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New Treats Week-20-2024

Written by on 26/05/2024


VA – Mental Picks Vol.44 (Expmental Records)

As the seasons change, so does the sound of Expmental Records, which delivers yet another compelling entry into its storied Mental Picks series. With ‘Mental Picks Vol.44’, the label continues to navigate the intricate realms of minimal groove, this time infused with an evocative house touch, courtesy of a selection of artists who are both seasoned and innovative.

Kicking off the compilation is Micronode (Eddy Romero & Maertz), marking a return with a track that melds rhythmic intricacies with a house sensibility. The result is a layered piece that serves as a testament to the project’s unfolding narrative – a soundscape that is as hypnotic as it is groove-laden.

From the core of the underground comes a collaboration that bends the mind: Blu.a alongside Oscar Bohorquez. Together, they deliver a cerebral cut that traverses the far corners of minimalism, etched with a message that resonates deep within the underground ethos.

Closing out the volume is the collaborative effort from label head Eddy Romero and UK-based artist Mica. Following releases on esteemed imprints such as Bondage Music, this track concludes their current series with a flourish – a synthesis of tight minimal beats and rich, enveloping grooves that seals ‘Mental Picks Vol.44’ with indelible flair.

This collection not only stands as a beacon for musical purveyors of the minimal and house genres but also sets the stage for the upcoming third release of the year, which promises to slow down the tempo and infuse even more electronic elements, for a downtempo journey into experimental sound territories.

Expmental Records invites you to immerse in ‘Mental Picks Vol.44’ – a carefully curated soundscape for those who seek to experience the avant-garde of electronic music.

Released April 26, 2024 on Expmental Records



Slaga, Kanedo & Summer D – Find You (Personal Belongings)

As PBR almost reach their 4th Anniversary, the summer catalogue starts to bloom. One of the most special releases comes as a collab between one of South Africa finest producers Slaga, Summer D and Barcelona-based Kanedo.

‘Find You’ is a slow, vocal gem with percussive rhythms, comfortable harmonies and shiny melodies perfect to match an smart, smooth musical journey at any spot.



D.M.P – Asmara Nights EP (Ready Mix Records)

May 31st 2024 (Beatport Exclusive)
June 14th 2024 (Worldwide)

We are thrilled to welcome back the talented D.M.P to Ready Mix Records for our landmark 277th release, presenting his mesmerizing ‘Asmara Nights EP’. This charming collection features two original tracks, ‘Asmara Nights’ and ‘Sugar Onus’, each a testament to D.M.P’s distinctive sound and artistry.

The title track, ‘Asmara Nights’, is a deep organic house masterpiece that captivates listeners from the very first beat. With its compelling core, lush melodies, and ethereal vocal spurs, this track embodies the essence of deep organic house music, transporting listeners to a realm of sonic bliss.

On the flip side, ‘Sugar Onus’ offers a unique sound experience, unfolding in slow motion with its quirky undertones. This track invites listeners into a warm and eccentric world, where unconventional rhythms and dubby atmospheres intertwine, creating a distinctive vibe that is intriguing.

Adding to the EP’s allure, we are honoured to showcase remixes by two remarkable artists. Deep House Maestro Alvaro Hylander delivers a sublime reinterpretation of ‘Asmara Nights’, infusing his signature sound and musical wisdom into the mix. Meanwhile, emerging talent Astova Planet offers a fresh perspective with his remix, bringing a dynamic and innovative touch to the EP.



Frink – Soloe EP (Bondage Music)

Spanish artist Frink has blazed a significant trail in the last few years with over 19 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify all generated from real and organic means. Embodying the adage “I’ll let my music do the talking” his success comes from hard work and honest to goodness talent. If you’re even remotely interested in Deep House, you’ll definitely have his music in your collection.
Opening with ‘Siloe’ funky bass notes and a snappy percussive underbelly prepare you for the liquid bass and stabs that bring warmth and life to the track. Verging into dub techno territory, its serves as a perfect crossover sound.

Next up, ‘About You’ drops some serious classic vibes. Echo-y vocals, deep, bulbous bass and sparse percussion get us off the mark, soon followed by low slung keys and piercing melodics.

Finally, ‘Conversa’ rounds out the pack with a warm, inviting finalé. Dubbed out stabs and a spiky bass give the energy on this pacey, late night groover.

Find your spot, this one’s going to make you move! Space disco for the new millennium!



Eddy Romero & Juan Zolbaran – House Tales EP (Expmental Records)

After seven years since their last collaboration, label boss Eddy Romero and Argentinian producer Juan Zolbaran reunite for the highly anticipated “House Tales EP.” This release delivers a captivating fusion of their distinct musical worlds, offering three original tracks that traverse from Dub Minimal to Deep House, enriched with trippy sounds and groovy rhythms.

Complementing the originals, the EP features two exceptional remixes. The first is by the renowned underground house artist Camiel Daamen, whose work we have long admired and are thrilled to present on this release. The second remix is crafted by Romanian Deep House maestro Rhadow. Known for his chart-topping remix on our label that dominated Beatport charts for over three months, Rhadow returns with another summer anthem that’s set to enchant listeners.

“House Tales EP” is set to drop this June and promises to be a standout release for the season. Don’t miss out on this masterful blend of innovative sounds and rhythmic grooves.

Release date: 21st June 2024
Format: Digital



Verlin R. Dickerson – Make It Go EP (Deep Clicks Music)

Release Date: 07 Jun 2024

Verlin R. Dickerson returns to the label with his latest release “Make It Go,” featuring a remix by the authentic Erner Joey.

This track delivers a deep sound that immerses listeners in a captivating journey of electronic vibes. With Dickerson’s signature style fused with Joey’s unique touch, “Make It Go” promises to be a standout addition to any playlist or DJ set.

Get ready to dive into the depths of sound with this exceptional release.





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