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New Treats Week-22-2024

Written by on 05/06/2024


VA – Summer Sol IX (Sol Selectas)

Release Date: Friday 21 June 2024

Sabo’s record label, Sol Selectas, once again sets off on its annual summer voyage, and presents the 9th edition of its critically acclaimed ‘Summer Sol’ compilation.

This year’s edition features 25 tracks that orientate mainly around organic house, but it also incorporates other genres including downtempo, Afro house and melodic house/techno.

Each of the tracks on this release have a joyous sound that embodies the hot weather of these warm summer months, and the compilation is released on the day of the Summer Solstice to celebrate the year’s longest day of sunlight.

Collecting tracks from around the world, Summer Sol’s concept celebrates diversity, as regardless of race, religion or gender, we are all equal under the light of the sun. This year’s compilation has music with origins from over 17 different countries, and it embraces different cultures through local instruments, different languages, and traditional melodies.

Sol Selectas is a pioneering record label that is known for mixing the cultural influences of different nations folk law with contemporary electronic music. Summer Sol IX features music from imprint regulars such as Sabo, Derun, Guy Maayan, and Desert Dwellers, but there is also music from several emerging talents who are working with the label for the first time.

Collectively, the artists who feature on this release have also contributed to other influential record labels such as A Tribe Called Kotori, 3000 Grad Records, Cosmic Awakenings, Baikal Nomads, Pipe & Pochet, Akbal Music, Mobilee and Global Underground.

The cover art by Helia Jamali takes us to a paradise beach escape where the sun warms up every cell of your being, and the ancient sand grains hold the secret sounds of the universe.



Elliot Moriarty – The Future Of Us (Personal Belongings)

Label’s 4th Anniversary celebration cannot sound better! Out of a connection on the white island of Ibiza, they’ve met outstanding DJ and Producer Elliot Moriarty. During the last years, he’s been mastering the Organic House sound releasing on labels such as The Soundgarden, Where The Shadow Ends or The Purr and definitely his new single ‘The Future Of Us’ is a prove why.

On the original mix, a rolling but warm groove drives you into an emotional atmosphere built on electric chords and floating pads, where tiny melodies come and go on a trip you won’t want to end.

As a celebration for our anniversary, we’ve been able to put together an stellar remix cast that lands on Personal Belongings for the first time. Missfeat delivers the first remix, where the duo show their expertise and originality twisting the original into a more energic journey, adding new melodies and vocals fitting smoothly on the groove.

The second remix, is a big achievement for PB. Dana Bergquist, co-founder of Oh! Records Stockholm, it’s been one of our biggest inspirations on Deep House since his releases with Peder G more than 10 years ago. Always innovative on his sound and rhythm, never falling on a repeating formula, every Dana’s track grabs your attention in a different way… And this remix is another gem! This ‘Frankfurt 93’ completely transforms the original into a raw, but elegant, Deep House cut. Vintage drums, chunky chords, and crispy plucks are the elements making this track perfect for an emotional ending of a Sunset DJ Set – or an early morning one.



VA – UnEarthed Delights Part IV (Earthly Delights)

Earthly Delights is an organic house record label that focuses on deep and melodic tracks. The imprint’s new release is the fourth edition of their ‘UnEarthed Delights’ series, and it’s a majestic compilation that features 14 tracks from both fresh talents and Earthly Delights favourites.

The record labels roster includes classic tracks from the likes of Be Svendsen, Armen Miran, El Mundo and Hraach. This release features music from Earthly Delights regulars, including the likes of Tayu, Andres Volta, Noraj Cue and Shaun Benjamin.

Some of the artists making their debut release on Earthly Delights include the likes of Mattia Lyra, Salahaddin and Jamin. Many of the artists featuring on this release have also worked with other respected record labels such as Selador, Cafe De Anatolia, Bar 25, Sol Selectas, Stil Vor Talent and All Day I Dream.

This release is an epic selection of dance floor focused music, and features genres ranging from Afro house to melodic house/techno. The release has something for everyone, and the individual tracks orientate around organic percussion, sensual vocals, enchanting melodies and immersive atmosphere.



Hvbs – Jupiter Arising LP (Deep Clicks Music)

Release Date: 21 Jun 2024

Hvbs presents “Jupiter Arising,” an 11-track album that tells an epic story through deep and immersive sounds. Each track is meticulously crafted to take the listener on a sonic journey, exploring themes of discovery, transformation, and mystery.

From the first chords to the last note, “Jupiter Arising” immerses you in a unique musical world, where each song acts as a chapter in a fascinating narrative. With a mix of pulsing rhythms, ethereal melodies, Hvbs creates a listening experience that resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impression.



Ney Faustini – Caminhos EP (Cocada Music)

Ney Faustini, one of the great references in Brazilian House Music, arrives to enrich Cocada Music’s catalog with the signing of the EP Caminhos. Synthesizing the influences that guide the artist’s musical journey, the work presents two original tracks, “Caminhos” and “Fevereiro” , bringing the freshness of the encounter between House, Brazilian music, and Disco Music. This also marks Ney Faustini’s debut on the label’s catalog.

“Caminhos” features a smooth and percussive groove with characteristic Disco/Boogie elements highlighted by guitar arrangements, classic stabs of the style, and a good dose of groove in the beats of the track. Danceable and sunny, the track reflects Ney Faustini’s intense musical explorations, becoming perfect for various moments on the dance floor.

Completing the EP, “Fevereiro” flirts with the atmosphere of Brazilian carnival, especially with its laidback, hot, and tropical energy that shapes the arrangement. The atmosphere of classic national Disco Music is evident in the composition of the elements that transport the listener to the discotheque era, with emphasis on the melody filters that give body and movement to the track.



Jayphonic & Sex On Decks – Work That (Oh So Coy Recordings)

Sex on Decks is no stranger to the label and for his next outing teams up with fellow Rhodes Island producer JAYPHONIC. Work That first appeared on our Flavouritism series and now gets a full release with some tasty remixes.

A variety of moods on offer from Hawaiin jackin house busy-body Frank Amodo, Brooklyn based owner of Seed Recordings – Bradford James and OSC founder Matt Prehn.



Djuma Soundsystem & Yann Copper feat King Ayisoba – Esigia (IZIKI)

Esigia has been years in the making, and we believe the outcome justifies the wait.
Back in the start of 2016 the trio made quite a ruckus, bringing a new sound out of Africa, to the global scene. A raw Afro beat, mixed with synths and Ghanaian vocals.

On “Esigia”, Djuma Soundsystem envisioned blending the distinct sounds of the Ghanaian kologo, a home made two string instrument, with classic Chicago house. He invited one of Ghana’s foremost kologo talents, King Ayisoba, and his band for a jam, and the result was vocal calls and responses that effortlessly intertwine with deep house synth lines and King’s kologo, bridging organic percussion with electronic manipulation.

The remix pack is second to none, kicking off with Swiss maestro Kellerkind’s smooth deep approach, adding his own signature groove. Kintar transports the track to another realm, introducing playful pianos and guitars to dance atop of a deep beat, taking all listeners on a surprising turn in a jazzy break. Finally, we introduce our in-house talent Ruskar, Brazil’s youngest Afro house sensation, with his distinctive sound that never fails to ignite the dancefloor.



Ceteon – Are You Ready (Disposable Records)

Ceteon delivers a captivating slice of Afro house goodness with “Are You Ready,” out now on Disposable Records.

This groove-laden offering seamlessly fuses earthy percussive elements with blissful melodics, perfect for setting the vibe at festivals and terrace parties.

Organic percussion and shimmering shaker loops initiate an irresistible swing, reinforced by a woozy bassline that seduces the senses. As the groove intensifies, soulful synths and expert sound design elements intertwine, casting their hallucinatory spell.

Disembodied vocal licks add an ethereal human touch amidst the electronic swirl.

“Are You Ready” oozes with both dancefloor energy and organic soul. A musthave cut for any Afro house enthusiast’s crate.



Becanoe Da Voe – Green EP (Sound Vessel Records)

Becanoe Da Voe, always releasing solid groovy tunes! Coming back with another strong EP, Green. This EP is steady with solid grooves and beats, with nice deep synths. To assist him in this EP, we have Takino De Volume and Stumza_C.






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