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New Treats Week-21-2024

Written by on 28/05/2024


Berin – Exotica (Sunset Gathering)

Berin unleashes an infectious Afro house groove on Sunset Gathering with “Exotica.”

A warm, inviting bassline anchors the free-flowing rhythms as intricately layered organic percussion and shimmering shaker patterns create an irresistible sense of movement.

Subtle melodic flourishes and hypnotic synth-lines intermingle throughout, elevated by Berin’s nuanced sound design.

The result is a captivating soundtrack tailored for open-air festivals and intimate terrace sessions alike.



Sachrias & Aslak – Come Together & Overdrive (Oh! Records Stockholm)

After a seven-year hiatus, Finnish electronic duo Sachrias & Aslak make a much-anticipated return with their new EP. Featuring the standout tracks “Come Together” and “Overdrive,” this release marks an exhilarating comeback since their last collaboration in 2016.

The EP opens with “Come Together,” a quintessential deep house track with rich, enveloping beats and smooth melodic lines, creating a warm, immersive soundscape that brings unity and euphoria to the dance floor.

On the flip side, “Overdrive” shifts gears into a high-energy, late-night anthem with driving basslines and hypnotic rhythms, perfect for afterhours and designed to keep the party going.

This EP is more than just a release; it’s a celebration of Sachrias & Aslak’s enduring chemistry and creative synergy. Known for crafting tracks that resonate deeply with audiences, the duo’s new EP is a testament to their growth and evolution while staying true to their deep house roots.



Slctvtones – Keep On Keepin On EP (Deep clicks Music)

Release Date: 14 Jun 2024

Slctvtones returns with two super warm, elegant tracks, featuring hints of Jazz, beats with flow, and high-quality Deep House sounds. These new releases showcase the artist’s signature style, blending smooth melodies with rhythmic sophistication.

The Jazz influences add a touch of class, while the flowing beats keep the energy alive and engaging. The deep house elements provide a rich, immersive experience, making these tracks perfect for both chilling out and dancing.

Don’t miss out on Slctvtones’ latest masterpieces, a true testament to their musical prowess and creativity.





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