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New Treats Week-24-2024

Written by on 27/06/2024


Amir Telem – Govinda Bawa EP (Earthly Delights)

Release Date: Thursday 20 June 2024
Format: Digital

Earthly Delights presents a deep and organic release by Amir Telem, which has warm atmosphere, melodic grooves and flowing percussion.

Amir Telem is an American artist whose broad tastes cover a full range of melodic styles, from indie dance to progressive house. He is also an accomplished DJ and talented producer whose style fuses spellbinding melodies and enchanting atmosphere. This is his debut release on the Earthly Delights record label, and it follows tracks and remixes on other respected imprints such as Bar 25, 3000 Grad Records, Pipe & Pochet, Harabe, Mango Alley and Rebirth.

“Govinda Bawa” is the first of the three original tracks on this EP, and it has Afro rhythms combined with soothing vocals and poignant pads that build tension as the invigorating groove unfolds.

“Jharikhanda Forest” is a percussive track with aboriginal percussion and rainforest ambience laying a foundation for trippy tribal chants and haunting synths.

“Mohini” closes the release with psychedelic acid synths and ceremonial vocals, giving this track a spine-tingling suspense as the ominous bassline creates captivating tension.



Tidy Daps – Bill (Haute Musique)

Tidy Daps return to Haute Musique for its 56th release with their latest single, ‘Bill’. This sophisticated Deep House production features hypnotic melodies, spacey pads, profound flutes, a tight bassline, and an interesting story at the break.

Adding to the excitement, the single includes exceptional remixes by Forteba, and Label Boss-man BiG AL.

Forteba, known for his consistent and elegant work, delivers a powerful interpretation that is sure to be a hit among fans of his classic style.

BiG AL, renowned for his dynamic and versatile productions, offers a thoughtful remix that captures the essence of the original while infusing it with his unique signature vibe.

With ‘Bill’, Tidy Daps continue to explore the boundaries of Deep House music, promising a release that will resonate with listeners and DJs alike.



Touzani – Maribou feat Ivan (Get Physical Music)

Touzani, a Moroccan artist with a unique blend of cultures, is based between Paris and Brussels. His multicultural heritage is a significant influence when crafting his cultured house sounds. With a DJing career that started in his teenage years, he has a residency at Manko Paris and Doha, as well as at Jalousy Brussels, whilst his releases on leading labels like Moblack, Madorasindahouse, Sol Selectas & Go Deeva have garnered support from A-listers like Bedouin, Keinemusik and BLOND:ISH.

‘Maribou’ is not just a house lullaby, it’s an airy, organic masterpiece. The smooth rolling drums, subtle percussion, and a mix of warm chords and twinkling synth motifs create a unique musical experience. The vocals, pure and refined, evoke feelings of loss and longing for an absent loved one, making this track truly enchanting.

The remixer is Tayllor, a Dubai-based house artist who has dropped quality sounds on Go Deeva Records, Connected Frontline and ABRACADABRA Music. His version is awash with shimmering synth lines and more prominent piano top lines. It’s equally escapist and perfect for loved-up dancefloors.



PB138 Bajazo – We Are All Connected EP (Personal Belongings)

So happy to present you our next release, as we felt captivated by Bajazo melodies since the first beat we’ve heard from him. The German artist has built an unique sound signature, coming from his early Lounge and Hip Hop influences shaping them into a super smooth chilled Deep House and Downtempo tailor made for the beach.

‘We Are All Connected’ is the title of the 4-track EP, a sonic journey worth listening. First track is called ‘Landscape’, a solid Deep House track where dreamy harmonies are driven by classic, housy grooves. Second track is “Try To Find The Peace In All The Pain” and it definitely represents a healing process. Starting with a catchy bassline, melodies bloom slowly in crescendo as the track evolves adding more and more layers, reaching a musical unexpected climax rounding up an emotional trip.

“The Person Inside Of You” adds more energy to the EP, with electronic chords and smooth pads collide crafting a perfectly executed balance between slow, and uplifting music. Closing out the EP, ‘Backyard’ slows the tempo down, letting the chilled vibes enter your body and put a break in your mind.

Release date: July 1st, 2024



Woki Toki – Karma EP (Personal Belongings)

Woki Toki returns to Personal Belongings with another fire 2-track EP! ‘Karma’ and ‘Mantra’ are two groovy Deep House gems, showcasing Woki’s unique approach to our favorite musical genre with rolling basslines and danceable grooves surrounded by ethereal synths and harmonies.



Modd & Metanoya – On The Way To Wonderland EP (Kindisch Records)

Esteemed electronic music label Kindisch proudly presents the latest addition to its catalog, the highly anticipated two-track EP titled “On The Way To Wonderland” by celebrated organic house artists Modd and Metanoya. The EP is set to captivate listeners with its ethereal soundscapes and meticulously crafted grooves, marking a significant milestone for both artists.

Modd has become a prominent figure in the organic house scene, with an impressive track record of global performances. As a resident at Miami’s Do Not Sit On The Furniture and Ibiza’s Pareidolia, Modd has also established himself as a key player in the electronic music community. He is the visionary behind the labels Something Special and Amulanga, and his releases have been featured on top-tier labels such as All Day I Dream & Anjunadeep. Metanoya is a fresh and exciting name with forthcoming releases on prestigious labels like Anjunadeep and Storytellers.

The EP offers a mesmerizing journey through sound, beginning with the titular track, “On The Way To Wonderland.” This piece introduces a soft groove layered with subtle percussion, creating a serene rhythmic foundation. Dreamy synth sounds weave through the track, enveloping the listener in a sonic tapestry that is both beautiful and transportive.

The second track, “Above The Sky,” continues the ethereal theme with soft organic house synth sounds and an understated yet impactful choir in the background. This track elevates the listener, combining delicate melodies with atmospheric textures to create an uplifting auditory experience that resonates deeply.

“On The Way To Wonderland” by Modd and Metanoya will be available on all major streaming platforms and for purchase on June 14th, 2024.



Dachshund – Profuse EP (Bondage Music)

Dachshund returns with more deep melodic mastery on ‘Profuse’.
Living his musical love affair for over 20 years, Dachshund has built a formidable body of work on some of the scene’s most robust labels including Poker Flat, Gruuv, Bar25, Rebellion, 8Bit and Rejected. With a style that focuses on the human presence behind the machine, his approach calls for a sense of creative freedom and studio skill that has seen his music soundtrack parties across the world.
Opening with ‘Profuse’ we are instantly submerged into a world of melodics and detailed sonic discovery. Wonky synths and weird delays in the break offer a left of centre respite before the track intensifies for the second half.

Next up, ‘Invisible Dub’ is a tougher drum groove with nuanced, dubby FX. Perfect for those heads-down-and-dance moments in the early hours before dawn, the drums power you on before warm pads and echoed synths add that indescribable e-moment secret sauce.

Finally, ‘Distingt’ rounds out the pack with a wonky groove you can’t help dancing to. Weird melodics hang from the crushed drums creating a hypnotic vibe that just hooks you in from the start. Mellowing in the middle with warm pads, the second half with have you swinging from the rafters.



Soul Groove (UK) – A Night With Robbie Jean EP (Feedasoul Records)

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 19.07.2024

Soul Groove returns to Feedasoul Records with a cracking four-tracker. Doubling down on his Jazz and Soulful roots, Soul Groove provides four infectious Deep House cuts. “Robbie Jean Skit” delivers the perfect introduction to the EP with a perfect blend of groove and Soul. Proper Deep House rhythm and groove, smoky vocals, movement-inducing percussion and sax stabs. “The fall” plays on the feel of old school jazz bars. The double bass provide the rhythmic groove that is constant and up front across the entire track. Percussion widens the soundscape and the reverb-drenched saxophone sits perfectly in-between. Soul Groove’s style becomes evermore present with the introduction of the atmospheric pads and spacey synths underneath the deep rhythm.

On the flip side, Soul Groove lays down a driving rhythm through cold, industrial drum elements, vocal stabs reminiscent of the early UK scene and ambient pads that holds the track together. A proper deep house cut with the soulful vocal sample at the heart of it. “All Night” finishes off the EP in style with a deeper, darker feel to the elements while remaining true to the artist’s defined sound. Atmosphere and wide sound fields dictate the body of the track alongside the rhythm section.

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