textures with shimmering guitar chords. Providing the sixth track is Last Gentleman on Playa who’s an established DJ releasing his debut production with the ceremonial vibes of his sun-drenched cut “Metarenessanse”.

elzy padme’s track “Mangupie” is the seventh on the release, and the ominous mood is the perfect follow up to her recent debut on the Kosa label. Isnomad is a brand new talent making their debut with the tribal influence and chugging groove of the vibrant “Spain”.

Closing the release in style is Sergey Pushkin, the label boss of It’s Good To Be A Tree with his track “Be Water” that blends a though provoking vocal sample with crisp percussive textures to create a dance floor focused groove.



Agustin Ficarra – Crypto EP (Univack Records)

Univack presents “Crypto” an EP with 3 original tracks by the argentinian producer Agustin Ficarra, a young artist who in a few months has already signed for labels like Plattenbank, Freegrant, or Manual Music. Agustin has a particular style, Progressive House with a deep and organic taste that makes warm and beautiful emotions.












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