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New Treats Week-20-2022

Written by on 26/05/2022


Nytxpress Musiq – I Don’t Know EP (The Travelling Bear Records)

NytXpress Musiq delivers another superbly well rounded EP.
A package well suited for any dance floor whether it be for opening, peak or early morning sets.

Don’t dismiss a sunset beach drive listen either.



Amarno – Like Butterflies EP (Colour In Music)

Spring has come, it’s time to heal. And there’s nothing better to celebrate that than good fresh music. After a smooth debut with exquisite remixes at the label, the label’s boss is back with his project Amarno – a 4 track Ep called ‘Like Butterflies’ EP .

‘Like Butterflies’, starts this sunny journey.
Crispy hit hats, chunky beats, nice sub bassline give the propper ride to the dancefloor tension. Smooth pads here and there, and then the sythn appears offering the right approach with a classic chicago house vocal style. Well, you gonna love it.

Like Butterflies remix duty was built by Rubinskee. He make his debut with a nice trippy remix . Using the original stems, he gives a twist with acid touch melodies, keeping it very classy and joyfull at the same time. Premier league work. A nice colourfull way to get into this label.

Balance, the 2º original, like the name says, balances elements and styles.
Deep house is the main ingredient and as the track developes you can hear the minimal touch, strong Detroit chords, warm and round sound. Very solid beats. The dub lovers can’t miss this one.

Last but not least, ‘ I Knew It ‘. And we all know that the best sometimes comes at the end. Amarno closes the Ep with this gold key.
Dub techno landscapes and nice percussion offer an ethnic flavour. Delayed inspiring vocal speech, and as the thing goes on and on you just gonna wish that this trip never ends.

With this nice transition to Spring you’ll feel warm like Summer.



Sebee – Undulations EP (Kindisch Records)

South African producer Sebee steps up to Kindisch with two new tracks, one of which comes in collaboration with fellow countryman Yanga Grenade.

Sebee aka Sebastian de Beer is a 22-year-old with a fully formed sound that has come on labels like Get Physical Music with Bruce Loko, Diynamic, and Anjunadeep. He brings neo-classical style to his house music as well as influences from his local scene in South Africa. He frequently teams up with childhood friend Tye who performs vocals on his tracks and his piano skills lend all his work an organic feel whether working solo or as part of Ad Harmonium with Felt Habit.

Opener ‘Undulations’ is a moody house roller with pensive chords gently riding up and down. A sense of spiritualism comes from the bell sounds and melodic bass as this most warm and cuddly late-night groove unfolds in an emotive fashion.

Yanga Grenade is a producer, DJ, vocalist and songwriter who works with Sebee on ‘Keeping Count.’ It’s a spine-tinglingly deep track with delicate spoken word vocals and nebulous melodies drifting about the mix. The soft bass and heartfelt chords are a perfect compliment to make this another masterfully emotional late-night track.

These are two perfect examples of South Africa’s most musical house sounds.



Reckreator – Rejuvenation EP (Lucidflow Records)

Listen to Reckreator’s latest “Rejuvenation” and try to sit still, seems impossible.

Summer, party, fun, dance, love, celebration, joy, connection… Rejuvenation is exactly what we’ve been craving and what we need! Thank you Reckreator!
Shadowy figure Reckreator joined the Lucidflow family last year with several outstanding single releases.

Little is know about the Hamburg resident – formerly from Melbourne, Australia – other than their penchant for building their own synth setups from scratch. You can tell there is a playful experimentalism in ‘Rise’ that comes from the fluid mind of someone adept at tinkering with bespoke setups.

Out June 10 on Beatport, June 24 in all shops.



ANORAAK – Bye Now (Endless Summer)

ANORAAK is back June 24th with a new EP: this latest body of work is a deep diverse 4-track offering effortlessly drifts between Indie Pop, House, and nu disco. It’s a collection of songs initiated during personal hard times, each one of them matching a special feeling. First single “Bye Now” drops May 13th and the second “Fly” in Collaboration with MOZAMBO drops June 3rd.

“This new EP is a collection of four tracks initiated during personal hard times, each one of them matching a special feeling. Bye Now depicts a personal desire to let go and to focus on the future, singing on this one was crucial, as well as giving it this electronic indie pop twist.

Bye Now is a very intimate record, connected to my personal history and the recent obstacles I had to face & overcome. It’s a song with multiple meanings, it’s also a stroll in a “discoid” body that understands what is done can not be changed and focuses on the future.

Eterna and Fly are long-time desired collaborations with artists from my city, i believe the pandemic forced us all to reconnect locally before thinking globally. Samantha was an obvious choice for a down-tempo summery song, her Portuguese lyrics and flute emphasize that feeling. Fly was originally a jam session with the Mozambo folks, we kept working on it sporadically until we could find time to set a final shape to it, and they are now studio mates.” – ANORAAK



Cerillo – Spaceflight EP (Matchbox Recordings)

Matchbox is proud to present its seventh release, and something for a big summer ahead.

‘Spaceflight’ is a piano-driven summer-houser which encapsulates the balearic spirit we’ve all dearly missed over the last few years. Its punchy-feel and off-beat clap, layered with a tribal vocal, provide for a real vibe, just in time for party season.

‘Pulsar’ takes on a darker approach, it’s an organ-based piece that would suit both warm-up and late-night. It’s layered with atmospheric electronic pads that build tension throughout, and it packs that signature Cerillo thump on the low end.

Both mastered in beautiful analogue, these are two tracks from the Irishman and label-owner that we hope will work well for you this summer season.



Andy Peimbert – Suave EP (Beachside Limited)

Next stop at Beachside Limited is to introduce a great producer. The label is pleased to welcome Andy Peimbert to the family with his latest work titled Suave EP.

This release includes 2 beautiful tracks of the finest minimal house, full of throbbing kicks, hypnotic bass lines and enveloping pianos. As an ideal complement there is a beautiful remix by Ecuadorian brother Giomar M. who shows us his great talent when it comes to producing.




Niki Sadeki – Her Fire EP (Quetame Records)

Release Date: 23 May 2022
Format: Digital

Niki Sadeki drops a new EP on the Quetame record label she runs with friends El Mundo and Zazou.

Quetame is a melodic house record label that champions deep and atmospheric tracks with dance floor focused percussion and intricate melody.

Along with music from its owners, the record label has also featured contributions from others such as Timboletti and Powel.

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Niki Sadeki is a Canadian artist who is known internationally as a headline DJ and music connoisseur. She has also released previous productions on other record labels such as Kiosk ID and Ubersee Music.

This is her debut release on Quetame and it’s an exquisite two-track EP that fuses tantalising suspense with melodic pads and dramatic chords.

“Her Fire” is the EP’s title track and has a hypnotic groove with a melancholic yet uplifting chord progression underpinned by a warm bassline that rolls underneath the beat. The track’s concept is that of a new beginning after the isolation of lockdown, and a passionate fire that burns bright with the anticipation of new beginnings.

“Hurricane of Yesterday” is a moody cut with booming chord stabs and fizzing percussion. It’s got techy undertones and epic pads that drive the track with determined energy. Its concept is about overcoming adversity and having the determination to power through life’s many challenges.








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